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    Hello all, (title line seemed appropriate with the group name. ) Signed up last night after thinking about joining a group over the past few weeks. 2.FJg overall looks to fit the bill, but i've already told Dietl about your superior branding. I currently play, Squad/Hearts of Iron/EUIV/Darkest Hour/War Thunder, in a varied rotation. I'm 27 and live in Texas and work in IT. Hobbies wise, I like camping (am an Eagle Scout), range-days (i.e the rifle/pistol kind), inline skating, and ofc gaming most of all. I'm on most days other than wednesday or saturdays, but it's not unusual for me to have the whole weekend to be online. I'm a bit eccentric (i call it passion), but overall if you want a discussion about anything, i'm a goto kind of person. Hope to see more of the members here, and am very much looking forward to Hell Let Loose, and Post Scriptum in the month and a half or so. viele grüße, [2.FJg]Dietrich Kampfer-Schtz
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    Hey guys, The community is having one of the biggest influxes of players in the history of the game. We must actively recruit during this period. Times like these are when myself, aelf, or ammo have recruited you in previous periods. We want to get more great people involved in this community while we have the chance. I don't want to see people going to other clans like FFO or similar places that we could easily bring on board here. Be nice to people, take a chance to build some relationships, direct people to our website, friend them. Let myself or HR know if you have someone ready to interview. If you have any questions, reach out -Jay
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    Hello, Recently I've been wanting to get back into Arma 3 MILSIM. I've played Arma 2 and Arma 3 with a few units in my past. I loved them all. Within the Arma 3 modding community there's been a few WW2 mods that have been released. GEIST-A3, Iron Front, Faces of War, etc. All these mods have GREAT Fallschirmjager units, weapons, and ranks. I was thinking of 2.FGg and its possibilities within the Arma 3 MILSIM Community. I think that if we could get a server and weekly missions, meetings, etc, set up I think we could get a lot more unit members and current members more active? Just thought I'd put out a post and get peoples ideas and opinions. Thanks! [2.FJg]Splat-Schtz
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    Hey Guys and Girls, Just wanted to say I had a blast in your server last night. The servers have been pretty wild lately with the 50% off on steam and found a more serious experience on your server. I'll definitely be looking to join your guys' server more often. Hope to see you guys on the battlefield!
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    @PlaceboJeffect “What’s worth a buy” is the Alpha of Freeman Guerilla warfare! Mount & Blade had a baby with realistic FPS and created a beautiful game where you build and command your own Army *evil laughter* Leveling up your men through battle to become elite troopers. I find that the faction in the game are reminiscent of real life militaries. Looking for close quarters combat then look no further than the Free Cossack Army Faction. Leveling up the troops you get from them will leave ya with some Greenberet lookin bad asses. Troops from the Poznan Battalion tend to resemble some Russian looking Special forces. With the option for the top tier of their troops being either Commando with RPKs or Snipers you can start the battle take cover behind a rock and wank off in confidence, knowing that the enemy will die before they get anywhere near you. Reminescent of US troops and want to feel like you’re leading US Special Forces on the battlefield then look no further than recruiting from the Atov Revolution Forces. Even the recruits you can buy from them look like true veteran soldiers and not some “militia” squad. Nice thing about them is that they can take a punch and then return the favor. Couldn’t be bothered with taking time to buy the recruits from the different factions then the mercs might be your thing. Leveled up all the way you can choose to level them into MG, Sniper or Elite Infantrymen. https://youtu.be/h4ZQrpKt_oQ
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    Welcome! Saw you on TS the other night, thought you were already in the clan.. just goes to show it's the right fit! "Barony's A team" Channel is where you will find folks playing HOI IV and EU IV. Jeff
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    Hi, was recruited by [2.FJg]Chi_Rho_Kin-Htmp. only 119 hrs but please dont let that fool you. i know what im doing. most of the time i run as medic but can do w/e you need me to do. Even SL
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    THANK YOU TO LOCOCAESAR!!! Sumari AAS v2 Fool's Road AAS v3 Chora AAS v2 Al Basrah PAAS v1 Mestia AAS v2 Belaya PAAS v1 Kokan AAS v2 Kohat AAS v2 Narva AAS v1 Logar Valley AAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v1 Belaya AAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Kohat AAS v1 Mestia AAS v1 Chora AAS v1 Narva AAS v3 Sumari AAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v2 Fool's Road AAS v2
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    Three weeks later and here we are, Squad Alpha Version 10 will be released 5th February 2018.
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    Pretty cool video. It goes into a little bit more detail about Squadron 42's cinematic direction. As some of you know, Squadron 42 is the single player game of Star Citizen; this takes place about 10 or so years prior to the start of the Persistent Universe (Open Multiplayer Universe). There will be lots of cinematic experiences throughout the epic to set you and the game up for the next mission(s). Instead of a "classic" cinematic clip that has set camera angles and new animations specifically for a scene, they will have triggers that set the AI into motion where they will then act out the scene. You will be able to either watch it like originally imagined by the directors, or you can decided to watch it in third person, OR wander around the area while the cinematic plays with the AI tracking you and still looking as realistic as possible. As the new CO of our Star Citizen organization I have been slowly working on our Org page and will copy + paste it into the corresponding areas. Been quite busy recently, but will make another post when it is finalized for everyone to check out. Additionally, I will be announcing the XO and some interesting roles for people to participate in (if interested) once I have that all ironed out (XO and one of the roles is already filled but will explain in a bit more detail what the XO and roles entail). Keep tuned, as I should have everything done this month. Just gotta find a bit more time (and energy!). - Jeff
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    PLEASE NOTE: No insurgency or invasion will be added to the rotation. Skirmish or night maps will not be added either. Gorodok will not be added until they improve the layers featured on the map, it kills the server. We've tried to implement the map multiple times and never have luck. There are not many layers more than the ones on the current rotation that actually do well. This is unfortunately due to the lack of updates. But we'd like to have everyone involved with deciding what changes we make. I have thoughts, but will save them until we get some suggestions. CC: @LocoCaesar_IV @MadLocoCoco This is the old rotation: Sumari AAS v2 Yehorivka AAS v1 Al Basrah AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v1 Narva AAS v1 Kokan AAS v1 Mestia AAS v1 Narva AAS v3 Chora AAS v1 Sumari AAS v1 Fool's Road AAS v3 Al Basrah PAAS v2 Kohat AAS v1 Yehorivka AAS v2 Kokan PAAS v1
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    Fox's Pleasure Palace? When the MTLB's rockin, don't come knockin.
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    Welcome. Pop quiz. Whats another term for the MTLB?
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    It looks more complete than the base game is... RELEASE DAMN IT.
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    I know @seaofserenity is gonna be all over this. Regarding the server, you'd have to check with HR/Engineering/Clan XO and CO. I believe we tried an Arma 3 server and it ended up not working out. @SnazzyDuckling might be a good person to ask to start. I've played Arma since it came out and love the mods mentioned above. Been in and run MILSIM groups. As I'm sure you know, takes a lot of work to set up the missions/meetings/scenario/mods/server/etc. I would start running more casual Zeus games to build up a group and then move toward being more organized. Also worth a mention, ArmA is aging and I know a lot of guys are waiting for Hell Let Loose. The clan has essentially invested in that game and plans on being one of the first groups there when it starts. When it gets released, I imagine you will see your group dwindle a little bit. Just my 2 cents. If you are willing to put in the work, don't see a reason not to try. Good luck!
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    More info videos by N.O.X Cooperative
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    I promised to put this poll in the forums.
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    That would be really cool! I'd be down for something like that