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  1. Stoned

    CO Roundtable - October 2017

    I actually witnessed a deliberate TK and i just followed the guy and he kept turning around coz he wasnt sure if i was gonna kick him lol
  2. Stoned

    Rising Storm for FREE

    This is true
  3. Stoned

    Rising Storm for FREE

    $20 is not free
  4. Stoned

    New member from Canada

    Hey guys I just joined the forums. I also just applied to be in the clan, so hopefully that works out. I play a lot of Squad, arma 3, dishonored 2. I just bought Rising Storm 2: Vietnam so hopefully that will keep me up at night haha. (Could use a training buddy :p) Hopefully i can become an admin or something helpful around here, this seems like a good size community with a great focus on tactical play and teamwork games. Hope to see you guys around