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  1. Yea I understand they have been working on a lot of new stuff. Lots of reworking lots of work on the PU and so on. I'm just a little bit annoyed they have literally hundreds of millions of dollars but they are still not progressing as fast as I personally would like. I'm not holding my breath on anything getting done to be honest with you however. Like I said before, I uninstalled the game because its been in development for so long with seemingly nothing to do. I mean its gonna be a good game but man I wish I didn't spend nearly as much cash on it. I could use that money for investing.
  2. So I backed about 5 years ago. They still don't have my freelancer MIS variant ready so they gave me an F7C as a placeholder in the hanger. I bought 2 of the cargo ARGO ships just for the LTI to melt. One I already melted into the buccaneer, the other I don't know yet. For now this is all I have.
  3. When a new game starts people in the tank squad have to rejoin the server to get into the tanks... =(
  4. Backed the game 6 years ago.... Have 6 ships myself... forgot game existed because you know.... its been 6 fucking years.... thanks @chrisroberts
  5. @Alex Did you notice we both have Soviet Cats with guns as our Avatars? haha
  6. Oh DUH! haha I meant Squad. 0_o boy do I feel dumb now. Thanks @Alex
  7. I have been really enjoying the new patch and was wondering what everyone else thought?
  8. I have about 20 guns all together now boys. Guns used to be how I made my living. I could talk guns from now until the day I die. Hit me up sometime for a chat about your favorites.
  9. HEY GUYS! Been a Star Citizen backer for 4 years now. I made a small picture of the stuff in my hanger. Hope we can all get together some time to fly together.
  10. The other week Boston was squad leading us on one of the maps (IDK) he was KICKING SOME BOOTY! I mean some serious BUTT! Felt good man felt good.
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