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  1. It wasn't a slap, it was a love tap.
  2. It seems like we've lost all of our WaW players. I'm the only one that actually plays anymore. I don't see Cleve around, Sandix left, we lost Paper_Cut and Hydro, Lamon doesn't play anymore or Viper. I don't think we can join TCC with any kind of realistic expectations. X
  3. Sounds like they're saying "open condom style". Sounds just like Lamon.
  4. People like this don't actually understand the consumer market. When a product (game) becomes aged, it becomes less popular and therefore the customer base shrinks. So after so much time, people are less inclined to purchase said product. But if the price of that product is decreased, there is a new incentive for new customers to purchase it. So in this instance, if a game is 6+ months old, I am probably not going to buy it for $50-60. However, if the game goes on sale for $25 or less, then I might be inclined to buy it and try it out. What idiots like this fail to see is that by keeping it the same price, you are actually losing revenue because you are not moving the product. So they can either keep it at $50-60 and sell 10 units ($500-600) or they can decrease it to $25 and sell 100 units ($2500). You don't have to be an accounting major to understand that logic. X
  5. Xious

    Scrim with SnR

    That sounds good. I'll shoot you an email. X
  6. Xious

    Thank you from 2FJg

    Thanks guys. It's very much appreciated. X
  7. Those are some pretty good graphics. We have a bunch of those MRAPs all over the missile range when we are doing a lot of testing with soldiers and such. Those things are pretty menacing when you're next to one. But usually when a company works so hard on the graphics, they forget to work on the gameplay. We'll see though. X
  8. Xious


    I would definitely recommend the Logitech G930. With the 7.1, you can pretty much hear everything. It has volume controls on the headset as well as a few buttons that can be customized. Plus they are really comfortable. They are rechargeable, wireless USB and last probably 12 hours of gaming/music time. X
  9. Xious

    MW3 commentary

    At least he's using his sights ....... most of the time anyways. But yeah, still just RnG at it's best. He was even saying he doesn't like when the guns kick too much. Boohoo, I don't like when guns are realistic.
  10. Xious

    Teamspeak 3 Information

    New TS information. Make sure you change your favorites.
  11. Xious

    Phonetic vocals

    Wow, as much as he sounds EXACTLY like Vedder, the judges weren't nearly as astonished as I thought they'd be. They must not know Pearl Jam very well.
  12. Xious

    Battlefield 3 Beta

    Yup, I got mine. I'm installing it on my home PC right now so it'll be there when I get home tonight. Anxious to see how it is.
  13. I have the Android version which is in beta and is currently free. It works very well. Android Market
  14. Teamspeak 3 (TS3) Information Address: ts.2fjgclan.com You can use either the address or the IP to connect to our TS server.
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