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  3. Valtrex


    I'm taking a poll as I'm torn on what to do. Would you rather have a Kraken or an Idris-K?
  4. Ive really tried to play HLL. I could totally be missing something but I feel like all I do is spawn and run 5 miles. Pretty boring. Are my squad leaders just failing to stay alive up front or am I missing some other way to spawn closer to the action? R)2 felt like that at first until you got the hang of it, but after 10-12 hours of playing all Im doing is running across the map to the front lines.
  5. Ouija


    I still play, just not as much (life is busy). I think when helicopters are a thing the game will pick back up. The player base for the whole game has been weird for a few months with a short resurgence of old players when the did the whitelist mods for a trial period.
  6. Stevenson


    seems that way. sad
  7. 47 ships? Robertz be like 🤑
  8. SnazzyDuckling


    Squad has become quite stagnant within the clan. I don't think there is much interest in people playing Squad. Atleast until V16 is out.
  9. Stevenson


    Does anyone play this anymore?
  10. Hey bud, welcome to our forums. If you haven't yet, you can join our discord here: https://discord.io/2fjgclan
  11. Hello, I'm Japke90 (Jasper) from Belgium, 28 years old. I play Squad, Post Scriptum, Rising Storm 2 and sometimes HLL. Looking for a descent group to play with. See you on the battlefield!
  12. I kinda think it's boring compared to PS
  13. Hey guys! We're going back into RS2: Vietnam with a server up! If anyone would like to hop on and play with us, feel more than welcome to do so. I'll see y'all on the rice fields!
  14. I am interested, I have the game but I don't really know how to play.
  15. If you're interested, I'm currently in the process of organizing a HLL community event with people that actually communicate (WOW). If you are interested, head over to my post in the Hell Let Loose thread and comment your attendance!
  16. Hey y'all! It's Sab, again. I'm currently in the process of organizing a Hell Let Loose community event with the folks over at Easy Company. The event will be the Allied invasion of Normandy Beach on the map Utah. This event will be semi-historical and I would like to get a headcount of people who have HLL and would like to attend the event. This event will be taking place in about a month away from when this is posted. I need some people to help me test, setup, and of course attend the event! Please shoot me a PM over on Discord or just leave a comment underneath saying that you'll be able to join. Again, I would like to get a headcount and come out strong as a community (which we're slacking in). I hope to hear from a lot of you!
  17. Agreed, I was hoping for a more teamwork-based game. This just felt like a primitive battlefield game. It has potential but I'm going back to playing squad for now.
  18. EDIT: Thought you were talking about Squad and noy HLL oops. HLL is an alright game with a number of bugs here and there. It's very run and gun style, though. I'm quite disappointed that the devs strayed away from what they promised when it was in development.
  19. So I quit playing squad to spend some time playing this game... Is anyone else disappointed in this game? The last update broke the game for me mechanics wise, and the games are just a bunch of people running around shooting. Anyone having better luck with it?
  20. Hey bud, glad you found our servers. If you have any questions or need some help, contact our HR guys on our discord.
  21. Been playing Hell let loose on your server. EOD Lieutenant and Counter IED instructor in real life (40yrs. old) Have been leading platoons since 18yrs. Roster in games: EVE-Online Fleetcommander in 2012-2015 Band of brothers (FinFleet) leading 200+ plus battlegroups pvp in space "simulation" also was head of recruit academy for a year WWIIol -about 2 years in finnish group LAGUS some leadership roles WOT - Finnish semipro clan Marski ½year Play on GMT+2 timezone usually from 20pm - 01am allmost daily.. Can take harsh humour also. As an leader i tend to be kinda strict with leadership communication and will say if leadership channel is missused. -I dont have lust for power but can take some if needed. Just want a fun games and to win. -L-Thorne
  22. also to add they damage the tanks and then leave it with my buddy in and try to reverse the claim saying why is he 1 manning xd, they jumped out to do that
  23. So me and my buddy arc Hurts joined an armor and made our little squad, however some UBA guys already were 1 manning the scout car and other vehicles. we waited for the panzer 3 i think and one of them must have forced re-spawned and hid to wait for the tank. they took the driver slot and my buddy had the turret. they were saying stuff in different languages and threatening to call an admin, even though we waited for the tank and were to take it. they took the scout car out again 1 manning it and lost it or abandoned it just to get the tank and then began to cuss my mate in the tank and ruining the game. People also stated that the clan are salty and dont work with the team and communicate in English. Just A heads up to you boys they are some really salty boys. https://gyazo.com/ecaa8390fcb62d25c482e02b6486d5e7 here they are and hope u have a great day love the server <3
  24. takes a while to get that part down. once you do the game gets way more interesting
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