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  1. Would anyone be down to do a D&D campaign on Tabletop Sim??
  2. JEKYLL2000

    War of Rights

    Oh yeah! I've been eye balling this game for years! Will definitely pick up as soon as it hits EA!
  3. I was literally telling @PlaceboJeffect that last night. It wouldn’t even require a server. It would require a group of interested players and somebody to Zeus.
  4. FH3 is fantastic! My only gripe with the game would be the FFB settings, I can never get the feeling right. Especially when you’re spoiled with games like Dirt Rally and Asseto Corsa who have them locked down. Side note don’t waste your time with WRC7 there’s no self aligning torque so it feels like you’re trying to sling an Abrams around the Nürburgring.
  5. I still thoroughly enjoy them, and anyone wanting to play I will gladly join. Ill be picking up BFV late for pc though as a lot of my close friends are getting it on Xbox. But I will have no issue at all picking it up for PC if we can get a good group together to play.
  6. 1st rule of misc1 dont talk about misc1
  7. Such a good time, so many awkward sentences if no context were to be applied xD "This is such a huge load".
  8. I feel like Splat, has pretty much abandoned the idea, Ill talk to him and see where he stands. Ill keep you posted.
  9. Wow this thread gained a lot of traction. Splat and I discussed this yesterday to which I directed him here. I one hundred percent back this idea seeing as how we are "2.FJg" and do nothing Fallschirmjager related. A cool idea would be to try and get an Arma server up and gather people to portray a Fallschirmjager regiment, with tactics training and pre-mission briefings. Is there a meeting or somewhere that this idea can be properly pitched? I know with "Hell Let Loose" on the horizon itll be low on the priority list. But this could be a fun and engaging way to potentially get clan mates more social with each other.
  10. Forgot to quote you lol my reply is above.
  11. @PlaceboJeffect-Hptm also I am still alive and down to play The whole life thing just decided it wanted to go from 0 to 100 lol.
  12. Late reply I apologize. Great game, awful community. Servers are popped one day and the next they're completely dead. That or you just run into trolls. Its a shame because when ran properly it is a solid experience.
  13. Hey Guys just wanted to give everyone a hello! It's been about 3 years since I was active last. I was a member of Volk and it's good to see that the clan is still doing well! Hope to play with you in the near future! Horido!!
  14. ATF makes really good FJ helmets and then complete it with a liner from my unit commander you have the perfect repro helmet!
  15. Thanks! No some of it is original believe it or not. I get my stuff from either At The Front or Hessen Antique. Also my unit commander makes a lot of stuff. including helmet liners.
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