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  1. Good to hear, Just hit the apply button and it will get you set up.
  2. Great to hear, drop an application and we will get you set up. Hope to see you soon
  3. Low quality fly over of some of the caps
  4. This is the post ill be putting up on the squad forums to keep the progress updated. I decided I wanted to try mapping and I want to thank @TexasFury for getting me the height map. Id like all feedback or any ideas you guys may have. Thanks for any feedback <3 Name: Donbass Airport Location: Eastern Europe Size: 2x2km Teams: Russian vs Mil, Mil vs Mil Gameplay: AAS Description: This is my first attempt at mapping and I decided I wanted to do a map that I could switch to winter textures once I get my hands on them AND one where I could work on creating my own ruined structures. This will be a mix of close quarter engagements in and around my eventual 3 floor airport terminal and combat in thick woodland around the industrial and village sectors of the map. All feedback is welcome as I am just learning and getting torn up only makes me better ;). Source Photo https://imgur.com/a/JJgHT Basic Road Layout https://imgur.com/a/2deKo End Of Day 1 / Learning Foliage Tool https://imgur.com/a/nfu9t Misc Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/D16ov https://imgur.com/a/k1GbZ https://imgur.com/a/vtWS6 https://imgur.com/a/MmatI I will be updating this post every few days / after I put a few hours into parts of the map.
  5. Dont do this to me Aelf, I cant get dragged back in but let me know if you wanna do some instances and I GUESS ill reroll again.
  6. I do not agree that voicing an opinion is considered trolling.
  7. Couple years in the Canadian Forces as infantry, didnt deploy just got all the fun gun stuff out of the way. Working on my application to reenlist at the moment actually.
  8. West

    2.FJG SQUAD Banner

    He is Canadian, close enough.
  9. FACT, I wont miss you because YOU NEVER FUCKING TALK TO ME ANYWAY.
  10. West

    ArmA 3: Overthrow

    Just did a quick read on it, looks fun im down to join once in a while.
  11. Spent ALOT of time in MOHAA and Spearhead
  12. Where is the original COD + United offensive ? THIS LIST IS RIGGED
  13. West


    So I am new to the unit, My name is Steve and iv been playing these style of games since operation flashpoint. Iv played ArmA in the milsim enviroment as an SL and an instructor for a long time now so I am only half retarded. I came here because I love your accents and I have been looking for a decent squad group to get going with, Just wanted to say hi and that I am here to suck dicks and builds habs....AND I NEED A LOGI RUN
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