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  1. Bacnation

    Ready Or Not

    Haven't heard of it before this but it looks pretty cool. Definitely more promising than PS...
  2. Bacnation

    Star Citizen GIVEAWAY!

    Ill take 1 merchantman please, Placebo
  3. Bacnation

    Star Citizen GIVEAWAY!

    Whatever will haul the most space drugs
  4. Bacnation

    Star Citizen GIVEAWAY!

    reclaimer please
  5. Bacnation

    Star Citizen GIVEAWAY!

    But Im already in it, should I quit the org and rejoin? Decisions decisions
  6. Bacnation

    Star Citizen GIVEAWAY!

    Wait I cant read what do I do?
  7. Bacnation

    2.FJg Server Rules

    The rules for our Squad servers are as follows: No racism No recruiting, advertising, or impersonating [2.FJg] members No hacking, glitching, or exploiting broken game mechanics No trolling, political discussions, or harassment of other players No intentional team killing No mic spamming No ghosting Squad leaders must have mics and speak English *We reserve the right to remove a player who is harming our servers in ways not listed above.
  8. Bacnation


    The team is highly competitive and we have a finite number of roster slots. Please include any personal experience or attributes that set you apart from the pack when applying.
  9. Bacnation


    Will there be a password?
  10. Bacnation

    What kind of bird are you flying? Share your ships.

    Have a mustang alpha 60 month and a cutlass black lti for now. Pretty sure this list will grow soon
  11. Bacnation

    MP Updates after clan meeting

    Quick rundown of changes from the MP department after the clan meeting 12/3/17. New Discord ban appeal section, please do not respond to anything in that section. That area is specifically for a person who has been banned, if you have relevant information send it to me in a PM. New admin tier 3. This admin level only has kick and broadcast through BattleMetrics. This is the level any new admin will start at, it is also where inactive admins or admins who are misusing their power will be moved to. We are also trying to tighten up general admin behavior. Check the roster before banning someone with [2.FJg] tags, keep broadcasts looking professional, don't spam recruiting messages, don't ban for petty issues, etc... Mp guidelines were updated a couple months ago, please check out and sign if you are already an admin: How to properly fill out a ban:
  12. Bacnation

    Potential New Server Rule?

    Alright since this is no longer a productive conversation this thread needs to stop
  13. Bacnation

    Potential New Server Rule?

    Squad is a tactical game and with that comes different strategies including rushing objectives. It’s a widespread tactic in both public play and competitive matches for a good reason: ITS EFFECTIVE. the objective of squad is to win, not to get an awesome kill death ratio or hand out participation medals. We have always run our servers with the mindset that any (non glitch) tactics are fair. You can camp the road from any enemy main base, rush a flag, hunt vehicles, it doesn’t matter as long as you are contributing to a win. Regulating rushing is not the answer, restricting how people play the game is neither realistic nor constructive. It only creates an environment where players face less adversity because it begins to reduce the ways to win a game. Nobody gets better from that, it just lets them try to win without having to overcome some of the most difficult parts of the game. If you don’t like rushes contribute a squad to counter them. If you don’t like main camping look before you exit. The most common complaints usually have a simple solution. I understand this is a game, but it’s also a milsim and I doubt there has ever been a military force that said “let’s not rush an objective, we want the other side to have adequate time to set up”.
  14. Bacnation

    CO Roundtable - October 2017

    Actually I have a question for the squad guys and for everyone else: Does anyone feel feel the need to have a rule around using vehicles to intentionally block bridges out of INS main? Usually our policy has been outside of spawn protection everything is fair game, but this seems to be incredibly disruptive in some games.
  15. Bacnation

    CO Roundtable - October 2017

    @NoStoppinCosby It’s definitely tough getting admins at all hours especially now when more and more players are waiting to play for v10. I will say however that (in my opinion) admin coverage has improved over the past several months but it has a long way to go. Additionally we need to work towards adminning in a more professional manor that represents our clan better to the community. This is super important because we need public players to help keep our servers full and also our servers are our best recruiting tools. To Cosby and any other members or recruits who don’t currently have admin, I’d like to echo what ammo said. Any time there is a situation on one of our servers (team killing, racism, need a map change, etc...) use discord. A lot of our admins check it all day (myself included) and typically we take a member or recruits word at face value so if you tell us who needs to be kicked or what needs to be done we will do it on your behalf. Just tag or pm me if needed. As our community builds especially if we can start growing a European based membership after v10 drops the hope is that we will be able to start acquiring much better coverage throughout the day. Love the feedback though, it’s always welcomed and I’ll take anything else people have for MP related stuff specifically.