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  1. I play it too from time to time
  2. I think you scared them Dietl! NICE WORK YOU FUCKER!
  3. What Rank did you back it up with???
  4. I have it! It's a cool game but as you say a bit boring alone. But the community is very friendly and helpful!
  5. its the best car and the only one for me <3
  6. Aaah I bought that one from Ikea in Stockholm last week! Its so hard to put it together and Im missing someparts.. well well I got some extra, I think
  7. Techno_Viking

    Battlefield 1

    Like the nerd I am I saw it live with my friends on twitch and started to scream like a little girl when I saw the trailer!!!
  8. Techno_Viking

    Days of war

    Well yes. I hope they remove that. It looks stupid. Haha yes, like the map building. Easy to create maps together ^^ Battlfront.........
  9. Techno_Viking

    Days of war

    looks better than the other ww2 game!
  10. Techno_Viking


    fuck yeah!!! looks super cool! cant wait for the all APC and shit haha
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