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  1. Mr.Snuggles

    I have Copies

  2. Mr.Snuggles

    I have Copies

    Interested!!! Please!
  3. Mr.Snuggles

    Happy New Year!

    Happy new year! Have a great night
  4. Yes sir. Deffently will unless i need to work over. But if i do i will post it here
  5. Hey guys im leaving for work tonight and wont be back home till JAN.11th. Thankyou. I will be on the fourms as much as I can. Have a great one guys talk to you all when I get back inshore.
  6. Mr.Snuggles


    Merry christmas everyone. Have a fantastic day of getting fat.
  7. I should be on tomorrow sometime!!
  8. Hello everyone. My name is Travis, I'm 22yrs old. Im from Houma, Louisiana,USA. Ima tell you a little about myself. I work for montco offshore on a 14-14 scedual. I play squad,arma3, and bf1 mostly but have alot of games on steam.
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