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    I gots problems.
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    Prolly better bringing this up on Discord. As far as I'm aware nobody can setup servers yet. Talk with @BombSquad and @MEatstiCK they're going to be running the game for us. They can fill you in with their plans. Fort Montbarey in brest is our map.
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    Here is mine so far in progress also using 2 joysticks loving it !
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    Hey I’m new to th community! I was just wondering if there is a way to become a reserved member and get priority in the queue for the Squad servers,. Thanks!
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    .....I've been on the grey market.
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    ....I really wanted that Orion.
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    @Tiger_lily Haha, It is because we are the most superior soldiers, comrade!
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    I signed up using your code. Now it's just a waiting game until the 3rd.
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    I mean...there are so many bugs that need to still be fixed and it definitely feels like V12 didn't have the proper amount of testing time and was rushed to release
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    I see nothing wrong with this. It's a bunch of idiots, in a transport, about to meet a firing squad.
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    You allowed to sail on his yacht yet? Allowed a couple of flights a year yet, on his private dreamliner? Does he at least call you, to ask you how you're doing, from time to time? 🧐
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    I was fortunate enough to go to CitizenCon this year. Was a ton of fun. To most people, the event would be considered dry/boring as there were lots of panels, but the information was great and met a lot of cool "Citizens". I have submitted my interest in the Kraken.. If I am selected, I will grab this instead the Idris-P and this will be our mobile base of operations! https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/transmission/16772-Release-The-Kraken
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    Signed & understood, topic pinned.
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    Which game? They both got new patches
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