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  1. Fox

    newbie here

    Welcome. Pop quiz. Whats another term for the MTLB?
  2. Fox

    Day of Infamy

  3. Fox

    Post Scriptum: The Bloody Seventh

    It looks more complete than the base game is... RELEASE DAMN IT.
  4. Fox

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    I know @seaofserenity is gonna be all over this. Regarding the server, you'd have to check with HR/Engineering/Clan XO and CO. I believe we tried an Arma 3 server and it ended up not working out. @SnazzyDuckling might be a good person to ask to start. I've played Arma since it came out and love the mods mentioned above. Been in and run MILSIM groups. As I'm sure you know, takes a lot of work to set up the missions/meetings/scenario/mods/server/etc. I would start running more casual Zeus games to build up a group and then move toward being more organized. Also worth a mention, ArmA is aging and I know a lot of guys are waiting for Hell Let Loose. The clan has essentially invested in that game and plans on being one of the first groups there when it starts. When it gets released, I imagine you will see your group dwindle a little bit. Just my 2 cents. If you are willing to put in the work, don't see a reason not to try. Good luck!
  5. Fox

    Promised Poll

    Get rekt scrub.
  6. Fox


  7. Fox

    Heya all!

    Welcome! Watch out for @MadLocoCoco, hes a scrub.
  8. I got this baby for cheap:
  9. Fox


    Cool idea Vinnie! Thx for organising.
  10. Going to try and get an HOI4 game going over the next few weeks. Let me know what day is best! You can select multiple days.
  11. Fox

    Mods on training server

    Hey guys, please let me know ahead of time when you are putting mods on the training server or create a test server instead. I had training scheduled for tonight and now everybody has to download these mods to get in.
  12. Fox

    World of Warcraft?