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  1. SaNdiX

    Merry Christmas all

    Happy New Years DIETLNOOBCAKE!!!!!!
  2. I'm in....Just have to check this with my guys! ( Post done ) What time Bee? Give me IP and PW.
  3. Viper...my contact with 82nd on steam for scrim is KingWub. Check on my friends list and add him. He's always there. Weekly scrim its good idea ...... when is the next TCC season Bee?
  4. SaNdiX

    Happy New Years!!!

    Happy New Yearr guys !!!!
  5. SaNdiX

    Merry Xmas

    Happy Holidays guys.
  6. SaNdiX

    'Ello Gents

    hey Kinnek... Welcome on forum and jump on Ts.
  7. Hey Sup Smile .... I saw your guys on 82nd server yesterday. I'm really glad to see you back. I add you on my steam friend and I accept your challenge. I will talk to you on steam for detail. See you on battlefield.
  8. Welcome Bill. FrankNaz and myself also live at Qc. Don't be shy for talking english with us. I'm sur you are better then me even if I play with these guys since 4 years. lol. Join us on ts for more fun and If you have question you can ask to me.
  9. Hello Ops Welcome on our forum and yes we can scrim with your guys Thursday at 20h00. See you on battlefield
  10. SaNdiX


    lol...Cleve or Dietl ??? I vote for Dietl !
  11. SaNdiX


    hey Pamela ..... Welcome on forum ! Join us on ts and don't worry I have bad english too
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