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  1. Haha sorry to disappoint but my family is from Sunderland so I'm mackam through and through. And interestingly enough I follow Minnesota Vikings so that was a fair shout of packers haha. I actually played tight end for abit over in the local team
  2. Hey everyone, im on of the new squad recruits firstly, you may be able to tell, but if not my name is Nathan. I am a 21 year old student from England who currently lives in Manchester while studying Contemporary International and Military History with specialization in counter-insurgency and terrorism. After University I have a re-assessment with Easyjet to continue my commercial pilot training (abit 180 from my degree I know haha) - I currently play a multitude of games; including; Squad, Verdun, RO2, assetto corsa and Rainbow Six. When playing squad I tend to opt for granadier or machine gunner, so I hope I can provide some needed firepower for this clan Hope to see you all around, Nathan/IINAYDOGII
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