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  1. List the ships you are interested in getting.
  2. Thinking About Buying

    The 890 Jump... yes... totally not why I bought it... totally not... *cough*... I mean... You know...
  3. Thinking About Buying

    The famous hot tub is from the Constellation Phoenix... I think that is the one you are referring to. The 890 Jump might have one... maybe.
  4. I almost bought that one, more my style. But I have way too many ships already.
  5. I didn't get the Polaris because capital ships are not my style. Also because I locked down my ship buying, lol... spent way too much. The hit & run role of the Polaris in combat is not really my style (torpedoes). If you want to manage and own a capital ship then go for it. I don't think anyone got a capital ship in the clan. You can look at the Q&A (1 and 2) you might find interesting info for your purchasing needs. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15559-Q-A-RSI-Polaris-Part-I https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15564-Q-A-RSI-Polaris-Part-II
  6. I updated the first post with all them ships.
  7. Thinking About Buying

    After a long ass day doing whatever you want in Star Citizen you will be able to hang out and relax on my private yacht. You can also view the brochure for more information.
  8. Thinking About Buying

    Here is a list of who purchased what so far:
  9. 2.FJG SQUAD Banner

    I changed the forum settings a bit you should be able to add images up to 8mb now.
  10. 2.FJG SQUAD Banner

    I really liked the image. Put it back so others can see.
  11. Identeco

    IDENTECO is a game about the struggle to define humanity and retain identity in the highly digital era known as “The Static Age.” Corporations hold more power over the people in the world. They have created ways to monetize and commoditize a person’s identity using massive data farms and social engineering hacks to influence everyday life. Through carefully crafted marketing and slick branding, the Corps don’t force their will onto people, as much as they enforce their worth in people’s minds. You play a character trying to survive in the Static Age, starting at the bottom and working your way up the social or corporate ladder by any means necessary. IDENTECO is built on an new, modern D20-based system that emphasizes fast gameplay and rewards social interaction and role playing. Every interaction builds onto the story and the legacy of the characters. The more you play the game, the more you construct your character’s identity, or possibly identities. As the game progresses the thin line between famous and infamous depends solely on who’s watching. BACK THIS PROJECT
  12. Squad EU Server

    I live in Montreal, Canada and I get ~95ms ping which is really not that bad.
  13. Squad EU Server

    Yes. North Coast of France in Gravelines.
  14. Not Whitelisted

    I fixed the scheduler, looks like it wasn't executing the script properly.
  15. Not Whitelisted

    I just verified to be sure. I think there is a problem with the automated permissions script. BombSquad does not show up in the list.