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  1. if you guys are still down let me know, dont mind teaching a few of you
  2. Message me on steam or discord, or if i'm on TS yank my attention and i can start formulating a plan with you guys.
  3. Starting off with doing Zeus missions first is probably the way to go, i have a few hours being game-master for scenarios. The trick is going to be to get enough people involved into it, who want to do it. If this does become a thing, i would love to set up a server and start events going. We can maybe do a test run and see how many are interested. I can host for a day.
  4. That would be really cool! I'd be down for something like that
  5. i have an aurora mr right now, looking on saving up for a bigger ship. go big or go home!!
  6. The Twitch channel is up and running! The Media team is looking for dedicated members with experience in streaming and video editing to join one of the best teams in the industry! to apply either PM me or OISYA with your experience and what you can bring to the table!! FOLLOW US ON TWITCH IF YOU ARE COOL https://www.twitch.tv/2fjg
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