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  1. "OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD" "Fill me up!" "just slide it in a little more"
  2. holy shit thats the fancy sabre... *sigh* i thought you had the regular one. nope.
  3. @Dyelegend can you get this one?
  4. environmentally friendly... in space....
  5. lookin forward to blastin some plebs with ya!
  6. open bolt guns love to shoot fast. Id like to acquire a ppsh someday Id also like to get a .30 carbine, i know they aren't terribly expensive but going to school full time and working around it makes finances hard lol
  7. Ammo Magnet

    Promised Poll

    I promised to put this poll in the forums.
  8. oh thats the sleek, sexy, curvy ship. oh god its hot.
  9. Placebo has ruined me. i have a whole list of ships im buying when they are on sale. currently have a Cutlass Black, and about to get a 325A
  10. lol is that the one with a hot tub? @Krunch
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