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  1. Absolutely do, have over 150 hours in game. Still one of my favorite RTS games. Add me on steam, I'd be happy to play. I'm usually late night EST - I normally get on at 11pm if your around.
  2. Hello all, For anyone that plays or is interested in BF V - I created a "platoon" called "2FJG Realism Clan" - I couldn't find any existing organization, so I just made one. If anyone finds themselves playing BF, please feel free to join and populate it. Believe it or not the game is actually pretty fun, in a battlefield kinda way.
  3. Yo peacekeeper, sorry i'm so late to the party on this one. But I also have the game and have premium. I wasn't originally going to get it but I got it all for free from a buddy I know who's big in the streaming world. Yet, I have not installed it yet or anything because I kinda fell off BF after BF4. Played the beta, it was pretty good - but the lack of any historical accuracy/realism (golden gun skins, red dots - ridiculous uniforms) drives me up a wall. However, i'll install if i have people to play with.
  4. Sup Joker! Welcome to the Clan! Look for me on steam and shoot me a request.
  5. Hello all, Re-introducing myself here... I was a Volk years ago in RO2. I fell out of it due to inactivity, however, now i'm back around and would like to fully join this time. I'm currently playing PS, Squad, RS2 and whatever else looks good. I put in an application - and i'm awaiting contact. It will be good playing with an organized group again. See y'all around!
  6. Unfortunately I'm not famous. But I've met a bunch of famous people. Haha, I have lots of great stories.
  7. Hello everyone, I'm new on this site however i'm on the RO2 servers all the time (mostly the RS server). Just wanted to say hello and give you my background. Big WW2 game player... although I play many other games too. I have Tactical realism experience and RRM experience. I played CO2 with the TR unit 1stID and played with the RRM unit 501PIR. With years of experience. Also played WWIIONLINE for many years in the 1stFJ unit (now disbanded, but one of the best PIR units on the Axis team) Never joined a unit for RO2 even though I have been played the game since release in 2011. I am interested in joining 2FJG, I would love to be an admin on the RO2 servers (because i'm frequently on your servers) Any who, I'll be on TS tonight to say hello when i'm playing RO2 ! THANKS ! FUN FACT ABOUT ME: I work in Television and I'm from CT. see yall soon! -MEatstiCK
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