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  1. Going for some of the heavy stuff there
  2. @Krunch what was the price of the Apollo. They are not for sale ATM but I wonder where it falls compared to the cutlass red.
  4. Had quite the opposite effect on me. The head sway when running I enjoyed and noticed zero latency problems. The servers seemed to have hadeled 100 players supprise well. Not being able to look at the map while moving, not being able to side step when full sprinting, no "focus and zoom in" all great features for the Tatical / Sim side. Hit detection felt solid, in fact getting kills feels super rewarding and catching people or a Squad in the open feels even better. Visually the game is stunning (more grass draw distance would be nice and removing the cinematic style filter would be cool). The character models also look great. The sound effects are all around very good. Can't wait to see what they do from here. On the con side. You could not modify keybinds in game. The lean keys were not working. Some guns (mp44 for example) did not "consume" magazines when reloading. No Squad control (kicking for example or custom Naming). Changing classes feels clunky (most of the menus do actually but that is all quality of life stuff, or it could just be a matter of personal al preference). There seems to be infinite stamina for sprinting but that could be intentional until viechals are added, so for now I don't mind). The obvious issue is the i game comms. The coms are 3rd party. You cannot see who is talking and the coms were crossed across multiple squads and servers. All in all? A very smooth Alpha launch. Everyone knows (or should know) that closed alpha is going to have bugs, be incomplete or have functions intentionally turned off all together. Taking a step back. My first impression is that the foundation is solid. The playstyle felt fresh and fun. No game breaking bugs in the first 3 hours from launch. Definitely QoL stuff to work on and control mapping issues. Very impressed with the launch high hopes for the future of HLL.
  5. Thanks for stopping in. Glad to hear that you are enjoying the servers and the games. See you out there.
  6. Thanks for dropping in @Marktheshark. Someone from HR will come tact you shortly about your application. In the mean time feel free to start hanging out in our TS and get to know some of the guys.
  7. Thanks for stopping in to say hello. See you on the battlefield.
  8. Well it was news to me. ? Still no advertising allowed yet. Please no one attempt to recruit (or mention 2.FJg, saying "my clan" is okay). For now anyways.
  9. HLL forums are up. Keep an eye out for your account sign in info in your e mail
  10. Aelfathi


    Agreed. V9 feels like playing with a other kids garbage. The garbage that his cool toy cam wrapped in. You can see what it looks like but dont really get to have any fun with it.
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