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    Just finished watching the Narva map preview released by the Devs. Here are some notes I took on updates that will be rolling out. Narva looks fantastic. Great mix of terrain, open land, trees, and urban fighting. It seemed to run very smoothly also. Three minute round start timer, which is an increase from the previous amount. New spawn menu option in drop down box next to map. No longer have to click on icon to spawn. No more zooming in or out. Stance indicator for prone, lean, crouch, standing in bottom right. Smoke grenades have now been improved. More realistic. More effective. Riflemen can now deploy their own sandbag. Helps give that class more attraction. Squads can now be locked, so you can limit who joins your squad. You can no longer cook fobs. All fobs must be supplied by logistics truck. All deployables are now destroyable. Heavy weaponry will destroy deployables. This does include HABS. Regular soldiers now affect fob supply count. So if a regular resupplies, it affects the amount of resources available. Objectives are simply named Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Foxtrot Echo. Focus on more central line of objectives. Near misses with heat missiles will no longer damage armor. Al Basrah expansion/new map mode hinted at. Expect 9.6 to potentially come out tomorrow, per JoinSquad
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    Hey guys, Just bought and loaded up Squad for the first time and just spent the whole damn day playing on your mixed server, good people good moderation and people were great at helping me come up to speed on the basics. Thanks for the good time dudes! See yeah out there. Uncle Scrams
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    Willkommen! Me and Kevin are super excited to meet you. Random duck fact: Ducks don't have blood vessels or nerve in their webbed feet so they don't have cold feets.
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    SCT taking down a 30mm BTR during a tournament.
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    But serverside is crying in pure agony due to the super fobbing. Either way.. Glad to see them back in the rotation!
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    Hello all, (title line seemed appropriate with the group name. ) Signed up last night after thinking about joining a group over the past few weeks. 2.FJg overall looks to fit the bill, but i've already told Dietl about your superior branding. I currently play, Squad/Hearts of Iron/EUIV/Darkest Hour/War Thunder, in a varied rotation. I'm 27 and live in Texas and work in IT. Hobbies wise, I like camping (am an Eagle Scout), range-days (i.e the rifle/pistol kind), inline skating, and ofc gaming most of all. I'm on most days other than wednesday or saturdays, but it's not unusual for me to have the whole weekend to be online. I'm a bit eccentric (i call it passion), but overall if you want a discussion about anything, i'm a goto kind of person. Hope to see more of the members here, and am very much looking forward to Hell Let Loose, and Post Scriptum in the month and a half or so. viele grüße, [2.FJg]Dietrich Kampfer-Schtz
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    Hey guys, The community is having one of the biggest influxes of players in the history of the game. We must actively recruit during this period. Times like these are when myself, aelf, or ammo have recruited you in previous periods. We want to get more great people involved in this community while we have the chance. I don't want to see people going to other clans like FFO or similar places that we could easily bring on board here. Be nice to people, take a chance to build some relationships, direct people to our website, friend them. Let myself or HR know if you have someone ready to interview. If you have any questions, reach out -Jay
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    Quick rundown of changes from the MP department after the clan meeting 12/3/17. New Discord ban appeal section, please do not respond to anything in that section. That area is specifically for a person who has been banned, if you have relevant information send it to me in a PM. New admin tier 3. This admin level only has kick and broadcast through BattleMetrics. This is the level any new admin will start at, it is also where inactive admins or admins who are misusing their power will be moved to. We are also trying to tighten up general admin behavior. Check the roster before banning someone with [2.FJg] tags, keep broadcasts looking professional, don't spam recruiting messages, don't ban for petty issues, etc... Mp guidelines were updated a couple months ago, please check out and sign if you are already an admin: How to properly fill out a ban:
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    You need to summon jo 3 times. @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead @granpa_jo thou shall be summoned from the dead
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    My name is ShotgunRCAF and I AM CANADIAN! I met SnazzyDuckling on the 2.Fjg Squad Server and we had a blast, so I decided to register on your Forums so I can get to know the Community and they me A little about me, I am a retired Veteran of the Canadian Armed Forces, I am now working for SOF Studios as a 3D artist on a Steam early access 3rd person shooter game called H-Hour World's Elite created on UE4.... a spiritual successor to the PlayStation one life SOCOM series games, this one is based on Army Special Operations Forces. I am adding the most recent video of the game from YouTube, as you will see in the video bellow, we have Steam Workshop up and running and the community has taken advantage of it by creating some pretty awesome maps, we are still in Alpha and approaching Beta, we hope to have the game in full release by the end of the year. Sorry about the Quality of the video. Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShotgunRCAF Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/bficgo
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    Yeah I really hope they don't fuck it up. This has the potential to be really fucking good.
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    Mates, I'd like to extend gratitude toward all of our members who have been active as of late. Your efforts have resulted in our mixed server skyrocketing to 5th overall in the entire world. Lets keep this rolling. The mixed server has even been staying popped through the night time period, something we haven't seen in quite some time. This has a lot to do with Dietl's efforts early AM GMT. Thanks to him as well. One small change will occur with our current rotation: Gorodok is being removed. It is a solid map, but lack of teamwork and efficient SLing on this layer is killing the server. I would have liked to keep it in the rotation, but it was obvious that it was not feasible. We can revisit adding it to the rotation as the game continues to evolve. Thanks to all, and happy hump day, COSQ BostonMass
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    Hi everyone! My name is Guglielmo La Via, but online I'm Eagle_One98. I've been playing squad for a while now but i decided to be part of a bigger family, a bigger clan. I've always admired 2fjg for its realism and high level of professionalism, so I see my introduction here as an opportunity to start learning about the game but also devoting myself to something bigger and better. Thank you See ya around
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    Me and WuTang were playing Heroes of the West, the new Western Front Mod for Red Orchestra. I opened up my map and suddenly noticed what Axis Division was defending on the map. Me and Wutang were playing as the Allies but felt an urge to switch teams. Nothing special, but i thought it was pretty cool.
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    Lol, maybe vote for someone willing to do the job.
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    Hello all! My name is Kevin Tsai and I'm a research scientist working in biotech in the bay area of California. I am also an amateur video games writer. I recently applied to join up this clan, Komissar added me a while back (can't remember why) and just wanted to see if my application went through. I look forward to hanging out with y'all!
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    Three weeks later and here we are, Squad Alpha Version 10 will be released 5th February 2018.
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    Ignore Roomy, he has like 2 hours on the game. He doesn't know anything.
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    Agreed with Fox. Rushing is a tactic. If your team only sends a few people to the first and/or second cap point, that is on your team. If you do send only a couple people and you get rushed, it is also on your team not to complain, but actually fall back and support first and second cap then move as a team to retake mid. Too many times I see a rush happen then everyone on the team that was rushed complains about the squad that couldn't cap the objective.. while at the same time not falling back to help cap the objective. My opinion, that team deserves to lose. Maybe next time they won't send one or two people to the first objective. It's a lesson that never seems to be learned. Not the attacking team's fault. It sucks and I've been on teams plenty of times where we lost every cap because of it. Just be happy knowing they updated it where the last cap bleeds tickets quite quickly and then next round start a squad and send the full squad to each cap zones.
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    We do not have any rules restricting game play and I don't believe we should. Rules like the one you are proposing are extremely hard to enforce consistently, and require game admins to make tough decisions in a relative grey area. Your provided example on Narve goes to show poor map design. A 30mm can do that to US main 400m out on that road by Bravo on AAS v1. There is no way we should be making a rule that 30mm cannot operate in that area.
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    Anyone here current or retired Veterans from any of the worlds Armed Forces here? I'm currently serving in the U.S Army as a Attack Helicopter Mechanic. Currently have one deployment to Afghanistan under my belt, about to head out on my other one for Operation Inherent Resolve. Share pictures of your experience, would be pretty cool to see everyone else's experience in the Military. Pictures i posted are in order as follows - 1) German Schutzenschner Qualification, Shooting the G36. 2) Myself at FOB Dwyer in Southern Helmand Province.
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    Bad Company my Favorite Five Finger Death Punch Video!
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    He is Canadian, close enough.
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    FACT, I wont miss you because YOU NEVER FUCKING TALK TO ME ANYWAY.
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    This is outstanding. Great job guys. I can't speak how awesome it is that everyone watching the stream saw that! Proud Boston!
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    Where is the original COD + United offensive ? THIS LIST IS RIGGED
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    Agreed I use G2A on games that come from devs I don't directly support or a game I am not sure I'll enjoy. Like EA. However, games that I like and wanna see in the future like Steel Division I'd never buy on those stores, just purely based on the issues with these key marketplaces.
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    I feel like I should step in at this pont. Lets please cut the conversation for now. If anyone has anything they would like to discuss further please PM me directly. Continuation of this conversation will result in the loss of ability to post to the forums until the matter is resolved.
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    Did Dietl make a second forums account?
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    When you die in New England.... You Respawn at Dunkin Donuts
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    Don't heal him!!! You'll just burn through yer bandages really fast! And welcome back!
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    I voted maybe on the scrim. I'll be able to more accurately cast my ballot when the Alaskan comes down off his high-moose and fixes the poll.
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    Awesome, everything went really well except for the autobalance, so that should really speed things up One other recommendation - change the Teamspeak channels to "Team 1" and "Team 2" instead of RUS and US, as it caused a lot of confusion with people thinking they should be on one or the other due to their TS team name.
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    Lamon, I can't decide if you are OK with Trump, or not. Either way, it's funny.
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    So, like the title says, I am Rosch323. (pronounced like Josh, but with an R instead of a J and the 323 is silent) Real world, I joined the Marines out of high school. Spent 4 years as an Infantryman, then spent 4 years as a Marine Combat Instructor, teaching new Marines to be Infantrymen. I separated a little under a year ago and have since taken up a job as a Park Ranger/ Wildland Firefighter for the State of Florida. I'm married with 2 kids so if I don't respond right away, I'm probably trying to deal with wife aggro. I'm pretty mild mannered most of the time but I do have a tendency to fly off the handle in short bursts and spew obscenities like a sailor... (Marines = Department of the Navy [MEN'S Department anyway]). I've been gaming since around 1996 . Started on a gameboy, then went to to an N64, and got serious when I got my first Xbox. I worked my way up from there and have been playing PC religiously for about 4 years now. I'm big into shooters with a tactical side to them (Arma, Battlefield [pre-Hardline], Verdun, Squad, Planetside, America's Army, etc...) I like this genre of game because it allows me to think to succeed and not just be the quickest person to shoot à la COD. I've been a part of various clans/group throughout my video game tenure and have held positions as a recruiter, company commander, training lead, and even as just a guy. I'm pretty familiar with TS, and have some experience with admin privileges on TS. I'm mostly looking to join because you guys have a solid structure in place already that has spanned a few games. Getting established like that takes time, and most groups don't survive long enough to do that. The fact that you guys have shows stability. Also, being part of a group gives you a home, per se. You always have a core of solid players to run and gun with, versus facing the hordes with no one beside you except the Zerg, and you get a great community experience like being a regular at the local bar. You get to know the other regulars and can have a good time just wasting time. My rig is a little out dated, but I've got plans to piece meal and upgrade together over the next 6-8 months. As of right now, I have a GTX 660Ti, and an I5-3570k with 16 gigs of ram. I play on a Vizio 29 inch HDTV and use a Logitech G510 keyboard, G700s mouse, and G930 headset. If you need to know anything else about me, you are probably trying to issue me a subpoena, in which case you'll need to contact my attorney in order to be told to go fuck yourself. -Rosch323 (Dan)
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    OUTDATED Please see: These are the rules for all of our Squad servers. You must follow them or you will be kicked and/or banned depending on the severity of the offense. Rules No inappropriate or foul language No mic spamming Racism-Zero tolerance No disorderly conduct No intentional team killing
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    Food for thought though. You'll notice in one of the comments; they called out a clan for being anti social and sitting in a squad themselves. Something we need to think about. We already sit in a channel together so we should really be more active in joining other squads or starting up more than one of our own. Being more social with our wider community rather than just the couple that manages to get in our squad. Furthermore, try not sitting on the same team all the time. From all the games I've played, clan stacking has always been a major complaint. Try splitting up over both sides. All in all, it's great to be part of a clan that is so widely loved by folks; throughout all the games, we've played. Excellent job fellas.
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    really likes this song! funny commercial for a russian radio station ^^
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    I can see it in your eyes
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    TOUCHDOWN! Blood Bowl 2 smashes Warhammer and American football together, in an explosive cocktail of turn-based strategy, humour and brutality, adapted from Games Workshop’s famous boardgame. Blood Bowl 2’s new graphics engine and high-flying realization makes for a faithful portrayal of the fury and intensity of classic Blood Bowl matches. The solo game mode will have you lead the famous Reikland Reavers. Former star team of Blood Bowl you are tasked with bringing them back to glory, following a full story campaign supported by the hilarious commentators Jim & Bob from Cabalvision. Each match of the campaign is unique, with unexpected and surprising events constantly renewing the experience! The multiplayer modes are bigger and richer than ever. In the persistent online mode, create and manage your own team comprised of one of eight races from the Warhammer world – Humans, Orcs, Dwarfs, Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, Chaos, and the Bretonnia newcomers. You will develop your team, gaining XP and unlocking new skills. But beware! On the pitch, all losses are permanent... Organize entirely customisable championships, from qualifications to finale, and use the new Transfer Market to buy and sell your players, and build your Blood Bowl dream-team! The next generation of Blood Bowl touches down today, will YOU be the champion?
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    It does seem you have toomany guns... Please ship them to: Thisisnotascam 308 Hopemans way totallylegit, VA 23666 For safekeeping.
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    Such french. Much WoW. Very legit.
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    I think that'd be awesome, so long as the canadians aren't invited. clan get togethers have been discussed before but not really with much traction behind it. be hard to find a somewhat central location for everyone
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    I´m still with Corey and this band, and Slipknot as well
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    Do you always have cake when you go to war?
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