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    Hello, Recently I've been wanting to get back into Arma 3 MILSIM. I've played Arma 2 and Arma 3 with a few units in my past. I loved them all. Within the Arma 3 modding community there's been a few WW2 mods that have been released. GEIST-A3, Iron Front, Faces of War, etc. All these mods have GREAT Fallschirmjager units, weapons, and ranks. I was thinking of 2.FGg and its possibilities within the Arma 3 MILSIM Community. I think that if we could get a server and weekly missions, meetings, etc, set up I think we could get a lot more unit members and current members more active? Just thought I'd put out a post and get peoples ideas and opinions. Thanks! [2.FJg]Splat-Schtz
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    Good Afternoon, Vinnie here with some good news. After getting approval, the clan will create it's first Internal Squad Competition. This competition will begin in the following month of January 2018. Date will be chosen soon. So here's the finer details: -The competition will run in a 12 v 12 Infantry Map Only mode with logistics vehicles allowed. -Players will then invite each other and form small fire-teams of 4. These players will then form their own fire-teams. 6 fire-teams total are expected to participate. -Come January the 6 fire-teams (of 4 each) will then be separated into 2 teams and randomly placed together to ensure that one team is not too stacked and that there is fair play. -In the event that 6 fire-teams cannot be formed, extra players may be recruited from trusted friends of the clan. -The tournament will start with a Best Out of Three. The Winning Team will then have all their names be placed into a draw, to which then they have the chance of winning a game of their choice (Of a chosen amount of games that the clan has purchased using the December Sale) -The Clan will also select the Best Squad out of the winners and will be given bragging rights each to that Fire-Teams members and will be awarded the "BEST FIRETEAM" Medal for a limited time, until the arrival of the next Competition the following year. -With the Cooperation of the Squad Department, the Competition will be streamed Live on Twitch. So your skills and Failures will be open to be seen. Make us look good/bad. If you have any questions. Please come and ask me So Get Set, Create your Fire-team and Get Ready for the Squad Showdown of the Year (Next Year, 2018) Vinnie
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    Thank you engineering for your hard work. @SnazzyDucklingyou are still a scrub doe.
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    official 2fjg training regime
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    The German 2nd Parachute Division was an elite military parachute-landing Division that fought during World War II. In German, a division of paratroopers was termed a Fallschirmjäger Division. History The beginning In January 1943 the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW), or Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, decided to raise a second élite parachute division. The formation would include the veteran 2nd Parachute Regiment, recently detached from the 1st Parachute division. The division would also incorporate troops from the remnants of several other airborne units that had suffered heavy losses in recent battles. By May the division was still being raised when it was dispatched to Avignon in France. There it became part of the XI Flieger Corps along with the 1st Parachute Division. This Corps was to serve as the reserve for the German Tenth Army in Italy. Italy - cemetery of the 2. Fallschirmjäger-Division When the Italian government started to crumble in September, the 2nd Parachute Division was dispatched to Italy. It carried out coast-guard duties near the Tiber estuary. The men moved to Rome in the evening of September 8 and participated in a subsequent operation to disarm the surrendering Italian army. Within two days the city was under control and the Division quickly quelled the burgeoning resistance. The 1st Battalion of the 2nd Parachute Regiment participated in the recapture of Leros Island in the Dodecanese. The island was then still occupied by Italian forces supplemented by British units following the surrender of Italy. By November 16 the battle was won and the island retaken by German forces. The Soviet Union Meanwhile, in October, the 2nd Parachute Division was deployed to the eastern front in Russia. By November 27 the division came under the command of the German 42nd Corps, west of Kiev, and joined the effort to stem the tide of the Soviet advance. The division fought a succession of intense battles before the advance was finally halted. On December 15 the division was airlifted south toward Kirovgrad to contain another Russian breakout. A German counter-attack then commenced against heavy opposition. By December 23 the attack had been stymied and the Division returned to the defensive. In January 1944, the 2nd Parachute Division remained on the eastern front, fighting defensive actions against the Soviet offensive around Kirovograd. The Russian advance resumed in March and the Division was forced to withdraw by an armored flanking attack. By the end of the month the Division had withdrawn behind the Bug River. The Division fought its last actions on the eastern front in May during a counterattack against a Russian bridgehead across the Dniestr river. At the end of May the weakened division was pulled from the line and returned to Germany for some much-needed recuperation. A destroyed convoy from the 6th Regiment being examined by American troops in Normandy, July 1944 France During the allied D-Day landing on June 6, 1944, the 6th Regiment was stationed in the Carentan area of the Cotentin Peninsula, near the US 101st Airborne Division's drop zones. The regiment was heavily engaged in the subsequent battles, including defending Saint-Lô. Italy - Monument of the 2. Fallschirmjäger-Division, Inscription: "You fell so that Germany lives" On June 13 the remainder of the Division departed from the Cologne area for Brest in western France. It had not fully recovered its strength from the battles in the east, but the situation could not wait. They began to arrive in Brittany on June 19, but did not complete their concentration before July. In July the surviving elements of the 6th regiment were caught in the Falaise pocket and destroyed during the allied advance. By August 9 the remainder of the 2nd Parachute division was driven back and cut off in the city of Brest. There they remained until they surrendered on September 20. This ended the history of the original division. Only a few remnants survived to withdraw toward Germany. The last few months A new division began forming in Amersfoort, the Netherlands by September, and by December it was combat ready. The new division consisted of the 2nd, 7th and 23rd Parachute Regiments. It fought in the defense of Germany in January 1945 and ended the war in the Ruhr pocket in April. Commanders Date Commander February 2, 1943 General-Major Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke September 13, 1943 General-Major Walter Barenthin November 14, 1943 General-Leutnant Gustav Wilke March 17, 1944 General-Major Hans Kroh June 1, 1944 General Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke August 11, 1944 General-Major Hans Kroh November 15, 1944 General-Leutnant Walter Lackner Organization May 1943 2nd Parachute Division 2nd Parachute Rifle Regiment 6th Parachute Rifle Regiment 7th Parachute Rifle Regiment 2nd Parachute Artillery Regiment 2nd Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion 2nd Parachute Engineer Battalion 2nd Parachute Signals Battalion 2nd Parachute Medical Battalion May 1944 2nd Parachute Division 2nd Parachute Rifle Regiment 6th Parachute Rifle Regiment (This was detached from parent unit and attached to different formations on several occasions) 7th Parachute Rifle Regiment 2nd Parachute Artillery Regiment 2nd Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion 2nd Parachute Machine-gun Battalion 2nd Parachute Grenade Launcher Battalion 2nd Parachute Anti-Aircraft Battalion 2nd Parachute Engineer Battalion 2nd Parachute Signals Battalion 2nd Parachute Medical Battalion
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    Three weeks later and here we are, Squad Alpha Version 10 will be released 5th February 2018.
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    Literally a song about vomit, fuck and swimming in Oreos. (It's made by danes...)
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    anyone like Run The Jewels?
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    really likes this song! funny commercial for a russian radio station ^^
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    Teamspeak 3 (TS3) Information Address: ts.2fjgclan.com You can use either the address or the IP to connect to our TS server.
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