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    ....I really wanted that Orion.
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    I use this instead: http://www.starship42.com/fleetview/
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    4/13-4/16 is Free Flight Weekend! It has been a little over a year since the last one, and there is a lot more to see now! Anyone who makes an account on robertspaceindustries.com, uses the referral code ( STAR-2LYW-33GY ), and apply to 2FJg organization, (https://robertsspaceindustries.com/orgs/2FJG) will be entered into the 2.FJg Giveaway Contest! No purchase necessary! Contest goes for one week. But I suggest you sign up today so you can play through 4/16 to see if it's something you'd even be interested in. No purchase necessary to fly this weekend. I will be on tomorrow playing! What will you be getting for making an account? "Origin is proud to present the evolution of adventure - the 100 series. With all the class and sophistication you already associate with Origin Jumpworks, elegantly presented in an attractive, compact frame, the 100 series has been designed specifically for solo pilots looking to turn heads without sacrificing functionality or reliability. But these ships aren't just making a statement on the outside. With the 100 series, Origin has debuted its state-of-the-art AIR (Adaptive Intake Refinery) fuel system. Not only does this make these our most environmentally friendly ships ever, reducing thruster emissions significantly, but it also means that worrying about constant refueling, even on extended journeys, is a thing of the past. Utilizing our most advanced integrated refinery unit ever, the 100 series ships are capable of long distance flights that most ships of their size aren't equipped for. With the ability to extract from an unprecedented variety of gasses, and convert the raw material into usable plasma more efficiently than much larger systems, the 100 series will get you there with eco-friendly efficiency and unrivaled style. Begin your adventure with Origin, and there's no telling where you may end up." That's right, I am giving away a 100i starter GAME PACKAGE ($60 value!). Comes with the 100i, 1000 UEC (monies), Star Citizen game download, and 6 months in game insurance! As the description above states, it is the only starter ship with an adaptive intake refinery on board. Much larger ships have these like the Polaris, Star Farer, Constellation which has a weaker version, Idris, etc. This allows you to fly in cruise mode and refine hydrogen into fuel so, in theory, you will never run out if you are moving slightly. Has a small quantum jump drive so you can easily jump to different planets. In terms of performance (agility, cargo space, guns, speed, etc) it is dead center compared to it's competitor starter ships and even small standalone ships. But has the big advantage of not needing to refuel the hydrogen cells often like all the other small ships currently in game! (you still will need to refuel quantum fuel) For those who already have the game, this contest isn't for you, BUT! I will have another contest coming up for a standalone ship. Stay tuned. Little Announcements:
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    Serenity, you suck. You like playing Huniepop with your wife.
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    I've never posted my gun collection. I have... a few. From top left to bottom right (roughly) Mosin Nagant, MN 91/30 (1942) Mk. 2 Lee Enfield Glock 19 Ruger SP 101, .357 Magnum Ruger 10/22 Take-Down with a 2-7x Scope Heritage Rough Rider, .22lr FN M4 Collectors w/ Vert. Foregrip, Flashilight, Trijicon ACOG 4x32 / RMR Combo GSG MP40, 9mm P08 Luger (1918, double stamped after Allied capture, 1920) Saiga (Kalashnikov Concern) AK47 w/ foregrip, magpul furniture, Romeo 4 Red Dot, 75rnd Drum mag not pictured Mosberg 590a1 with ghost ring sights and angled foregrip Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm Springfield 1911 Ruger LCPII Inland M1 Carbine (1943), 30rnd Mag not pictured Some shitty shoes EDIT: That's 15. I read somewhere that at 17 you become a "super gun owner". I'm pretty sure my 16th will be a CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine, but the 17th has to be something special. Either a German K98k or a M1 Garand, I'm having troulbe deciding exactly what will be #17.
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    The team is highly competitive and we have a finite number of roster slots. Please include any personal experience or attributes that set you apart from the pack when applying.
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