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  1. Aelfathi


    Signed up
  2. Aelfathi

    Tabletop Sim D&D

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  4. Aelfathi

    Lepracunt (Apologies on the profanity)

    Thanks for stopping in. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the servers and the games. See you out there.
  5. Aelfathi

    Been playing in the servers for a long time

    Thanks for dropping in @Marktheshark. Someone from HR will come tact you shortly about your application. In the mean time feel free to start hanging out in our TS and get to know some of the guys.
  6. Aelfathi

    Map Rotation Poll

  7. Aelfathi

    Just wanted to say hi

    Thanks for stopping in to say hello. See you on the battlefield.
  8. Aelfathi

    newbie here

  9. Aelfathi

    Hell Let Loose

    Well it was news to me. ? Still no advertising allowed yet. Please no one attempt to recruit (or mention 2.FJg, saying "my clan" is okay). For now anyways.
  10. Aelfathi

    Hell Let Loose

    HLL forums are up. Keep an eye out for your account sign in info in your e mail
  11. Aelfathi


    Agreed. V9 feels like playing with a other kids garbage. The garbage that his cool toy cam wrapped in. You can see what it looks like but dont really get to have any fun with it.
  12. Aelfathi

    World of Warcraft?

    So my wife was thinking if getting back in to WoW. Myself as well, just to play with her on occasion. Does anyone here play WoW? If so what server / battle group?
  13. Aelfathi

    Hi newbie here From Philippines

    Always nice to help out a new player. Feel free to hang out in our teamsoeak and get to know some of the guys.
  14. Aelfathi

    Main base camping

    Once uppon a time you could fire out of, but not into the main base protection areas. This made base camping, not impossible, but very difficult. Players obvously took advantage if this and would park rocket tekies and the such in the main right at the ammo supply. Infinafe indestructible rockets for days! This prompted OWI to change base protection so that you coult not fire into or out of the protected zone. You can still take advantage of this. Pull an asset just outside of your protected zone and fire some shots at the enimy. You can even start to pre fire as you get towards the edge of the zone to help ensure as many hits as possible on the camping enimy. If you take damage pull back into the protected zone and repair. Repeat untill you destroy or displace the campers. If you can pull all the way out of main and need to travel dome distance towards the enimy then i guess you are not really being main camped that bad.
  15. Aelfathi

    Main base camping

    We used to switch teams quite often. All tbe 2.FJG members would switch after a couple of steam rolls and regular / quality pubs would come with us. A good idea would be to switch sides and take guys like roomy and lincler with you (could akways force switch him anyways if he says no ). Two things here. I feel like the squad community has become a lot more whiney. Nobody used to complain about anything. As a whole the community seems to want things to be 50/50. Also on some other servers there are rules about rushing, camping habs, soawns etc .... I can see how newer pkayers or newsr games might think that these are gane rules when they are not. Second as a clan / admin team. We can do a better job here. Yes winnig is fun and if you switch you might loose. The idea is to switch and start a couple of squads. Let others join them. First it helps balance out gameplay because you left the winning team amd there are always scrubs who will swith to "the winning team" it actually balances things out very quickly but you need to kead a couple squads when you switch. Having bith our servers in the top 5 rated servers and having huge ammounts of up time was not uncommon. I believe it was because we attempted to stop things from getting too one sided (as in a bad rolling 2 or more times in a row) and did not restrict game play. Aka "play how you want, try to keep it fair."