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    Willkommen! Me and Kevin are super excited to meet you. Random duck fact: Ducks don't have blood vessels or nerve in their webbed feet so they don't have cold feets.
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    Again, this is a rule that requires a lot of discretion on the admin no matter what rule we try to implement. We do not have any rules regulating gameplay. We aren't talking about a broken mechanic here, there are ways to plan and counter the rush and teams should be acting accordingly. There are noob servers that enforce anti rush and would encourage those players to play there.
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    TBH if you have lost all if your caps or failed to cap a single point your team is destined to loose the round anyways. It is not very likley that you will come back. Also, if your teams only spawn is your main base your team has obvously made some other critical and fundimental mistakes. We do not have rules that prevent "camping". First. These tatics and play styles are hard to enforce, and require admins to move into a grey area with their decision making (never a good idea). Second. Road blocking, bridge blocking, focusing bases, IEDs in high traffic areas, moving assets upfield quickly (rushing) are all examples of valid tatics (both in game and real life). If people have a sour taste in their mough after getting stomped into their main maybe they should think about what they and their teams could have done differently ... that or check out Desmos Playground. On another note making the main bases capable and removing spawn protection once all points have been capped would be a brutal way allow for an instant win.
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    Hope yall had as much fun as I did running invasion on the server tonight. Really good SL's playing well made for 2 really good games. @Baroney and I are trying to get invasion night to be a thing and start running alternate rotations more often. Hopefully we can rally everyone on when we are doing it to make for some good games!
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    Roomy, Desmo's playground is a server that enforces gameplay rules that are suitable for newer players. You should try them out.
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    Ignore Roomy, he has like 2 hours on the game. He doesn't know anything.
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    Agreed with Fox. Rushing is a tactic. If your team only sends a few people to the first and/or second cap point, that is on your team. If you do send only a couple people and you get rushed, it is also on your team not to complain, but actually fall back and support first and second cap then move as a team to retake mid. Too many times I see a rush happen then everyone on the team that was rushed complains about the squad that couldn't cap the objective.. while at the same time not falling back to help cap the objective. My opinion, that team deserves to lose. Maybe next time they won't send one or two people to the first objective. It's a lesson that never seems to be learned. Not the attacking team's fault. It sucks and I've been on teams plenty of times where we lost every cap because of it. Just be happy knowing they updated it where the last cap bleeds tickets quite quickly and then next round start a squad and send the full squad to each cap zones.
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    We do not have any rules restricting game play and I don't believe we should. Rules like the one you are proposing are extremely hard to enforce consistently, and require game admins to make tough decisions in a relative grey area. Your provided example on Narve goes to show poor map design. A 30mm can do that to US main 400m out on that road by Bravo on AAS v1. There is no way we should be making a rule that 30mm cannot operate in that area.
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    Hello fellas, This is your monthly reminder that you're welcome to bring up any issues, considerations, questions, or suggestions you may have for the server or game. So... Fire away. I will be adding to this thread with some of my own thoughts as we continue. Thanks guys, Boston
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    I feel that would be difficult to enforce, as when someone does it once, we would warn them, then when they do it again, we would kick them, however it would be too late and both bridges would be blocked.
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    @NoStoppinCosby It’s definitely tough getting admins at all hours especially now when more and more players are waiting to play for v10. I will say however that (in my opinion) admin coverage has improved over the past several months but it has a long way to go. Additionally we need to work towards adminning in a more professional manor that represents our clan better to the community. This is super important because we need public players to help keep our servers full and also our servers are our best recruiting tools. To Cosby and any other members or recruits who don’t currently have admin, I’d like to echo what ammo said. Any time there is a situation on one of our servers (team killing, racism, need a map change, etc...) use discord. A lot of our admins check it all day (myself included) and typically we take a member or recruits word at face value so if you tell us who needs to be kicked or what needs to be done we will do it on your behalf. Just tag or pm me if needed. As our community builds especially if we can start growing a European based membership after v10 drops the hope is that we will be able to start acquiring much better coverage throughout the day. Love the feedback though, it’s always welcomed and I’ll take anything else people have for MP related stuff specifically.
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    Boston getting a good talking to? Who would have thought.
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    Just don't record while your in a squad like me. Got me in hot water. We had captured the point and I instructed my squad to hold the position. You'll hear me throughout the video telling them to just hold the position. Nothing more, nothing less. Team or squad had no idea I was doing it. That's the way it should be. But admin cam should only be used when you aren't playing. This was awhile ago, got me a good talking to. So.. Just to save anyone else the same fate.
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    This is the post ill be putting up on the squad forums to keep the progress updated. I decided I wanted to try mapping and I want to thank @TexasFury for getting me the height map. Id like all feedback or any ideas you guys may have. Thanks for any feedback <3 Name: Donbass Airport Location: Eastern Europe Size: 2x2km Teams: Russian vs Mil, Mil vs Mil Gameplay: AAS Description: This is my first attempt at mapping and I decided I wanted to do a map that I could switch to winter textures once I get my hands on them AND one where I could work on creating my own ruined structures. This will be a mix of close quarter engagements in and around my eventual 3 floor airport terminal and combat in thick woodland around the industrial and village sectors of the map. All feedback is welcome as I am just learning and getting torn up only makes me better ;). Source Photo https://imgur.com/a/JJgHT Basic Road Layout https://imgur.com/a/2deKo End Of Day 1 / Learning Foliage Tool https://imgur.com/a/nfu9t Misc Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/D16ov https://imgur.com/a/k1GbZ https://imgur.com/a/vtWS6 https://imgur.com/a/MmatI I will be updating this post every few days / after I put a few hours into parts of the map.
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    Hey guys! I'm from Ontario, Canada and am currently unemployed (but that's ok, more time to play for the meantime!). I was in the military, for a super short period of time, however I am going to get back in soon. I also love cars, particularly German ones but I do love turning a wrench when I got time. Annnnnnnd as far as my gaming experience goes I have been playing for a long time. I typically like playing Dirt, GRID, Euro Truck 2, Call of Duty and Battlefield. BUT most of all Squad has been my favourite recent tactical shooter to play. I'm sure I can think of more stuff to say but my memory is horrible lol. Anyways I look forward to playing with all you guys and am happy to now be apart of 2FJg!
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    Welcome! Glad to have you here, hope to see you on the battlefield. Clan name is a hard one for many to say. Zweiter Fallschirmjäger / 2. Fallschirmjäger. Random duck fact: Ducks can sleep with one eye open.
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    welcome and see ya around
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    Hope to see you on the battlefield! Lets club some seals sometime! -Ammo
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    You have to balance the pros with the cons. On one hand, you have the Russian team wasting time and resources attempting to blockade the US main while the fighting is going on elsewhere. Play any urban map, LATs dominate the vehicle game. There is no reason why you couldn't win without getting a stryker/mrap. On the other hand, you have no logistics. The real issue is (when you have a no camping rule) there is a enormous gray area in admin-ing that rule. Map size, how close the first cap is to the main, types of vehicles, how large the spawn force field is, would make that rule be up for interpretation for each admin. We cant have a guideline because every map/faction is different. We would have to create a guideline for each map/side, which would be frustrating for the average player. No one wants to go to a server to relax and have fun just to have to memorize the rules for each map and layer in fear of being kicked. People would just choose another server to have fun on.
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    We used to switch teams quite often. All tbe 2.FJG members would switch after a couple of steam rolls and regular / quality pubs would come with us. A good idea would be to switch sides and take guys like roomy and lincler with you (could akways force switch him anyways if he says no ). Two things here. I feel like the squad community has become a lot more whiney. Nobody used to complain about anything. As a whole the community seems to want things to be 50/50. Also on some other servers there are rules about rushing, camping habs, soawns etc .... I can see how newer pkayers or newsr games might think that these are gane rules when they are not. Second as a clan / admin team. We can do a better job here. Yes winnig is fun and if you switch you might loose. The idea is to switch and start a couple of squads. Let others join them. First it helps balance out gameplay because you left the winning team amd there are always scrubs who will swith to "the winning team" it actually balances things out very quickly but you need to kead a couple squads when you switch. Having bith our servers in the top 5 rated servers and having huge ammounts of up time was not uncommon. I believe it was because we attempted to stop things from getting too one sided (as in a bad rolling 2 or more times in a row) and did not restrict game play. Aka "play how you want, try to keep it fair."
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    Okay, so besides having all the cap points under enemy control why should the enemy team be allowed to sit outside the main base with Vehicles? That’s the point I was trying to make, if you’re all the way capped to the last objective then yeah it’s a skill/tactics problem that has been apparent the whole match but not being able to leave main base to get to the middle objective that is still being contested by both teams with a Stryker or Logistical truck because the enemy team is camping it with two BTRs seems ridiculous. Just my opinion though, after all I’m just a recruit. *and by camping I mean literally sitting right outside of it, not from 400 meters away* *edit no. 2 - I understand where the counter arguments are coming from however, i am simply playing the devils advocate.*
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    This is not something we will likely ever do. Like I said in the other thread, we've always kept our hands out of overly restrictive server rules. This would require too much to implement. I also agree with Fox that rushing is an absolutely viable tactic. It's indisputable.
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    I've been hearing a lot of experienced pub players who've been playing this game on our server longer than me complain about rushing. I propose we make a rule to not rush past mid flag so that Squad doesn't turn into a lo-fi Battlefield clone. I would argue that implementing this rule properly would help Squad be the tactical game that it is supposed to be on our server. That is all, thank you. @Bacnation
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    I'll tell you this: there is no intention of enforcing base camping in a different manor. It's been spoken about at length. The cons far outweigh the benefits as explained above. I understand the concern, but 2.FJg has long been a clan who has moderated gameplay very lightly. Until it becomes a significant problem, it's better to let rounds play out.
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    Why regulate a match when a team is getting steamrolled? seems like a skill issue there on the player's part.
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    Squad is a tactical game and with that comes different strategies including rushing objectives. It’s a widespread tactic in both public play and competitive matches for a good reason: ITS EFFECTIVE. the objective of squad is to win, not to get an awesome kill death ratio or hand out participation medals. We have always run our servers with the mindset that any (non glitch) tactics are fair. You can camp the road from any enemy main base, rush a flag, hunt vehicles, it doesn’t matter as long as you are contributing to a win. Regulating rushing is not the answer, restricting how people play the game is neither realistic nor constructive. It only creates an environment where players face less adversity because it begins to reduce the ways to win a game. Nobody gets better from that, it just lets them try to win without having to overcome some of the most difficult parts of the game. If you don’t like rushes contribute a squad to counter them. If you don’t like main camping look before you exit. The most common complaints usually have a simple solution. I understand this is a game, but it’s also a milsim and I doubt there has ever been a military force that said “let’s not rush an objective, we want the other side to have adequate time to set up”.
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    There it is again boys! The troll!
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    Rushing is a legitimate tactic used by both pubs and clans alike, not just FFO. In strategy, speed and tactical movement must be weighed to find the best option. Sometimes, moving as quickly as possible is a better option than trying to hunker down and take it step by step. Dont want to get rushed? Counter it. Send a full squad to protect, not just one guy. If you get beat to your first or second cap thats on you. You got outplayed. If you try to regulate or ban rushing I can guarantee you we are going to run into issues with enforcement. You are going to kick or ban someone from another clan and that is going to piss them off. They are then going to spread the word that they were kicked or banned for "rushing". I can promise you that won't sit well with the community and will impact the population of players who want to play on our servers.
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    I actually witnessed a deliberate TK and i just followed the guy and he kept turning around coz he wasnt sure if i was gonna kick him lol
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    I totally hate this tactic. I agree with your notion we should limit it. But figuring out who did it can be nearly impossible. I would support being against blocking bridges and main bases.
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    Actually I have a question for the squad guys and for everyone else: Does anyone feel feel the need to have a rule around using vehicles to intentionally block bridges out of INS main? Usually our policy has been outside of spawn protection everything is fair game, but this seems to be incredibly disruptive in some games.
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    as i was reading it, i read it like a commercial jingle
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    Need more responsible admins online throughout all server hours. I get that we might not be able to cover every single one, but there have been times where i have been the only 2FJ.g member online and i've just had to shake my finger at players and tell them no without being able to really lay down any type of authority.
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    Wtf... I wanna play
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    IS GENERATION ROCK & ROLL ........Born and bred
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    I didn't get the Polaris because capital ships are not my style. Also because I locked down my ship buying, lol... spent way too much. The hit & run role of the Polaris in combat is not really my style (torpedoes). If you want to manage and own a capital ship then go for it. I don't think anyone got a capital ship in the clan. You can look at the Q&A (1 and 2) you might find interesting info for your purchasing needs. https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15559-Q-A-RSI-Polaris-Part-I https://robertsspaceindustries.com/comm-link/engineering/15564-Q-A-RSI-Polaris-Part-II
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    West it's okay, Fox obviously can't handle opinions that conflict with his...
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    I do not agree that voicing an opinion is considered trolling.
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    I think you scared them Dietl! NICE WORK YOU FUCKER!