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  1. Good Afternoon, Vinnie here with some good news. After getting approval, the clan will create it's first Internal Squad Competition. This competition will begin in the following month of January 2018. Date will be chosen soon. So here's the finer details: -The competition will run in a 12 v 12 Infantry Map Only mode with logistics vehicles allowed. -Players will then invite each other and form small fire-teams of 4. These players will then form their own fire-teams. 6 fire-teams total are expected to participate. -Come January the 6 fire-teams (of 4 each) will then be separated into 2 teams and randomly placed together to ensure that one team is not too stacked and that there is fair play. -In the event that 6 fire-teams cannot be formed, extra players may be recruited from trusted friends of the clan. -The tournament will start with a Best Out of Three. The Winning Team will then have all their names be placed into a draw, to which then they have the chance of winning a game of their choice (Of a chosen amount of games that the clan has purchased using the December Sale) -The Clan will also select the Best Squad out of the winners and will be given bragging rights each to that Fire-Teams members and will be awarded the "BEST FIRETEAM" Medal for a limited time, until the arrival of the next Competition the following year. -With the Cooperation of the Squad Department, the Competition will be streamed Live on Twitch. So your skills and Failures will be open to be seen. Make us look good/bad. If you have any questions. Please come and ask me So Get Set, Create your Fire-team and Get Ready for the Squad Showdown of the Year (Next Year, 2018) Vinnie
  2. I have the Aurora LX and the Mustang Beta now I can finally do some Beginner Exploration!! Super Excited.
  3. My wish for this Christmas is Mustang Beta But right now I'm just saving up for the RSI Aurora Package.
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