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    This is a short guide to what we mean when we saying we're "seeding the server". What it is we're doing, why and how. Intro Typically, players tend not to join empty, or nearly-empty HLL servers. The game-play with few players can be tedious and boring – long periods of the match are spent simply looking for the enemy. “Seeding” is the process where we play games of HLL in a way that encourages players that join the server to stay in the game. It is more than just being in the game - it is about managing the game play so that they get a similar experience to playing on a full server. Done correctly even 3 or 4 players each side can result in reasonable fire-fights. The overall aim is to keep players in the game long enough to build the server population up to around 30 (~15 vs 15). At this point the server should become self-sustaining – it appears higher in the server list and players naturally select it to join. Basics The fundamental rule is to fight over the middle / central objective. This keeps the game fair and keeps the action concentrated. In HLL, 4 map squares around a point count as the cap-zone – when seeding, the aim is to keep all players within those 4 squares on the central objective. Enemy Garrisons and OP’s outside the 4 squares should not be destroyed. Enemy Nodes should not be destroyed. Defending players should remain within the 4 squares and should not aggressively try to force the attacking team back. Defending players must not move into the 4 square cap-zone for the next objective. Advanced Commander Role The Commander should attempt to drop supplies and place as many garrisons as possible in, and just outside, the 4 square block of the central objective. Ensuring there are a number of spawn options for players is vital to keeping them engaged in the game. All other abilities are acceptable but shouldn’t be used too aggressively. Spawn Placement You should exercise care when placing Garrison and Outpost spawn points so as to focus players towards the 4 squares of the central point. Spawns on the flanks, or on the “far side” of the central point can encourage players to move deeper into the map than we want. Rules & Managing Players Locked Squads Players often join low-population, or empty, servers in order to try out the game mechanics. To test out weapons, tank driving, squad leading, without the pressure of a full game going on around them. Solo locked squads, including locked armour, are acceptable while the population is growing. However once the sever begins to fill up, the usual rules apply. All rules regarding behaviour, conduct and team-killing still apply during seeding. Calling back players Often, some players fail to understand the idea behind seeding, or they fail to read server broadcasts. Everything should be done to gently encourage players to remain in the 4 square central cap zone.
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