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  1. Yedric


    It has some potential to be a lot of fun. Don't play solo. If your team doesn't have a good quartermaster to manage production and logistics, you may as well give the game up for lost.
  2. Yedric


    I've played it a little. It's CoD with a different paint job and different accessories. Same problems, same cheats.
  3. Yedric


    Open Beta is out on Steam
  4. Yedric

    I have Copies

    I'll take one.
  5. It's 78 degrees here, partly cloudy and sunny.
  6. Yedric


    Sure it does, you just have to get off your lazy *** and climb a mountain for a few hours.
  7. What's his home address? We still have "salvage" his gear....
  8. Yedric

    First Post of 2017

    Why would you put an electrified fence around that town?
  9. Thomas, That was "banned by fair fight", which is their anti-cheating solution.... They were not banned for fighting fair!
  10. And, to think, thomastheviking, the real thing was orders of magnitude worse....
  11. Rosch323, I've played that game (in early release) for two or three hundred hours and have ranked up a couple of my characters into company grade officer ranks. While I generally enjoyed it, I was always having issues with lag and low frame rates. I haven't played it in the last year or so, so they may have fixed the issues. This game is NOT suitable for Tactical Realism. Don't have it installed at the moment, might give it another shot.
  12. Yedric

    Server List for Squad

    And is then overrun by Pubs.....
  13. Yedric

    Server List for Squad

    Dietl counterattacks and takes back his #10 spot.
  14. Of course, it is loads of fun to snipe the snipers with the small tank.
  15. thomas, I concur about the sniper role. I've played several rounds where 50%+ of the team were snipers hiding in the hills, while the rest of the team tried, in vain, to plant or defuse. The battlefield will be unsurvivable if those snipers are actually competent. -Yedric
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