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    Just finished watching the Narva map preview released by the Devs. Here are some notes I took on updates that will be rolling out. Narva looks fantastic. Great mix of terrain, open land, trees, and urban fighting. It seemed to run very smoothly also. Three minute round start timer, which is an increase from the previous amount. New spawn menu option in drop down box next to map. No longer have to click on icon to spawn. No more zooming in or out. Stance indicator for prone, lean, crouch, standing in bottom right. Smoke grenades have now been improved. More realistic. More effective. Riflemen can now deploy their own sandbag. Helps give that class more attraction. Squads can now be locked, so you can limit who joins your squad. You can no longer cook fobs. All fobs must be supplied by logistics truck. All deployables are now destroyable. Heavy weaponry will destroy deployables. This does include HABS. Regular soldiers now affect fob supply count. So if a regular resupplies, it affects the amount of resources available. Objectives are simply named Alpha Bravo Charlie Delta Foxtrot Echo. Focus on more central line of objectives. Near misses with heat missiles will no longer damage armor. Al Basrah expansion/new map mode hinted at. Expect 9.6 to potentially come out tomorrow, per JoinSquad
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    British Prop Asset Pack by Baby_James The British are coming! We may not know when exactly, but we have seen enough glimpses of their development over the last few months that we know they are underway! Baby_James is preparing for the inevitable by working on some environmental props, with more to come. Looking great, now just get some tea and biscuits ready! Samland Peninsula by Legion_X While the Samland Peninsula isn't entirely sure if it's a peninsula or an island, it is no stranger to conflict. The Russian territory borders the Baltic Sea and is otherwise surrounded by lagoons. The historic battleground, reaching back to the Teutonic Knights, through the Soviet offensive during World War 2, is now being updated by Legion_X for a more modern take on warfare. Will history repeat itself? There's no tellin', but it's going to be beautiful way to find out! French Foreign Legion Mod: OPEX SERVAL by SquadFrance.fr The French-speaking community is coming together to build something special. SquadFrance.fr is working toward getting the French Foreign Legion into Squad, including vehicles, uniforms, and even fixed weapons! Picking an active, modern theater of operations, they are fortunate enough to have a combat veteran that served in Mali to ensure accuracy. At its core, the strength of Opex Serval is that all the developers are Squad players first and foremost! Their team is just getting started, so now's the perfect time to provide your feedback. If you'd like to know more about Opex Serval, head over to the Squad Mod Francais site, complete with development blogs. Bon travail! And that brings us to the end of another Wrench. There's no shortage of amazing projects happening right now, and no shortage of modders to help out. If you would like to be featured in The Wrench, don't forget to drop by Discord! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.
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    Ladies and Gents, I applaud the activity and current level of teamwork being used between ourselves and pubs on our servers. We are doing well working and moving as a team within squads. With that being said, or comms between squads and in-game are absolutely brutal. People need to realize when and how to communicate. If your SL is barking out instructions and you step on them with comms of your own, it's completely detrimental to your squad's effectiveness. SL's take priority over all other members of the squad unless the comms you are delivering are absolutely urgent. If someone yells "clear comms", CLEAR THE DAMN COMMS. If SL's are attempting to effectively communicate in a serious manner during rounds and people are cracking jokes while they are alive, or after they die. That's idiotic. Not only is it idiotic, it's absolutely disrespectful. It's annoying enough to try and SL in the game already, dealing with incompetent other squads Stop using compass headings to communicate enemy locations unless it is to the individual soldiers next to you. It does no good to help other squad members that have a completely different location than yourself With that being said, please communicate in local chat unless it is necessary to advise the entire squad. If you are communicating important intel to everyone in your squad, please do it with a sense of urgency. Think for a minute before you completely drown out your entire squad's audio with 20 seconds of nonsense Report enemy or locations with messages like "25 meters NW of SL, multiple enemy moving in". A compass heading will do nothing to help someone away from your particular location. Use landmarks on the map to help communicate enemy positions or important locations to teammates. "Shit look at all these dead bodies here", "Shit I'm going to bleed out, I have no bandages", "Oh wow, I just missed that guy, almost had him", "I just killed 3 guys, nice", "Fucking traded with him dude, what the hell", "Whoever is LAT would you like to switch to marksman?" .... These messages do absolutely nothing to communicate important information to the rest of your squad. All it does is clutter up the comm channels and prevent more important information from being passed along Prolonged discussions about what the squad should or should not do are a waste of time. Suggest to the SL what the squad could potentially do to take care of a situation. Do not question the choice of your SL, especially if they are inside of your own clan "Where are we going next squad lead"... He will probably tell you, if you shut the hell up. Lastly, if TS comms are active and you can't hear anything: enter the tactical comms channel or mute teamspeak. The basic message here is to start using your brain when communicating with one another, do not overwhelm your entire squad's audio with bullshit. If your squad or squad members are taking a round seriously, you should be communicating professionally. There isn't many rules required of you in this clan. Communicating clearly, effectively is not much to ask. If you do not adopt simple guidelines on how to communicate properly, you are not being a good team member, and it will be addressed. Thank you, Jay
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    The German 2nd Parachute Division was an elite military parachute-landing Division that fought during World War II. In German, a division of paratroopers was termed a Fallschirmjäger Division. History The beginning In January 1943 the Oberkommando der Wehrmacht (OKW), or Supreme Command of the Armed Forces, decided to raise a second élite parachute division. The formation would include the veteran 2nd Parachute Regiment, recently detached from the 1st Parachute division. The division would also incorporate troops from the remnants of several other airborne units that had suffered heavy losses in recent battles. By May the division was still being raised when it was dispatched to Avignon in France. There it became part of the XI Flieger Corps along with the 1st Parachute Division. This Corps was to serve as the reserve for the German Tenth Army in Italy. Italy - cemetery of the 2. Fallschirmjäger-Division When the Italian government started to crumble in September, the 2nd Parachute Division was dispatched to Italy. It carried out coast-guard duties near the Tiber estuary. The men moved to Rome in the evening of September 8 and participated in a subsequent operation to disarm the surrendering Italian army. Within two days the city was under control and the Division quickly quelled the burgeoning resistance. The 1st Battalion of the 2nd Parachute Regiment participated in the recapture of Leros Island in the Dodecanese. The island was then still occupied by Italian forces supplemented by British units following the surrender of Italy. By November 16 the battle was won and the island retaken by German forces. The Soviet Union Meanwhile, in October, the 2nd Parachute Division was deployed to the eastern front in Russia. By November 27 the division came under the command of the German 42nd Corps, west of Kiev, and joined the effort to stem the tide of the Soviet advance. The division fought a succession of intense battles before the advance was finally halted. On December 15 the division was airlifted south toward Kirovgrad to contain another Russian breakout. A German counter-attack then commenced against heavy opposition. By December 23 the attack had been stymied and the Division returned to the defensive. In January 1944, the 2nd Parachute Division remained on the eastern front, fighting defensive actions against the Soviet offensive around Kirovograd. The Russian advance resumed in March and the Division was forced to withdraw by an armored flanking attack. By the end of the month the Division had withdrawn behind the Bug River. The Division fought its last actions on the eastern front in May during a counterattack against a Russian bridgehead across the Dniestr river. At the end of May the weakened division was pulled from the line and returned to Germany for some much-needed recuperation. A destroyed convoy from the 6th Regiment being examined by American troops in Normandy, July 1944 France During the allied D-Day landing on June 6, 1944, the 6th Regiment was stationed in the Carentan area of the Cotentin Peninsula, near the US 101st Airborne Division's drop zones. The regiment was heavily engaged in the subsequent battles, including defending Saint-Lô. Italy - Monument of the 2. Fallschirmjäger-Division, Inscription: "You fell so that Germany lives" On June 13 the remainder of the Division departed from the Cologne area for Brest in western France. It had not fully recovered its strength from the battles in the east, but the situation could not wait. They began to arrive in Brittany on June 19, but did not complete their concentration before July. In July the surviving elements of the 6th regiment were caught in the Falaise pocket and destroyed during the allied advance. By August 9 the remainder of the 2nd Parachute division was driven back and cut off in the city of Brest. There they remained until they surrendered on September 20. This ended the history of the original division. Only a few remnants survived to withdraw toward Germany. The last few months A new division began forming in Amersfoort, the Netherlands by September, and by December it was combat ready. The new division consisted of the 2nd, 7th and 23rd Parachute Regiments. It fought in the defense of Germany in January 1945 and ended the war in the Ruhr pocket in April. Commanders Date Commander February 2, 1943 General-Major Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke September 13, 1943 General-Major Walter Barenthin November 14, 1943 General-Leutnant Gustav Wilke March 17, 1944 General-Major Hans Kroh June 1, 1944 General Hermann-Bernhard Ramcke August 11, 1944 General-Major Hans Kroh November 15, 1944 General-Leutnant Walter Lackner Organization May 1943 2nd Parachute Division 2nd Parachute Rifle Regiment 6th Parachute Rifle Regiment 7th Parachute Rifle Regiment 2nd Parachute Artillery Regiment 2nd Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion 2nd Parachute Engineer Battalion 2nd Parachute Signals Battalion 2nd Parachute Medical Battalion May 1944 2nd Parachute Division 2nd Parachute Rifle Regiment 6th Parachute Rifle Regiment (This was detached from parent unit and attached to different formations on several occasions) 7th Parachute Rifle Regiment 2nd Parachute Artillery Regiment 2nd Parachute Anti-Tank Battalion 2nd Parachute Machine-gun Battalion 2nd Parachute Grenade Launcher Battalion 2nd Parachute Anti-Aircraft Battalion 2nd Parachute Engineer Battalion 2nd Parachute Signals Battalion 2nd Parachute Medical Battalion
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    Where is the original COD + United offensive ? THIS LIST IS RIGGED
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    CoD 2 for me. One of the best WW2 shooters of its time. That and agubally the gane that really let Activision set the framework for a long lasting shooter franchise. Straight up infantary gane play. No UAV, Airstrikes or Viechals. Hardcore Search and Distroy for hours and hours. I probablly put in 2000+ hours into this game. Lots of nostalgia here for me. Plus a very entertaining
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    I do too. Unfortunately, there is nothing we can do about removing them server side... but they can be removed client side! Easily too! All you have to do is 4 mouse clicks in TeamSpeak. "Tools" on the top toolbar, then click "Options" you'll get a new pop up window, select "Design" and then deselect "Display Overwolf icons on clients". Done deal. TL;DR: 1. Tools 2. Options 3. Design 4. Uncheck "Display Overwolf icons on clients"
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    I cannot tell you how many times my coms have gone like this: ME: "BTR Alpha Sev........." Insert me getting cut off here, Other Guy: don't know where from but I got shot think I got shot from the tree or maybe it was the house I think it was south wait maybe it was north i could see the sun so defiantly east or is this an afternoon map ME: "SL, Tell S4's Logi that the BTR is still in Alpha Sev ...." Some Other Guy: "HEY DID YOU KNOW THERE IS A BTR? GUYS, GUYS, GUYS I CAN HEAR A BTR" Me: "Yea, the BTR is in Alp......" Some Other Guy "BTR, GUYS THERE IS A BTR" **Insert 3 Squad Mates Talking over one another here for 10 min, making comms about as effective as a midget humping a door knob** It might sound funny but it is not. Comm frustration and poor player engagement #1 reason I don't play as often. Also, the compass headings is HUGE, use local for compass headings, cuts a huge amount of clutter. That and really the compass is really only relative to people in your mediate vicinity, it is very relative to your position.
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    Literally a song about vomit, fuck and swimming in Oreos. (It's made by danes...)
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    Agreed I use G2A on games that come from devs I don't directly support or a game I am not sure I'll enjoy. Like EA. However, games that I like and wanna see in the future like Steel Division I'd never buy on those stores, just purely based on the issues with these key marketplaces.
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    "A lot of games try to emulate suppression, to approximate what it’s like to be fired upon, but Rising Storm 2: Vietnam does it more effectively than any of them. It's not through fidelity—the particle effects are unimpressive—or even the heavily applied post-processing that blurs your vision. The panic is kicked up by the contradiction of being utterly fragile and needing to throw your body at the enemy anyway. Stay still and lose, move and die. Rising Storm 2 forces us into chaos with enough authenticity to let us be consumed by it more often than not. The latest from Tripwire and Antimatter Games is a lateral move: the same 64-player, tactics heavy battles of the World War II-based Red Orchestra series, now in Vietnam, with assault rifles and helicopters and tunnels. Where the Battlefield games provide military playgrounds with activities for everyone, Rising Storm 2 generates military anarchy that must be coaxed toward victory by able commanders and squad leaders. On an individual level, it’s about performing unlikely feats of marksmanship despite a hundred sounds and two million jungle pixels distracting you from the little clump of color that counts: a helmet in the distance, just peeking over a rock. Rising Storm 2’s maps are more naturalistic than Battlefield maps. Cover is scattered about in the form of concrete half-walls, crumbling buildings, crawl spaces, jungle foliage and the crispy remains of tanks. The angles are more erratic, and the frontline less fixed. I love the moments where I've gotten turned around, and accidentally found myself behind the enemy's advance. It’s a hunt for clarity amid chaos—knowing where to aim is the first step in aiming. As a result, Rising Storm 2 isn’t as routine as Battlefield 1, where I know that on Fao Fortress, for instance, capturing the Ottoman stronghold is a useless grind for prime sniping spots, and it’s nearly always better to hold Delta and use it to stage attacks on the lowground. Rising Storm 2’s new Supremacy mode, which is similar to Battlefield’s Conquest mode in that each team can capture any point on the map at any time, isn’t so obvious. Without a communicative commander (one player on each team who monitors the map, calls in spotting planes, and initiates artillery and napalm strikes and other wide area attacks), a loss is almost guaranteed, because if everyone is doing their own thing they’re likely to accomplish nothing. Positioning is everything Replacing the bolt-action rifles of the series’ World War 2 games is the far deadlier technology of the '60s: the AK-47, the M16A1, the M14. Having 64 automatic or semi-automatic weapons on the field makes any dash out of cover near futile without covering fire, and means one well-positioned soldier can pin an entire squad in place. No longer can players dance around each other, swinging the long barrels of Springfields and Karabiner 98ks, firing, missing, and firing again as if playing Unreal Tournament instagib. Close-quarters meetings are resolved near-instantly as both players spray each other down with bullets. I miss that test of reflexive, single-shot marksmanship, though in its place Rising Storm 2 increases the importance of positioning, smoke grenades, awareness, and speed, demanding that you spot enemies rapidly and decide to shoot with no hesitation. Playing a round of Territories, the series’ core mode in which one team defends a series of strongholds while the other attempts to capture each of them in sequence, is reminiscent of the 2014 Tom Cruise flick Edge of Tomorrow. On my first life I was shot by a sniper I never saw, and won’t see for three more lives. Next my whole squad was hit by a grenadier. A few more lives later, I’ve killed the sniper, dodged the grenadier, and have now run head first into the long, flicking tongue of a flamethrower. The most exciting moments of Rising Storm 2 are when you wiggle your way into a blind spot, and I prefer playing defense for this reason. Individual power is muted on the attack, where simply getting your body on the point is the most important task, but as a defender there’s more time to seek out a dominant position. When I load into the game fast enough to claim one of the limited specialty classes, I prefer machinegunner. The most fun I have is when battlefield intelligence and my own intuition align to give me clear view of an enemy lane, where I can singlehandedly suppress an assault with bursts of fire and save a flank while I reroute my team to come help. I love those brief acts of individual heroism, though they are a small part of the team-focused roleplay. The bulk of any match is going to be spent laying down suppressive fire, calling out enemy locations, and edging into good positions. Communication is vital. Recently, I enjoyed having a little chat with a friendly sniper who was concerned my machinegun fire would draw attention to him, and of course, I relocated as a result. What Red Orchestra and Rising Storm remain great at is getting players to approach battles in physical terms. Excepting the cries of “get on the point,” we don’t talk much about gun balance or game systems, but of hillsides and LZs and flanks. Aim and fire Tripwire’s Killing Floor 2 is all about close-range marksmanship: dual wielding Desert Eagles, each pointed inward, and intuiting the path from each barrel to the heads of mutants. As in the Rising Storm series, there's no reticle—just your sights. In Battlefield, meanwhile, guns lob glowing paintballs, and a headshot from any distance is like hitting a three-pointer, using your mental TI graphing calculator to draw a parabola that intersects with your target. In contrast to these games, Rising Storm 2 ups the bullet velocity and obscures your vision with bulky sights, muzzle flashes and smoke. I’m less focused on the physics of my projectiles—point at head, hit head—and more concerned with how quickly and accurately I can slide my mouse into position and keep it on a moving target, even when I can't see the target and have to guess their velocity. The guns are plain and unembellished, though each is distinct in its firing behavior. The M16A1 can be tapped for a single shot with little recoil, while holding down the trigger traces a vertical line that sometimes zig-zags or tends toward the right or left. The SKS-45 Carbine fires single shots with a big kick, the barrel making a roughly circular motion as it tilts upwards on multiple shots. The M3A1 Grease Gun is a bulky metal tube that is pinpoint accurate on close-range single shots, but nearly rams into your nose with each discharge, obscuring your peripheral vision and giving you a wider view through the rear sight. My favored LMGs are best tapped gently, unless you want to shoot at birds. There isn’t a gun that I don’t like using, and I’m never disappointed to be stuck as a grunt if I don't snag a special class fast enough. AK-47s are powerful, unwieldy bastards that require me to flick my mouse downward harder than I usually expect to keep them on target—not my favorite weapon, but a fun challenge anyhow. Details beyond the firing animations themselves also bring character to each encounter: the sway when I’m catching my breath from a long run; the way strafing left causes my arms to briefly shift right when I’m out of sights, pointing the barrel off center; the big puffs of dirt that indicate the effect of my suppressive fire. I love lighting up a rock I think someone might be behind, throwing debris everywhere, and then waiting a beat, as if I’m reloading, for a head to pop out of one of the sides. AK vs M16 As in previous Red Orchestra series games, the teams are asymmetrical, pitting armies with different equipment and different tactics against each other. The rivalry between the AK-47 and M16 is probably the most famous in history, and they absolutely fire differently in Rising Storm 2. The M16’s design and smaller caliber gives it less recoil, for instance, while the AK is more lethal. But this distinction means less than the distinction between bolt-action and semi-auto rifles we saw in Rising Storm 2. To play up the asymmetry further, Rising Storm 2 somewhat unsuccessfully applies it to how players spawn. American forces can spawn on their squad leaders, and in Supremacy mode—the one I mentioned is like Battlefield—can also spawn in helicopters which must be landed safely by player pilots to ferry troops around the map. The Vietnamese forces are more limited: they can’t spawn on their squad leaders, but on ‘squad tunnels’ dug by their leaders, which can be spotted and destroyed by Americans. It is more fun to spawn on my squad leader than it is to pop out of a tunnel at some secluded corner of the map, and it adds the subgoal of protecting my leader at all costs. Americans also get another goal: find and destroy squad tunnels, or find them and take up a defensive position near them to suppress them. While in theory tunnels allow the People's Army to appear anywhere on the map in numbers, they often become obsolete. If my leader dropped a tunnel near Alpha and I need to be attacking Delta, it’s no good to me. I want the sides to play differently, but in this case, one is simply more enjoyable than the other. There are also tunnels built into the maps—not squad tunnels, but actual underground tunnels players can move through—which feature Rising Storm 2’s oddest attempt at asymmetry. Americans can’t use their primary weapons in certain tunnels. They’re marked with a warning, and entering automatically switches you to your sidearm. It doesn’t make sense, especially for pointmen who carry SMGs for the purpose of being agile, and applies a hard rule rather than letting asymmetry manifest through the available weapons and tools, such as the People’s Army’s traps versus American flamethrowers. And even with all the ways to enter the battle, and all the tunnels to crouch-walk through, Supremacy can be a slog for either side. A minute of running might end with a sniper shot, and it’s back to waiting at the spawn screen. Or I might participate in the capture of a point, set up my tripod to defend, and a minute later find that no one is coming to take it from me. Supremacy is won by earning points from held bases, which must be connected to your home base by other occupied territories. That’s a clever twist on the Battlefield formula and changes the purpose of backcapping (you can’t gain points from an isolated capture, but you can deny them), but the consequence hasn’t been excitement and tension. Rather than pushing up a football field and scoring the winning touchdown with seconds to go, as in Territories, I often find myself capturing mostly-empty points, or chasing off single intruders, or making futile attempt after futile attempt to rush up a contested hill with my squad. A proper PC game I've had fun rounds of Supremacy, but I avoid it in favor of Territories. Fortunately, Tripwire and Antimatter are among the few left making proper PC multiplayer games. You join matches through a server browser, not a matchmaking system. Servers have their own cultures, sometimes with custom game rules and Discord invites in their welcome text. There are already player-made maps circulating in a few servers, and they auto-download when you join. If you want a Territories-only server, you can find it. I’ve never had trouble finding a full or near-full server running the mode I want. The trick is finding a pleasant community which follows through on bans. I’ve never been griefed by a teammate, but one or two assholes on voice chat can put me off communicating with my team entirely—which is the most important thing to do in Rising Storm 2... ...Though it won’t come as a surprise for players of the previous games, it’s worth running down the somewhat lackluster technical properties of Rising Storm 2. The whole of it is impressive—64 players dodging artillery shells and scattering giant maps with bullets—but movement can be finicky, whether I’m jamming space to vault over a barrier I know I can vault over, or struggling to position my tripod while prone without having my character leap into a crouch. The thickness of the foliage is impressive, and RS2 runs well for me, but the lighting and textures create a flatness that doesn’t say, ‘it’s hot, it’s humid, the air is heavy and dusty and soaked with fuel.’ There are no standout details, and no lighting effects that put much tactical importance on shadow and sunlight. The tech shows its age especially in the ugly dirt textures, the tiling of which is easily noticeable as patterns repeat into the distance. While Antimatter Games doesn’t take sides in the war, portraying the armies with a fascination for the equipment more than the people, the period music and generic chatter about Charlies suggests war movie rather than reenactment, and the small towers and stilt houses feel like props rather than abandoned homes. It is authentic only to a point. But between the weapon design and the laborious helicopter flying, Rising Storm 2 represents the most thoroughly constructed multiplayer rendition of the war I’ve played. And like its predecessors, RS2 is still one of the rare shooters that emphasizes fragility over power. It puts more destructive capability in each player’s hands than the series ever has—good communication and good reflexes can make a single AK-47 an absolute monster—but it can also smack your screen to blackness the second you step out of cover. It portrays how fragile individuals can be directed at large scales to produce different outcomes, winning or losing through the accumulation of small victories among countless losses." RISING STORM 2: VIETNAM A fiery test of awareness, speed and accuracy which upholds the series' devotion to teamwork and authenticity, but doesn't nail the asymmetry of modern era combat. 85% Source: http://www.pcgamer.com/rising-storm-2-vietnam-review/?utm_content=buffer249df&utm_medium=social&utm_source=facebook&utm_campaign=buffer_pcgamerfb
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    Squad Alpha 9.7 hotfix has been released. Here are the changes: * Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching * Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1 * Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1 * Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back * Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1 * Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes * Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs * Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs * Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position * Flipped stance indicators horizontally Also check out the June modding recap if you haven't seen it.
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    Hello everyone Im Doc T or my steam name of dxct i decided to join after playing couple games of squad and looking for some good people to play along with in game for killer tactical games. I also love the Rising storm games and Red Orchestra. i wanted to join to be able to have a group of people i can quickly join and play similar games i enjoy. excited to game with you all
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    I mean I think we can all agree the Medal of Honor series was much much better.
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    Thank you Sir, for the insightful comment. I will definitely keep this in mind, and will also check the link that you have provided. May you have a good day.
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    Why the fuck is advanced & infinite warfare on the list? Playing those games is like purposely getting cancer and slowly having it kill you.
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    Your post is wrong. Just plain wrong. All of you are wrong. Call of Duty was not included on that list. By default that makes you wrong because it was the best Call of Duty. It's a fact that cannot be debated.
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    Boom! Was going to say the same thing. Loved the campaign as well, especially the tank campaign. Super realistic for the time (what, 2004?).
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    Here is the same model that isn't the "Pro". Only difference is the pro has a ramp mode that you can set up on your computer then hold and it will slowly go through the settings you set up. I have it set up like I mentioned above with the tones, then vibration, then slowly ramps up the "shock". You can do that on your own without the ramp button and save 50 bucks. They also have slightly cheaper ones that pretty much do the same thing but have shorter range like 1/8 mile and quarter mile range. I think they were called the 400 series. But you don't want to cheap out and get a knock off product. Educator e-collars are made in America too so you pay for quality and the fact that labor is more expensive.. But I liked that fact. There are other products made in Europe just as good for a bit cheaper. Do not cheap out for Taiwanese and Chinese knock offs though as they can be sporadic and burn your dog. https://www.amazon.com/Educator-Easy-Vibration-Pavlovian-Stimulation/dp/B01MG7WTY4/ref=sr_1_2?s=pet-supplies&ie=UTF8&qid=1500342205&sr=1-2&keywords=Educator+Pro Hope this helps!
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    Shock collar sounds so barbaric. I like the term E-collar. I have a Pro Educator, all their models are good but this is the one I got because it has multiple tones and vibration settings before you even have to get to the shock part (other models have these as well within their line up, so just do some research on which is for you.) High quality, water proof, long range, reliable. http://tinyurl.com/y8ba295z I have a border collie and he is VERY well behaved.. however, when something distracts him and he's off leash it's impossible to get his attention and will chase an animal. I use this as a tool to get his attention, more so than a training tool. This one makes different tones so I can ramp up the volume until I have his attention. If I don't get his attention from that, I can vibrate the collar like your phone on vibrate. Still nothing? It has 100 different shock levels. So I can slowly ramp up the shock until he stops. I have never used the shock part other than training him. The second tone is the furthest I've had to go! I will say this though, you MUST get a professional to help train YOU how to use the collar then help train the dog about what it is and show the dog that it isn't harmful but an annoyance (I'm talking suuuuuuuuuuuper low shock setting. You never want to ramp up to the highest setting on your dog. EVER). So many people use shock collars wrong and abuse them (even if it isn't their intent) that it definitely isn't for everyone. It can really negatively impact your dogs health by raising his/her stress levels.. even if the collar isn't on. So get a trainer who knows this method is the last resort and treats it as such to reduce any stress for the dog. That being said, see what the dog trainer and you can do before you even need to buy one. Studies have shown that it really does impact a dogs stress levels if not done right, and even done right it can potentially increase the stress anyway (this can have negative impact on the health and you training him, I must reiterate that.) One method, if you catch him/her in the act, is to walk away and go into another room. Then call him/her into that room excitedly and give em a treat. Labs are super excitable, as you're aware lol, so that could work. Not sure about your dog, but border collies are super smart and easily trainable ONLY with positive reinforcement. When he was younger and did something wrong, I would punish him for it; however, punishing him ended up making him do what ever it was even more. So I had to draw his attention away from it entirely then give him a treat. Takes a while though, but time and effort is worth it for you and the pup. Here's my goober, 2 years old.
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    Hey guys, I'm Protocol, I'm friends with West. As far as Squad goes I'm relatively new, I've got a few hundred hours in Project Reality, as well as a top 200 rank on Natural Selection 2 (until the game died a tragic death). Other than that I play a lot of competitive card games such as Magic the Gathering, Duelyst, Eternal, and Hearthstone. If I'm not doing those things I'm probably slowly working through my ever growing list of steam games that I keep telling myself I need to beat (currently Shadow of Mordor), or playing Hearts of Iron. I look forward to playing with you all.
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    It has a unique lyrics, LOL. Pregnancy is pretty unpredictable, a woman tends to be moody and as a dude, you have no choice but to satisfy her craving. I wonder if the manufacturer of Oreo has given the singer a talent fee for free advertisement. LOL
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    That was so much better than you described it. Any dude who ever had a pregnant wife knows whassup with this one.
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    Tired of all the clutter. It becomes a waste of my time when I have to listen to garbage.
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    Thank you, this is exactly what I ask of my squad when I do SL. filling the comms with alot of bullshit communication while I try to figure stuff out or suddenly begin talking when I am relaying an action plan to the squad is so annoying.
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    Hey guys, Servers have been restarted. Map rotations have been implemented. [Mixed] Op First Light AAS v1 Sumari AAS v2 Fool's Road AAS v2 Chora AAS v2 Kokan AAS v1 Gorodok AAS v2 Yehorivka AAS v1 Sumari AAS v1 Kohat AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v1 Gorodok AAS v1 [Narva] Narva Invasion v1 Narva AAS v1 Narva PAAS v1
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    Also looks likke a INS rush to Village will be a lot slower then it is now. That should stop INS form being as successful with a Village FOB rush. Also puts INS closer to refinery, helping discourage the US Refinery Rush. I like it.
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    Makes it harder to bridge camp the INS Main. Gives them more place to hide if the US dominates.
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    Redmond here! Welcome
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    Most of you know me, but im slacking in the intro part! Live in washington and play mostly squad! Hit me up if you would like to squad up!!
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    You got your facts jumbled. King Arthur build the helichopper in the year 1000 BC. I'd take the time to inform you about your errors but I think it would just be faster to watch the documentary Monty Python and The Holy Grail. Arthur's resourcefulness was illustrative of advanced Chinese engineering as early as the Mesozoic era, beginning with bio-engineering feats such as the Tyrannosaurus Lex-Luther, among others.
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    If you send me a Vive I'd be interested in playing with you, should I send you my shipping address?
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    Please don't use game key stores, they're malicious and those keys are often bought with stolen credit cards that will cause the developer to lose money, rather than making them. Buying from these stores are hurting developers more than pirating is. So if you like the developer don't buy from those sites. Atleast G2A.