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  1. Haha! Hey now, he's recreating the perfect Nordic complexion there. It's all in the interest of historical accuracy!
  2. No joke X! Hahahah this is too funny. I literally had to read your comment like six times this morning to realize what you were trying to say! Well I knew we already lived in a small world but the internet just made it 10x smaller. Who knew we actually knew each other in real life? Hahaha!
  3. Hey gents, So, I know I don't surf the boards as much as I should and that's mainly because I am either working, gaming, or sleeping for the most part. Thankfully I have had the opportunity to meet quite a few of our members over the past year or so of my membership and have had some great times and great laughs! I thought I'd share with you all one of my hobbies that I've done since I was in High School - WWII re-enacting. A bit of a disclaimer though, I am by no means a fanatic or someone who harbors hatred to anyone! I do currently portray a German soldier of the Waffen-SS during WWII, but I have also participated in many events as either a WWI US doughboy, WWII US GI with the 95th ID, and also as a Union Civil War soldier. We are military historians and enthusiasts who strive to recreate the history of these conflicts and aim to educate the public through experiencing it first-hand. When people have asked me why I dress up like a German, I can only simply say that when it comes to reenacting a historical event it'd be pretty lopsided without portraying the enemy. Think of it like cops and robbers. Do we have any clan members who have done this or seen a reenactment? I'm curious what everyone's take would be on this hobby. Feel free to ask any questions! I've attached a few photos from events we've done in the past. I do have a video somewhere from a tactical event we did last fall where I was a rifleman attached to a Panzerschrek (German anti-vehicle rocket launcher) where we ambushed a US halftrack with a foam rocket. It was intense, I'll have to post it. Anyways, we do two types of events - publics and tacticals. Publics are educational displays for the general public and Hollywood style battles where us Germans typically surrender. Tacticals, however, are like playing paintball but with real weapons, blanks, and safe pyrotechnics. We use tactics and a capture the flag type system at tacticals to spice things up a bit. It's pretty interesting. We even have armored and aerial support! That's me on the far right Me on the right surrendering to the 82nd Airborne We had almost 200+ reenactors show up for a tactical reenactment in fall 2016 at Fort Custer National Guard Training Facility in Michigan
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