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  1. Thanks! Once a Volk, always a Volk!!!!! 😂
  2. Hello - I've been playing a lot on the Squad server, and I know you guys use TS not Discord, but when I log into TS I cannot go into any of the Squad channels. How do I go about getting access to those channels or do I need to be in the clan? Thanks!
  3. So after my brief, but extemely fun, time in the Volk here at 2.FJg I would like to respectfully resign from the ranks. It has nothing to do with 2.FJg or with anyone in the group, I just do not have much spare time to play RO2 anymore. I time I do have, I've been playing Arma 3 and we really don't have any active players. I really enjoyed playing with you guys, and I will still be on from time-to-time (and I'll always be on 2.FJg servers), I just do not think I'll meet the requirements for staying active in the Volk. Thank you again, I'll see in the forums and in RO2 hopefully soon. Thanks! Zap *EDIT* you will probably see me online under my normal Steam Name "Kernel Panic", just an fyi
  4. soup! I mean sup....I wish I had soup =/
  5. Have you read through here first >> https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/40-volkssturm-information/ You need to become a Volk before you can join as 2.FJg....gotta crawl before you walk Also, have you been on TeamSpeak for ~a month or so?
  6. Excellent! If you haven't already done so, join us on TeamSpeak and you can have Batalla yell at you to "get into the point" with crystal clear audio!!!! I joke, but seriously, join TS
  7. Sorry, forgot to add the rest lol - I feel the same about Ubuntu as well - I hate Unity...also I hate that they went to Amazon and have all that advertisement. I mainly use Mint, but I have a test box that I've installed around 30+ distros over the last 5 or so years. I enjoy trying new things and testing things out, but I always come back to Mint
  8. Exactly my experience lol, Mint Cinnamon is great!
  9. Welcome back! How does one start a subscription?
  10. Very nice! What Linux distro you use? I hop from one to another - Mint, Ubuntu, OpenSUSE, Fedora, and many spin offs in between
  11. ^^^ I second what Silence said. SSD's make all the difference in the world. Depending on how many games you need installed at one time, I would recommend 256gb or higher. I personally use a 500gb Samsung 850 Pro and a 128gb SSD would not be enough for my OS and core games. I know Samsung has easy OS cloning software, so you don't even need to re-install everything. I'm sure the other brands have similar software. Whatever you do, get an SSD, you'll not regret it
  12. From the leaked videos the last few days, I totally can see the gameplay becoming VERY repetitive and looks to be quite basic like you said. It's a shame more games don't realize the power of creating a team-based game, especially for multiplayer-heavy games. One of the reasons I love RO2 so much and some of the earlier BF games was the sense of team/squad play - as an engineer you have specific jobs, support class can give out ammo, MG lay down suppressing fire, etc etc. I too have been unimpressed by the map layout, far too linear imo. Also, what about the destructibility? I'm not seeing anything on that so far...this is supposed to be a DICE game right? I loved BF:BC2 for that very reason. Destruction made each round feel somewhat different as you would sometimes have buildings completely destroyed in 1 round, however standing in the next thus changing the way the map plays slightly from round-to-round. As a huge Star Wars fan, I have high hopes for this game...hopefully it lives up to some or all of them
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