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    This is a list of current 2FJg servers. This list will be updated as changes occur. TeamSpeak 3 ARMA 3 Custom Insurgency Red Orchestra HoS Rising Storm New Campaign Server
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    Me and WuTang were playing Heroes of the West, the new Western Front Mod for Red Orchestra. I opened up my map and suddenly noticed what Axis Division was defending on the map. Me and Wutang were playing as the Allies but felt an urge to switch teams. Nothing special, but i thought it was pretty cool.
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    I blame Whiskeyjack, he could never control those little bastards of his
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    We moved datacenter. Our new server is here: http://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ Most of the clan moved to a new game called Squad. Some of us still play RO2 but at a lesser frequency.
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    Lol. Just looking thru the Disruptive players list and saw CrossToxin on the WATCH list with this entry: CrossToxin Trolling and abiusing public chat with nonsense. Got kicked twice for being disruptive.
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    I figured we all love WW2, and you might be interested in seeing my WW2 memorabilia. I know I'd like to see any of yours. Here's a link to an imgur album of my stuff. http://imgur.com/a/gUx5g
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    I have no knowledge of that kind of stuff, but I think Odessa was working fine in the past without being ''whitelisted'' by TWI ? So why it should not work now? Maybe the maps needs to be updated when the game gets patch? Otherwise they crash? Also, I'm risking myself here to ask (please don't send me too many hates message ) : would it be possible to add FallenFighter to the rotation? Haven't played this map for ages. Personally, I'm due for a break for Coldsteel. This map almost killed the server last night on prime time.
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    First off, I'd like to thank everyone for all of their mans and things. Some of you may know me as crazypants (although I prefer to go by crazypants) a regular on the HOS server. I come here today not to complain about the rotation, I come here merely to inscribe it on the ox-scapula like tissues of your eye holes. Long has it been that I would sign into the server only to exit immediately upon discovering the vicissitudes of the next map. Oh cruel fate, the Map I desire, she forsakes me, but yet I love her everyday desiring her to awake, yet not finding the fate I await. Friends, Romans, countrymen, I come here to tell you this shall stand no longer! I hereby take it upon myself to track every minute change to the rotation, to observe every moved map, woman and child! ...emphasis on map. tldr: when the rotation changes i'll update the first post cus im sick of logging into five minutes of grain elevator then quitting when tula pops up. Ribbit.
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    Well of course there is a bit of a clique mentality. We are a clan after all. That means we are a group of friends who choose to play together, and as such there will always be something of a division in the population. But heres the thing. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. The clique is open to anyone to join in. If you notice, we have invitations to our TS on messages in the game, we have a public group available called the Volks that nearly any regular player is allowed to join, and we have a large selection of regular players who AREN'T volks that we talk to all the time. Our "clique" is accessible, and its only your fault if you choose to not partake of the many ways we have for you to interact with us. You might try not being antagonistic because we haven't explicitly given YOU an invitation, and just take us up on the broad invitation we give to everyone that plays on our server. Have a nice day.
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    We pay for a box. Therefore, no money is wasted when we put up a server. To your point though, yeah we should be poping it more. However, the best time to do it will be when the RS maps making contest is done and they do a free weekend to promote it. White says' he is going to get Krunch to show him how to convert maps to S&D. Once we get enough maps, particularly HOS maps converted. We can make multi instances of S&D servers, giving us a larger net in which to capture an S&D community.
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