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  1. montezuma


    does that make disco a bond villain then?
  2. montezuma


    what he said
  3. montezuma

    Hiya all Casa_Sr

    Casa!!!! how goes it old friend!
  4. montezuma

    Farewell Hook

    aww man. He was cool and will be missed
  5. montezuma

    New RS2 Footage.

  6. montezuma

    New RS2 Footage.

  7. montezuma

    Battlfield 1 whose getting it?

    DLC is what comes to mind when I think Battlefield. That's the one thing that really makes me not want to get this.
  8. montezuma

    Battlefield 1

    the important points to take away are destructible environments, target damage on tanks, and Snoop Dog(lion?) is a noob with a controller.
  9. montezuma

    Hard Rock/Metal listeners

    I would like to introduce you guys to Acrassicauda. These guys are a tiny little band but they are so f---ing awe some live. They where featured in the documentary "Heavy Metal in Baghdad"
  10. montezuma

    skyrim mod for Lamon

    You know you want it lamon
  11. montezuma

    URL Season 2 starts 2/16

    Yeap ....
  12. montezuma

    call me DayZ

  13. montezuma

    Sup Homies?

    After missing a week+ of work and school thanks to sandy (the storm)I have been incredibly busy trying to catch up with everything. Hopefully things will call down a bit in a week or two.
  14. montezuma

    The Walking Dead (Spoiler Alert!)

    Please, even zombies have standards.
  15. montezuma

    DayZ Stand Alone

    from what I read lamon, their number one priority are the bugs and the hackers. The rest is stuff their are hoping to add. Also Dean mentioned more maps where on the way.