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    This is a list of current 2FJg servers. This list will be updated as changes occur. TeamSpeak 3 ARMA 3 Custom Insurgency Red Orchestra HoS Rising Storm New Campaign Server
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    You need to summon jo 3 times. @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead
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    My name is ShotgunRCAF and I AM CANADIAN! I met SnazzyDuckling on the 2.Fjg Squad Server and we had a blast, so I decided to register on your Forums so I can get to know the Community and they me A little about me, I am a retired Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, I am now working for SOF Studios as a 3D artist on a Steam early access 3rd person shooter game called H-Hour World's Elite created on UE4.... a spiritual successor to the PlayStation one life SOCOM series games, this one is based on Army Special Operations Forces. I am adding the most recent video of the game from YouTube, as you will see in the video bellow, we have Steam Workshop up and running and the community has taken advantage of it by creating some pretty awesome maps, we are still in Alpha and approaching Beta, we hope to have the game in full release by the end of the year. Sorry about the Quality of the video. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShotgunRCAF Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bficgo
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    Mates, I'd like to extend gratitude toward all of our members who have been active as of late. Your efforts have resulted in our mixed server skyrocketing to 5th overall in the entire world. Lets keep this rolling. The mixed server has even been staying popped through the night time period, something we haven't seen in quite some time. This has a lot to do with Dietl's efforts early AM GMT. Thanks to him as well. One small change will occur with our current rotation: Gorodok is being removed. It is a solid map, but lack of teamwork and efficient SLing on this layer is killing the server. I would have liked to keep it in the rotation, but it was obvious that it was not feasible. We can revisit adding it to the rotation as the game continues to evolve. Thanks to all, and happy hump day, COSQ BostonMass
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    Bad Company my Favorite Five Finger Death Punch Video!
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    FACT, I wont miss you because YOU NEVER FUCKING TALK TO ME ANYWAY.
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    Sure, just leave me out
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    We moved datacenter. Our new server is here: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Most of the clan moved to a new game called Squad. Some of us still play RO2 but at a lesser frequency.
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    I can see it in your eyes