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  1. SnazzyDuckling

    Unban request

    Please use the correct form located in
  2. SnazzyDuckling

    New recruit

    Welcome to the clan. Hope to see you out there.
  3. SnazzyDuckling

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    I've been working on setting up an Antistasi server. I don't suppose there would be any issues getting an Iron Front server running, perhaps some zeus missions. Requires someone with Zeus experience to coordinate such an event.
  4. SnazzyDuckling

    When 2FJg guys start an armored squad

  5. SnazzyDuckling

    Double Tap

    There is no such thing. You can headshot a live player to send them straight to spawn screen.
  6. SnazzyDuckling

    Some badmins

    You were banned permanently by @FOEHAMMER for Repetitive trolling, Racism, Homophobia "Maddogpalmer reported repetitive trolling by this player. He has been warned multiple times and we have gotten complaints from pubs. Levied a one day ban. He them came into teamspeak, called the clan a bunch of troll faggots who cannot run a server. I gave him a chance to change his attitude, but he insisted on throwing insults and being completely irrational. Cancer has been removed from the server." If you wish to appeal the ban, you may do so in our ban appeal section or on our discord. But 2.FJg does not accept racism or homophobia, it warrants and instant permanent ban. (Don't bash me, I am simply relaying the message)
  7. SnazzyDuckling

    Squad Pro League

    I think this is a great idea, but requires that someone takes over the reigns of our Competitive team that died when Fox left.
  8. SnazzyDuckling

    Post Scriptum test weekend!

    There was already an announcement posted on the Discord about this, we will be running 2 servers. One for EU and one for NA
  9. SnazzyDuckling


    7 Days to Die sounds like how long I'd like to spend playing that game after all the changes.
  10. SnazzyDuckling


    I'd be down to come back, see what's changed. Probably won't stay tho. DayZ is dead.
  11. SnazzyDuckling

    War of Rights

    I've already got it, it's pretty decent. Pretty buggy tho.
  12. SnazzyDuckling

    Hey guys, I'm Demonstratus

  13. SnazzyDuckling

    I love you

    But serverside is crying in pure agony due to the super fobbing. Either way.. Glad to see them back in the rotation!
  14. SnazzyDuckling

    Squad Alpha 10 Release 5th February

    Three weeks later and here we are, Squad Alpha Version 10 will be released 5th February 2018.
  15. SnazzyDuckling

    New Rotation suggestions for update

    Maybe start trying to use the RANDOM variable so that maps are played more randomly. Currently, the rotation gets old very fast when you know what the next map is and it's the same deal over and over.