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  1. k-razy

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    id like to play, but am only available mon, tues, thurs after 6pm pst, otherwise i can ask for a day off work but need at least x2 weeks in advance notice (i.e. for big events)
  2. k-razy


    but it did update, like a week or so ago, the movement and combat is a lot better
  3. k-razy


    anyone interested in playing after the new update?
  4. k-razy

    ugh finals

    hey everyone! im sorry i havent been on to play with many of you, my college's finals are in a few weeks and after that im going to the east coast to visit some friends for about a week, so i may/may not be on for a bit hope to get through this and play some games with everyone asap!
  5. k-razy

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    BUMP I'd be interested! got the game awhile ago when it was on sale mostly because of Sovietwomble's youtube Bullshittery episodes! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JFtB_9aW0bg
  6. k-razy

    AL Basrah AAS

    Can i initiate a vote or something to remove Al Basrah AAS from the mixed server? It's pretty one-sided since all US has to do is block the 3 bridges and camp the insurgent base, then boom, no logis/techies. then all they have to do is find the one radio to take down and they have a guaranteed win
  7. k-razy

    Squad Streaming!

    hi all, recently, ive been streaming a lot of the 2FJg squad server play with users in TS, if you'd like to watch, here's my stream link: https://www.twitch.tv/krazykasualties if i get a lot of funny moments, i may make a highlights video
  8. k-razy

    Random YouTube videos

    my contribution to this thread https://youtu.be/cxrcgEXWgJg
  9. no, but really taco's great despite his dyslexia
  10. hi guys, i play on and off, but you can add me. name is krazykasualties (have to double check if there is a hyphen or not, servers down :P)
  11. hi everyone, im K-razy (pronounced crazy for everyone, and "rah-ziee" for Taco) i play squad, and have followed you guys since i think BF 2142 and BF3 all the way to Insurgency i sometimes stream Squad too, so check it out! https://www.twitch.tv/krazykasualties
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