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  1. BlondeBeard

    CANCELLED: [2.FJg] and Sigma Tactiacl Vs. RIP

    We will be participating in a scrim against RIP with Sigma Tactical on March 26th at 14:30 est (GMT -5). Cancelled https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3699-cancelled-2fjg-and-sigma-tactical-vs-rip/
  2. BlondeBeard

    Scrim: [2.FJg] Vs. Sigma Tactical

    We will be hosting a scrim versus Sigma Tactical on March 12th at 20:00 est (GMT -5) Please go here: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3670-scrim-2fjg-vs-sigma-tactical/ for more information, to fill out the poll, and to suggest a map.
  3. BlondeBeard

    Squad Ops Interest

    Alright thanks for letting me know.
  4. BlondeBeard

    Squad Ops Interest

    They only do planned training on Thursdays. However should you get a bunch of guys on another day (most likely not on an event day) they are willing to do a basics even if it is not planned.
  5. BlondeBeard

    Squad Ops Interest

    Santini The next Basic Training they will run is on March 2nd. However if you can get a bunch of people who want to go through basics they will do an impromptu training.
  6. BlondeBeard

    Squad Ops Interest

    We are thinking of joining in on Squad Ops event tomorrow (February 25th) Operation: Nightmare. If you are interested in being a part in this and have already done the REQUIRED Squad Ops training please submit which time you would like the clan to participate in and post below saying you want to. For more information on what Squad Ops is go here: http://squadops.gg/faq If you have any questions regarding the Squad Ops Event please contact PlanOfAction or BlondeBeard.