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  1. You got your facts jumbled. King Arthur build the helichopper in the year 1000 BC. I'd take the time to inform you about your errors but I think it would just be faster to watch the documentary Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Arthur's resourcefulness was illustrative of advanced Chinese engineering as early as the Mesozoic era, beginning with bio-engineering feats such as the Tyrannosaurus Lex-Luther, among others.
  2. For the love of god, not me. If I see one more cutesy-funny-quirky super hero movie in the next 6 months I'll kick a child.
  3. It's high time we get some KarniK Con tactiCool information in this joint.
  4. FatHairyBeast


    Reporting in: I can confirm this statement.
  5. In case anyone needed more convincing: don't take LSD and try to fight a war.
  6. We don't use watches, we just make a sun dial out of snow and ice.
  7. The ΣT boys are interested in a scrim. A lot of us know them and they are solid players. Nothing is set in stone so this is merely a gauge of interest. They usually scrim on weekends at 1700 EST / 1300 Alaska Time Best Time
  8. Hi merc. Played with you the other day and it was a good experience. High level of situational awareness, responsive on mic, etc.
  9. FatHairyBeast

    Commder role

    Seems like it would be more stressful than fun. Even Squad Leading gets old after the first 20 minutes of a match.
  10. I don't know. I just heard that all the cool kids blame him for stuff so I jumped on that bandwagon. Send some of that weather up here, it's 43 below right now and I could kill a moose with my nipples. Good to see you're still posting, gunslinger. Hadn't seen you around for a while.
  11. I'm still active on RO2 to some degree but I may be one of the few. Anyone else?
  12. I didn't think the bad bread / ergot theory was that prevalent. I thought it was one of those offshoot theories that I accidentally stumbled upon in the depths of the internet. Yet here I am, reading a well placed reference.
  13. Thanks for stopping in to say hi, if I'm online don't hesitate to ask for help if you are having problems on the server.
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