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  1. Squad EU Server

    I live in Montreal, Canada and I get ~95ms ping which is really not that bad.
  2. Squad EU Server

    Yes. North Coast of France in Gravelines.
  3. Not Whitelisted

    I fixed the scheduler, looks like it wasn't executing the script properly.
  4. Not Whitelisted

    I just verified to be sure. I think there is a problem with the automated permissions script. BombSquad does not show up in the list.
  5. 50% off Dawn of War III Coupon

    I do have a 50% off too. If you need it you can have mine also.
  6. Rising Storm for FREE

    This was 3 months ago.
  7. Invision Community 4.2

    Hello everyone! Just a quick post about a big update to our forums that happened this morning. We updated to Invision Community 4.2 which comes with many new features. If you are interested by the new things you can do on this version of the forums you can simply go have a look at this post on their official forums. https://invisioncommunity.com/news/invision-community-42-r1030/
  8. RS2 stuck at spalsh screen - no functionality

    Try deleting the RS2 folder under: Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2 (Make a copy before)
  9. Rising Storm for FREE

    Get RISING STORM GAME OF THE YEAR EDITION for FREE https://www.humblebundle.com/store/rising-storm-game-of-the-year-edition
  10. Dreadnought

    Wasn't it already open to everyone? I had the game for almost a year now.
  11. Clan meeting

    For more information: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/topic/3779-clan-meeting/
  12. Oh yes! Another cutlass blue fellow. You can join Dietl and I and all roll in our cutlass blue. Then we can get some refreshment in my 890 Jump...
  13. Minecraft Whitelist Request

    You are already whitelisted. Using the same lists as before.
  14. Minecraft Whitelist Request

    If you want to be whitelisted to the minecraft server simply tell me your current in-game name in this thread.
  15. Ark

    We have 2 Ark server running. One for the standalone game and another for the Scorched Earth expansion. Server: [2.FJg] Tactical Survival Island IP: Server: [2.FJg] Tactical Survival Earth IP: