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  1. Yea I understand they have been working on a lot of new stuff. Lots of reworking lots of work on the PU and so on. I'm just a little bit annoyed they have literally hundreds of millions of dollars but they are still not progressing as fast as I personally would like. I'm not holding my breath on anything getting done to be honest with you however. Like I said before, I uninstalled the game because its been in development for so long with seemingly nothing to do. I mean its gonna be a good game but man I wish I didn't spend nearly as much cash on it. I could use that money for investing.
  2. So I backed about 5 years ago. They still don't have my freelancer MIS variant ready so they gave me an F7C as a placeholder in the hanger. I bought 2 of the cargo ARGO ships just for the LTI to melt. One I already melted into the buccaneer, the other I don't know yet. For now this is all I have.
  3. Backed the game 6 years ago.... Have 6 ships myself... forgot game existed because you know.... its been 6 fucking years.... thanks @chrisroberts
  4. HEY GUYS! Been a Star Citizen backer for 4 years now. I made a small picture of the stuff in my hanger. Hope we can all get together some time to fly together.
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