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  1. When she pops out like a Banshee and then screams "FOR THE HORDE" i literally got chills down my damn spine.
  2. Level 110 Blood Elf Hunter on Tich. I'd be down to server transfer to a realm that everyone plays on and we could start a guild or something?
  3. Main base protection doesn't exist anymore as far as i know. And yes, it should be, however main bases are generally small and a lot of the time they're either walled off to prevent being killed inside your main base or they on have one or two ways out. (I can't think of a map where a main base has more than two ways for vics to exit main.) The sighting system on a lot of the vehicles that players would use to camp a main base could easily see whatever LAT or vehicle is trying to come at them and be able to react accordingly before the LAT or vehicle could attempt to fight off the camper. Once again, that's not the point i am making. Traveling some distance and then getting lit up, that's not camping. The thing is a lot of the time you're not traveling some distance, you hop in your vic, turn the engine on, press W and exit main and get destroyed. For example, one version of Narva, you pull out either on the East Exit or the West Exit and that's it. Not to mention a lot of the U.S Spawns require you to navigate around cement blocks due to OWI trying to replicate ECPS, so by the time you pull out of the ECP and start getting lit up you either have to be really good at reversing without knowing what's behind you or perform a full u-turn and in that case a 30mm BTR would have shredded you up before you could have made a complete left hand turn. I understand where the gray area is coming into play when regulating this, but i'm simply suggesting if you are literally sitting right outside the opposing teams main base with a vehicle (Like literally right outside) then that should be something that should be regulated. Unfortunately this shouldn't even be something that should be discussed, it should be a well known gentlemen's rule that you don't camp the enemy base. It takes away from the fun of the game and regardless of how you want to argue it it is a toxic tactic. I know for sure that i have not seen any [2.FJg] members camp main bases with Vehicles, why is that? because we play the game the way it is meant to be played.
  4. Okay, so besides having all the cap points under enemy control why should the enemy team be allowed to sit outside the main base with Vehicles? That’s the point I was trying to make, if you’re all the way capped to the last objective then yeah it’s a skill/tactics problem that has been apparent the whole match but not being able to leave main base to get to the middle objective that is still being contested by both teams with a Stryker or Logistical truck because the enemy team is camping it with two BTRs seems ridiculous. Just my opinion though, after all I’m just a recruit. *and by camping I mean literally sitting right outside of it, not from 400 meters away* *edit no. 2 - I understand where the counter arguments are coming from however, i am simply playing the devils advocate.*
  5. Simply do it like this, if you are past the final cap point closest to your enemies main base you are wrong. If you are being engaged by a BTR 400m away shooting at your main base, well tough shit have a friendly squad send their LAT to take it out. Last night was a prime example as to why we should be regulating this though, Foe. The enemy team camped main base (not from 400m away, but directly outside) with two, not one, two BTRs. That is overkill and is something that we can regulate. Like small infantry fire teams of 3 soldiers would be hard to regulate I get that, but at least prevent main base camping from vehicles. Keep the vehicles away from main base.
  6. We should take a look into their community link; https://www.hellletloose.com/community We qualify for all their requirements.
  7. This looks freakin' awesome!
  8. Need more responsible admins online throughout all server hours. I get that we might not be able to cover every single one, but there have been times where i have been the only 2FJ.g member online and i've just had to shake my finger at players and tell them no without being able to really lay down any type of authority.
  9. My generation is one of social justice warriors and chemical romances ;D
  10. Thanks man! Thanks Shotgun, Have lots of respect for the Canadian Armed Forces, ya'll are some funny motherfuckers downrange. The G36 is a beautifully designed weapon system
  11. Anyone here current or retired Veterans from any of the worlds Armed Forces here? I'm currently serving in the U.S Army as a Attack Helicopter Mechanic. Currently have one deployment to Afghanistan under my belt, about to head out on my other one for Operation Inherent Resolve. Share pictures of your experience, would be pretty cool to see everyone else's experience in the Military. Pictures i posted are in order as follows - 1) German Schutzenschner Qualification, Shooting the G36. 2) Myself at FOB Dwyer in Southern Helmand Province.
  12. I saw FFDP live in Denver last year, they were great. They were out shined by Shinedown (The act before them, and i know interesting choice of words) EDIT: Was also a great concert with Sixx:AM, Shinedown, FFDP.
  13. How's it going everyone? Been playing on ya'lls server for a few months now but only just decided to post something on the Introduction part of the forums. Currently living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 22 years old, almost 23 (In December). I'm serving in the U.S Army at Fort Carson. I work on the AH-64D/E Attack Helicopter as a crew chief and i am also a Squad Leader (Sergeant) for my Company. Hope to see you all online! I also applied for the clan, need more friends.
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