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  1. seaofserenity

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    if you guys are still down let me know, dont mind teaching a few of you
  2. seaofserenity

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome good sir!
  3. seaofserenity

    Take a knee, Drink Water.

    Would you like a fulfilling job in the media department?
  4. seaofserenity

    Post Scriptum first thoughts

  5. seaofserenity


    Hey guys, so there is a clan (Nr.9) that would like for us to join them in a Line Battle event they are holding this saturday at 8pm est. Ts Address is: http://ts01-ut.aspnix.com:2000 to join their event group on steam the link is: https://steamcommunity.com/groups/Nr9Events If you have any questions speak to "Nr.9 Getty" They will be hosting the server. This is a community event, please be respectful and we will be invited back to do this event again
  6. seaofserenity

    Does anyone have Onward?

    when i get a HTC vive, ill fo sho buy it
  7. seaofserenity

    Hey guys! Sgt_Bob_Ross here!

    i am the real bob ross, just look at my profile pic.
  8. seaofserenity

    Sea of Thieves!!!!!

    yesterday we were up till the wee hours of the morning attacking skull fort, fended off 4 sloops that coordinated against us, we sunk them a total of 9 times and managed to finish it and get the loot. it took FOREVER, but well worth it. we never sank and we used superior maneuvering WITH A MOTHERFUCKING GALLEON, Ram, shoot, board, sink. Rinse and repeat. they stopped coming back after we kept giving them a good drubbing.
  9. seaofserenity

    Sea of Thieves!!!!!

    let me know when u want to play, the more the merrier!
  10. seaofserenity

    Sea of Thieves!!!!!

    me, Placebo, and foxtrot are on this game, if you want to join us on pillaging and over all fun let us know!!
  11. seaofserenity

    New Rotation suggestions for update

    takeout kokan completely. its just a roll anytime its on.
  12. seaofserenity

    Day of Infamy

    Sounds like where squad has been heading
  13. seaofserenity

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    Message me on steam or discord, or if i'm on TS yank my attention and i can start formulating a plan with you guys.
  14. seaofserenity

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    Starting off with doing Zeus missions first is probably the way to go, i have a few hours being game-master for scenarios. The trick is going to be to get enough people involved into it, who want to do it. If this does become a thing, i would love to set up a server and start events going. We can maybe do a test run and see how many are interested. I can host for a day.
  15. seaofserenity

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    That would be really cool! I'd be down for something like that