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  1. Pretty neat idea. I got the lifetime lite sub. If it takes off, then you only have a one time fee (which they won't sell again).. if it doesn't.. well that's up to you to decide if you want to take that risk. But I like the idea quite a bit, check it out! https://gameglass.gg/
  2. PlaceboJeffect

    Reserved Slots

    Howdy, To get a reserved slot, you have to apply to 2.FJg and then you will get said slot. The first X months (forget how long) are free so you can try us out, but after that there is a small 5 dollars? I don't remember anymore, a month. Get with an HR representative in Teamspeak Jeff
  3. PlaceboJeffect


    We used to do scrim matches every couple of weeks. Got pretty good too.. but there were some fall out during that time so we kind of stopped. I wouldn't mind getting back into it though.
  4. You went full Jeff on this one lol.
  5. redacted do to my political comment in SC sub forum.
  6. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/roadmap/board/1-Star-Citizen Q4 has the entire Freelancer Lineup rework completed.. it's already in Evocati (early testing) they think it should be released by December 20th or at least in a PTU build that everyone can join in on. So give it 13 more days! They did a full rework on the freelancer and never got around to doing the rework on the variants until now.
  7. After the cyclones in space, we smashed into a cutlass and....
  8. Sabotage likes to sit in random places
  9. Figured it out. fleet view Q4 2018.json
  10. Second post above has my current line up nicely situated. This shows the name. Largest to smallest
  11. Discord is for squares! I will next time, I will run this contest, or something similar, each year till the game is out! This one was the most successful yet!
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