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  1. *reactions to big wall of text* that’s a lot of words. You like being a medic, eh? Das gute ja! Cause I may not like dying, but I always end up being the bullet magnet. So ya we’ll get along just fine. Oh ya! Almost forgot Whalecum to 2.FJg!!!!
  2. So guys I have been playing this game a bit more so I thought I Update ya on my thoughts since the new update. Squads in this game do what ya tell them to do. And even though they are AI they’ll still communicate to ya through the radio and if ya are a good field Kommandant you’ll be able to tell when to pull them out just before they get overrun and take casualties. Gun sounds are amazing unless you are lazy and tired of strategy and decide the cluster fuck method is your perfered battle tactic. In which case good luck trying to hear yourself think. I really would recommend grabbing this game while it’s only $15. The devs are frequently releasing updates! Unlike OWI.
  3. @PlaceboJeffect “What’s worth a buy” is the Alpha of Freeman Guerilla warfare! Mount & Blade had a baby with realistic FPS and created a beautiful game where you build and command your own Army *evil laughter* Leveling up your men through battle to become elite troopers. I find that the faction in the game are reminiscent of real life militaries. Looking for close quarters combat then look no further than the Free Cossack Army Faction. Leveling up the troops you get from them will leave ya with some Greenberet lookin bad asses. Troops from the Poznan Battalion tend to resemble some Russian looking Special forces. With the option for the top tier of their troops being either Commando with RPKs or Snipers you can start the battle take cover behind a rock and wank off in confidence, knowing that the enemy will die before they get anywhere near you. Reminescent of US troops and want to feel like you’re leading US Special Forces on the battlefield then look no further than recruiting from the Atov Revolution Forces. Even the recruits you can buy from them look like true veteran soldiers and not some “militia” squad. Nice thing about them is that they can take a punch and then return the favor. Couldn’t be bothered with taking time to buy the recruits from the different factions then the mercs might be your thing. Leveled up all the way you can choose to level them into MG, Sniper or Elite Infantrymen. https://youtu.be/h4ZQrpKt_oQ
  4. That’s what we like to hear! Glad ya had a good time!
  5. But you already knew what everyone would say
  6. And since ya went there lad, I have over 1200 Hours in SQUAD.
  7. Well, well, well looks like we got ourselves some fresh meat Bois. In all seriousness welcome to the community lad. Someone from HR will send ya a PM to set up a time to interview ya, but don‘t let them scare ya. Membership in the clan requires well... at least once a week.
  8. Translation: Yer ass needs to be on the Training Server January 13th or you’ll have to deal with Oisya.
  9. Been trying to login all morning and kept getting 15009.
  10. I don't think it's the game's fault. I'm pretty sure Snazzy is the culprit behind this HarryPotter flying car shite.
  11. And? This thread is exclusively for ships! Can that tank fly?
  12. Sorry to hear about SWF lad, but I am glad ya came to us!
  13. Don’t give Placebo the incentive to buy one! The man has bought enough as it is! 20 bucks says he buys the ENDAVOR
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