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  1. Intensity. Pay people $30 to jump from 10m for the first time.
  2. It's an American thang. I thought it was interesting. I love to argue and this guy is like a beacon of skill. The advice though? Seems sound. Do what rich people do. Don't talk to them until you have your lawyer. And now for something completely different:
  3. Finally! Rockwell managed to make things simple enough for even me to use in my designs.
  4. That was so much better than you described it. Any dude who ever had a pregnant wife knows whassup with this one.
  5. OK so I saw that, and I thought... there has to be a video out there of a Holzhacker dance (Austrian wood-chopping dance) set to hip-hop beats. I saw some Holzhacker videos but they were all standard oom-pah music. Then I saw one that said Holzhacker Rap. Here it is: I think it fits quite well with the thread though... random youtube videos...
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