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    Thank you engineering for your hard work. @SnazzyDucklingyou are still a scrub doe.
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    Hello Everyone, I have enjoyed 2Fg server/community since RO mod times. Mature and honest servers with admin support like no other. Until recently, I'm afraid. Admins and some regular clan members are unwilling or unable to stop the harassment against me that was organized by a player with nick Roomypants . I don't mind frank talks between SL even though sometimes diametrically opposite ideas are suggested. But what I don't appreciate when admins loose impartiality and do nothing to stop the breaking of the server rules. On numerous, occasions clan members were unable to stop verbal abuse and trolling from this player and some of his friends. In some cases, they would openly join the trolling. Stealing my squad vehicles, destroying FOBs, Opening Fire on my squad vehicles just enough to damage it without destroying it, generally distracting the gameplay. Couple days ago on the map Chora Roomypants and his friends organized 5 different squads all with the same name as mine. And that was fun, I get it but then I got kicked by the Admin for "Trolling" There were no warnings, admin didn't even try to figure out what happened. On another map Fools road my FOB was destroyed by Roomy's squad and admin didn't even warn this player. FOB was in use and in Play with build tickets, it was a team asset that was destroyed and not even a warning was issued. Never knew that this server uses "quod licet iovi non licet bovi" principle. If CCCP or any other players are unwelcomed on this server please let me know so I would stop wasting yours and my time but until then let's keep a fair play with 2Fg members leading by example. Have a good day, Hopefully, see you all on the battlefield soon. CCCP
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    In my mind, this would be a public event, curated by myself and a member on engineering on server 1. I'm thinking a specific weeknight once a month. Try to push clan participation but, try to bump up public participation. Think of this as a median between the competitive team and normal log on and play. The event will just be a set time for smaller game modes, unusual maps, and hopefully mod content. It also may expand our base by having a fixed monthly event on the public server.
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    Friends, As you may have noticed, since the patch our server has been difficult to reach in the browser. We have reached out to develops, etc; found out that a patch is in the works related to the issue. We may continue to have issues until the next patch. Engineering and Squad Dept will work closely to try and work around the issue. Until then, we may experience some temporary issues with server population. Thanks, -CO Boston, Squad XO's
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    It's finally time for the clan to be introduced into the world of the European Union. As most members know, we have been voting and discussing the idea of getting an EU server, we can please everyone by confirming that we are indeed getting an EU server up and running. We will be shutting down the Al Basrah 24/7 server in favor of the EU Server, we expect the EU server to have an official launch within 48 hours of this message being posted, we hope to see a positive increase in European players and members to the community. There will be an official News announcement once the server is live. Additionally, we will be shutting down the second server that runs our Rising Storm servers, we currently only have one Rising Storm server running.
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    Hey troops, It is with great excitement I announce the start of our Squad Euro server. Thanks to SnazzyDuck, it is up and live today! It will be exciting to see our clan grow and adopt our friends overseas! This opens our opportunities to new countries, and nationalities. Please thank Engineering and their hard work. -Boston
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    Hello fellas, I'd like to create a round of discourse throughout the clan with any issues, considerations, questions, or suggestions you may have for the server. Would like to have sessions like this every month or so as things continue to evolve within Squad. So... Fire away. I will be adding to this thread with some of my own thoughts as we continue. Thanks guys, Boston
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    Has the fixed the issues with Insurgency yet? Also how would you be running the events? Are they going to be on Server 2 or the Training Server? I honestly think you'll have the interest of the majority of the clan. Its just some of the details need to be laid out before more people vote yes.
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    Our admins are supposed to be issuing TK warnings to specific people, not to the server at large, it is part of our policy. I'll do what I can to make sure they do follow that policy in the future to the best of my ability. They will still broadcast, but they should be naming someone as per our own rules.
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    Okay first things first I want to thank you guys for hosting your servers because I enjoy them all the time and your admins are professional and pretty open minded and I enjoy them and they represent your clan very well. Keep it up guys. My name is Mike, I am 29 years old so don't think I am just some kid with a complaint or a troll please and I think that if you truly put yourselves into the shoes/picture I am trying to paint that most people would reasonably agree with me or at least see where I am coming from. Okay so we all know that squad is a team work based game with impressive immersion and an excellent system that creates the FOW (Fog Of War) very impressively and yet it still is a GAME and is fun. So with that in mind can I ask your clan leadership to maybe examine and implement a new policy when it comes to "admin messages or broadcasts" at the top of the screen? Here is why: I am using the mortar and I am hearing beeps from the vox, the explosions of near by ordinance, etc BUT I TEAM KILL on accident, but so much is going on, I do not even realize it. SO this creates a wave of confusion and "FOW" that is realistic, that requires communication by my team that needs to reach me to correct the situation and mortar fire... that is amazing and it's realistic as hell and its great. BUT I have noticed that even when admins are just trying to "help" they will broadcast on the very top of the thing in red bold letters "STOP THE TKING" or something.. Immediately making me mr Mortar guy go "well he is most likely talking about me" and I immediately stop... This is by far not the biggest problem, or even really a problem i would say, but it does effect the fog of war that the game has intended to be in the game. I have admin experience in other games, i am the leader of my clan now for 4 years running and I know how it is, you can not please everyone, you are bound to make mistakes etc. So since I highlighted the "issue" I feel obligated to at least offer what I personally see as either a compromise or "solution" and that being, maybe keep the admin messages purely "generic" similar to that of the rules that are repeating every 3-5 minutes via the punkbuster console, and if you need to highlight a rule and not necessarily a specific player that you just simply repeat the stated server rule that is being violated, that way there is less chance someone can gain any kind of tactical advantage from the information being provided.....
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    COD:WWII is a mistake.
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    Please meet Samantha, my Bushmaster ACR (DMR version), chambered in 5.56. I spent all my money on the rifle, so it doesn't have a scope yet. I've got a few others including an old Russian made SKS, and an old 1954 model 94 32 special that I keep around for shooting moose.
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    Well I've been on vacation for a week and I remembered that I like gunsand decided to make an appreciation thread. Post your guns here and what you hunt if you do and we'll all have a jolly discussion. Here's some of mine, a Kimber Custom TLE/RL II TFS, and my hunting rifle: a Mossberg 270 with a Savage trigger, Bushnell Banner 6-24x 40mm, Remington Bipod, and an ammo sleeve. I had no picture on my phone so this is just a photo of the gun bare. If your curious, I mainly hunt white tail and hog in East Texas. I also have a Remington 870 12 gauge for dove the occasional quail.
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    Hello there. My name is Splat and I'm a dude from Washington State, originally from Virginia. My friend Jekyll2000 suggested this group to me so I thought I'd join seeing my old clan died out. I am a Police Explorer with my local Police Department (ROTC For Law Enforcement) and I am pursuing a career as a officer. I'm excited to start playing and getting to know ya'll. I'll see you guys around!
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    There is going to be a community round table with most of the squad clans and OWI next Month (September). Representative spaces are extremely limited and are based more towards larger competitive clans, but the good news is that FOX and Myself have spots. If you have any feed back or suggestions that would like me to suggest as a topic to bring up with the other clans and OWI at the round table please post them here. Please keep your comments short, to the point (think 50 words or less kind of thing).
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    Hi Squaddies, In the summer time, not only the weather is fine, but also the modding community is striving. Maybe it's simply too hot out there (We're sorry everyone in the Southern Hemisphere.), but there was a lot of great work done in July, and we're happy to show you the projects and progress of our great community. Join us on the Community Modding Discord[discord.me] where you can join discussions and meet the modding community. It's a great place to share your ideas and passion with like-minded people that will be happy to help you along the way. Let's roll! WASP carrier and LCAC by Legochiel [media.joinsquad.com] Legochiel picked quite a project. He is getting a jumpstart on naval assets with a WASP-class carrier vessel and already has made great progress on the mesh. We're looking forward to seeing more of it, especially when it gets some paint applied to its hull. It seems like he likes to stick to a theme though with his recent work on the LCAC (fancy military name for a hovercraft), which also already looks very promising.[media.joinsquad.com][media.joinsquad.com] Substance Painter Reskin Mask Sets by Stom Stom is working on giving the community a quick and easy way to do reskins of player models without the tedious work of masking parts of the texture and applying the camo in the right places. He is setting up Substance Painter files where everyone can load the right texture in and it gets applied automatically![media.joinsquad.com] Bocage by bestpony [media.joinsquad.com] Set in a fictional location, bestpony tries to capture the style of terrain mostly known from Normandy in France. Known from World War 2 as "Hedgerow Hell," fierce fighting between US and Russian forces will surely take place in farms, towns, winding roads and impenetrable hedgerows.[media.joinsquad.com] French Foreign Legion Mod by squadfrance.fr [media.joinsquad.com] Already an instant community favourite, the French Foreign Legion Mod team is regularly swamped with question and requests for information about their mod on our Discord server. With a now really impressive team size, work is progressing well and we can see new assets and screenshots being released regularly. They will soon be sharing progress on their website[mod.squadfrance.fr]. People who can understand French (or are very nifty with Google Translate) can already track their recent progress via their blogposts[squadfrance.fr].[media.joinsquad.com] Squad Faction Tutorial by r0tzbua If you saw r0tzbua's Photoshop Template[forums.joinsquad.com] to quickly give the US models a new look by changing the camo on the texture, you may have the itch to experiment with a faction inside the Squad SDK. In his new 35 minute tutorial he tries to share what he has found out about setting up factions and will make it easy for you to understand the inner workings of them and their roles inside Squad, at least once you get over his Austrian accent. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/6xoWS7Qmq3M"frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> Khe Sanh Combat Base by Socrates [media.joinsquad.com] Socrates has become involved with some Vietnam War modders and started to work on a map featuring the Khe Sanh Combat Base, a U.S. Marines outpost south of the Vietnamese DMZ throughout the war. He began a few days ago and fellow modders are already working on assets for it. It is planned to be a 4x4km map ultimately focused on helicopter and ground vehicle warfare. CACTF (Combined Arms Collective Training Facility) by wunda [media.joinsquad.com] CACTF may sound like a very fancy tea, but it's actually just another military acronym that you will have to try to remember. Nevertheless, wunda is working on a 6x6km AAS map that tries to capture a fictitious training simulation between US and Russian forces in a large US based training facility. It already features 18 new buildings built out of concrete or re-purposed shipping containers and simulates a Middle-Eastern environment.[media.joinsquad.com][media.joinsquad.com] Skorpo by Zeno [media.joinsquad.com] After first being showcased in the April edition[joinsquad.com] of The Wrench, Skorpo has undergone a big expansion, with most of the playable mainland area being sketched out and worked upon (6x6km). Focused on bringing an authentic Norwegian environment to life, Zeno has put careful attention to layout realism and together with new true-to-life buildings in the works, the only thing missing for the player will be the smell of seawater and the cold breeze of the Atlantic ocean.[media.joinsquad.com][media.joinsquad.com] How Did This Get Here I am Not Good At Computer by fresh leeks
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    Welcome to the clan! I look forward to playing with you soon.
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    Mates, I'd like to extend gratitude toward all of our members who have been active as of late. Your efforts have resulted in our mixed server skyrocketing to 5th overall in the entire world. Lets keep this rolling. The mixed server has even been staying popped through the night time period, something we haven't seen in quite some time. This has a lot to do with Dietl's efforts early AM GMT. Thanks to him as well. One small change will occur with our current rotation: Gorodok is being removed. It is a solid map, but lack of teamwork and efficient SLing on this layer is killing the server. I would have liked to keep it in the rotation, but it was obvious that it was not feasible. We can revisit adding it to the rotation as the game continues to evolve. Thanks to all, and happy hump day, COSQ BostonMass
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    Welcome, hope to see you in game!
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    COD2: The Big Red One, COD2, Modern warfare, modern warfare 2. <--In that order for me
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    Welcome. I am the big cheese round these parts. @MadLocoCoco is the scrub