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    But serverside is crying in pure agony due to the super fobbing. Either way.. Glad to see them back in the rotation!
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    Hi, was recruited by [2.FJg]Chi_Rho_Kin-Htmp. only 119 hrs but please dont let that fool you. i know what im doing. most of the time i run as medic but can do w/e you need me to do. Even SL
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    Fox's Pleasure Palace? When the MTLB's rockin, don't come knockin.
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    Welcome. Pop quiz. Whats another term for the MTLB?
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    HLL forums are up. Keep an eye out for your account sign in info in your e mail
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    The team is highly competitive and we have a finite number of roster slots. Please include any personal experience or attributes that set you apart from the pack when applying.