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  1. https://starcitizen.fandom.com/wiki/List_of_ship_and_vehicle_prices The triage is now priced at 250$ and the medivac at 275$.
  2. Send me your Fleetview .json I'll make a better screenshot, lol.
  3. Oh no you didn't... I was part of Wave 7, which wave were you in? (PS: I did not buy it)
  4. Sorry but I don't have time. 😕
  5. I use this instead: http://www.starship42.com/fleetview/
  6. I got one more ship! The Apollo Medivac. Also including my fleet view.
  7. You might want to go with this: https://robertsspaceindustries.com/pledge/ships/merchantman/Merchantman A blockade runner... in case you need to you know... Haul space drugs in a hurry!
  8. I will take an Idris. Thank you.
  9. Krunch

    Hell Let Loose

    Been up for a while. They only went through 50% of the accounts so far.
  10. A bunch of us played Life is Feudal when it came out... we had our own server... we still do have the server files on our box... I am not really interested in the MMO anymore. Reviews are not very good either.
  11. Krunch


    Training server is up!
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