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    But serverside is crying in pure agony due to the super fobbing. Either way.. Glad to see them back in the rotation!
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    Hey guys, The community is having one of the biggest influxes of players in the history of the game. We must actively recruit during this period. Times like these are when myself, aelf, or ammo have recruited you in previous periods. We want to get more great people involved in this community while we have the chance. I don't want to see people going to other clans like FFO or similar places that we could easily bring on board here. Be nice to people, take a chance to build some relationships, direct people to our website, friend them. Let myself or HR know if you have someone ready to interview. If you have any questions, reach out -Jay
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    Quick rundown of changes from the MP department after the clan meeting 12/3/17. New Discord ban appeal section, please do not respond to anything in that section. That area is specifically for a person who has been banned, if you have relevant information send it to me in a PM. New admin tier 3. This admin level only has kick and broadcast through BattleMetrics. This is the level any new admin will start at, it is also where inactive admins or admins who are misusing their power will be moved to. We are also trying to tighten up general admin behavior. Check the roster before banning someone with [2.FJg] tags, keep broadcasts looking professional, don't spam recruiting messages, don't ban for petty issues, etc... Mp guidelines were updated a couple months ago, please check out and sign if you are already an admin: How to properly fill out a ban:
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    You need to summon jo 3 times. @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead
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    Three weeks later and here we are, Squad Alpha Version 10 will be released 5th February 2018.
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    Ignore Roomy, he has like 2 hours on the game. He doesn't know anything.
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    Agreed with Fox. Rushing is a tactic. If your team only sends a few people to the first and/or second cap point, that is on your team. If you do send only a couple people and you get rushed, it is also on your team not to complain, but actually fall back and support first and second cap then move as a team to retake mid. Too many times I see a rush happen then everyone on the team that was rushed complains about the squad that couldn't cap the objective.. while at the same time not falling back to help cap the objective. My opinion, that team deserves to lose. Maybe next time they won't send one or two people to the first objective. It's a lesson that never seems to be learned. Not the attacking team's fault. It sucks and I've been on teams plenty of times where we lost every cap because of it. Just be happy knowing they updated it where the last cap bleeds tickets quite quickly and then next round start a squad and send the full squad to each cap zones.
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    I can see it in your eyes
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    It does seem you have toomany guns... Please ship them to: Thisisnotascam 308 Hopemans way totallylegit, VA 23666 For safekeeping.
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