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  1. BombSquad

    War of Rights

    Yes the minimum is a 69 dollar package for the alpha, but when you get it fully releases you get a bunch of weapons and pistols, and musical instruments.
  2. BombSquad

    War of Rights

    They will send you a steam key though! I've been playing it and it is mucho fun.
  3. BombSquad

    War of Rights

    @Jank It is not bought through steam. You have to go to their site at www.warofrights.com
  4. BombSquad

    War of Rights

    Yeah, I just got it! Seems pretty good! Still an Alpha though
  5. I back you on this. The only thing that sucks is that our competitive team is nonexistent after Fox left and we stopped holding practices and what not.
  6. RIP has came to me on the TS and wants to face us in a 39v39 game and we can also invite another clan to fight with us. His name on Steam is [RIP] Dultras. Let me or him know what we can do. I have some clans that would want to participate in a battle.
  7. Really like the Meta that was introduced. Doesn't feel like I am playing Squad, other than the engine. 7/10
  8. I need you guys to look at these screenshots. they are the first two on my Steam screenshots. I feel like the AA is the problem, but no matter what I do, it is still blurry and hard to make out if people are Germans or U.S. http://steamcommunity.com/id/BombSquad2/screenshots/
  9. Serenity, you suck. You like playing Huniepop with your wife.
  10. BombSquad

    War of Rights

    Hey guys, I just want to know if anyone is interested in War of Rights? I'm very interested, and it is only in the Alpha Skirmishes stage right now that supports 150 players in a server. Its like Holdfast on steroids with only first person and rifles. Let me know guys!
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