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  1. Lol, maybe vote for someone willing to do the job.


    Just play 7 Days to Die with us. I have a dedicated server running and 8 of us have been playing.
  3. Is that considered pornography? I say no
  4. I feel like we should have an oldschool draft like in the schoolyard. @Caleb126429 first overall.
  5. If a vehicle is camping right outside of main, it should be really easy for LAT's or a vehicle with infinite ammo and main base protection to destroy it or get it to retreat.
  6. Roomy, Desmo's playground is a server that enforces gameplay rules that are suitable for newer players. You should try them out.
  7. Ignore Roomy, he has like 2 hours on the game. He doesn't know anything.
  8. Again, this is a rule that requires a lot of discretion on the admin no matter what rule we try to implement. We do not have any rules regulating gameplay. We aren't talking about a broken mechanic here, there are ways to plan and counter the rush and teams should be acting accordingly. There are noob servers that enforce anti rush and would encourage those players to play there.
  9. We do not have any rules restricting game play and I don't believe we should. Rules like the one you are proposing are extremely hard to enforce consistently, and require game admins to make tough decisions in a relative grey area. Your provided example on Narve goes to show poor map design. A 30mm can do that to US main 400m out on that road by Bravo on AAS v1. There is no way we should be making a rule that 30mm cannot operate in that area.

    Invasion Night!

    You got off too early!

    Invasion Night!

    Hope yall had as much fun as I did running invasion on the server tonight. Really good SL's playing well made for 2 really good games. @Baroney and I are trying to get invasion night to be a thing and start running alternate rotations more often. Hopefully we can rally everyone on when we are doing it to make for some good games!
  12. Also, we are totally going to make a map rotation without you...................k thanks bye <3
  13. You forgot to tag @MccSlayer. He is paramount to the success of the squad server.
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