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  1. Icyman

    D-Day Anniversary

    Today, we remember the sacrifices made by the brave allied soldiers on June 6, 1944. D-DAY
  2. Much appreciation for the feedback. See you on Teamspeak.
  3. I think he already has it.
  4. "non-pvp" What's that? Problem is... killing is my business and business is good.
  5. I found harry in another set of logs. It shows him in the server for 6 seconds. Not a lot of time to hack, IMO. Who is mitch? is he with you?
  6. I don't see the player Harry in the lobby of your screen shot and I only see you and one other clan mate, not two. Perhaps you linked the wrong screenshots. Please revise you post. I don't see a player named Harry in the logs either.
  7. Icyman

    Hey all

    Good to see you on the forums. Check out the information on the forum about the Volksstrum. http://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/342-joining-the-volkssturm/
  8. If you're in the need for a new monitor, this is a great price. $40.00 off with promo code. Hanns-G HL272HPB I have the 1920x1200 version.
  9. Sweet! lots of detail. I'm sure that FPS games will get a dumbed down version. That's how they treat us.
  10. I don't think the actual size of the map matters as the spawn points can be selected
  11. Yeah, I want to pay full price for a game that's 6 months old. Where do I sign up? Guess that's why steam is making money. Buy this logic, how much money did TW lose buy selling RO2 for $10. Nothing, just like how much my wife saves me when she goes shopping and buys stuff because it's on sale, nothing. They made money plain and simple. But hey, it's their business to run as they wish but don't bash your competitors for meeting supply and demand. let's face it. $10 for a game less than a year old is basically giving it away.
  12. We are working on a new Search and Destroy Mod for RO2 similar to the Call of Duty series game type. S&D is an objective based game type. The rounds usually last 4-5 minutes. The attackers win by destroying a predetermined target or eliminating all the defenders. Defenders win by preventing the target(s) from being destroyed or eliminating all attackers. When the attacking team plants explosives, the defending team will typically have one minute to diffuse for the win. In this game type, it is possible for a single player to defeat multiple players by destroying the target or diffusing planted explosives. This game type typically doesn't have reinforcements. With only one life, players are far more likely to play tactically thus preventing the Run & Gun style of gaming. Please give us your suggestions for what you would want to see in this Mod. We are using the TCC COD WaW Mod as a starting point of features. In the future, we may work on other mods but for now please keep your posts on topic. Current list of Suggested Features: 1. Add Betties 2. No Arty. If Arty, assist points to spotter. 3. No respawn. If respawn, points for SL spawn.
  13. Miroba had better grouping with the pistols. With the AR & AK pistols we didn't even look or care. It was about volume... The Enfield has one hell of a kick. At 6:35 on the clip, the shell lands on top of my head.
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