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  3. United Offensive was by far the best. It what got me into online play. COD2 is second best. Everything after is junk
  4. Squad Alpha 9.7 hotfix has been released. Here are the changes: * Fixed collisions on several buildings on Narva and Basrah to prevent glitching * Fixed "Gamma" flag zone collision and time to cap on Narva Invasion v1 * Reduced bleed on "Alpha" and "Bravo" flags on Narva Invasion v1 * Temporary Militia logistics truck spawn on Narva Invasion v1 moved back * Added temporary spawn for Insurgents on Al Basrah AAS v1 * Fixed Sumari missing/displaced static meshes * Fixed incorrect mortar damage issue on HABs * Fixed destruction effects on INS and Militia HABs * Fixed SL hex menu not being centered on mouse position * Flipped stance indicators horizontally Also check out the June modding recap if you haven't seen it.
  5. The FFL in squad? Sick!
  6. Good to have ya, hopefully I'll see you around on one of our servers soon
  7. Hello everyone Im Doc T or my steam name of dxct i decided to join after playing couple games of squad and looking for some good people to play along with in game for killer tactical games. I also love the Rising storm games and Red Orchestra. i wanted to join to be able to have a group of people i can quickly join and play similar games i enjoy. excited to game with you all
  8. British Prop Asset Pack by Baby_James The British are coming! We may not know when exactly, but we have seen enough glimpses of their development over the last few months that we know they are underway! Baby_James is preparing for the inevitable by working on some environmental props, with more to come. Looking great, now just get some tea and biscuits ready! Samland Peninsula by Legion_X While the Samland Peninsula isn't entirely sure if it's a peninsula or an island, it is no stranger to conflict. The Russian territory borders the Baltic Sea and is otherwise surrounded by lagoons. The historic battleground, reaching back to the Teutonic Knights, through the Soviet offensive during World War 2, is now being updated by Legion_X for a more modern take on warfare. Will history repeat itself? There's no tellin', but it's going to be beautiful way to find out! French Foreign Legion Mod: OPEX SERVAL by The French-speaking community is coming together to build something special. is working toward getting the French Foreign Legion into Squad, including vehicles, uniforms, and even fixed weapons! Picking an active, modern theater of operations, they are fortunate enough to have a combat veteran that served in Mali to ensure accuracy. At its core, the strength of Opex Serval is that all the developers are Squad players first and foremost! Their team is just getting started, so now's the perfect time to provide your feedback. If you'd like to know more about Opex Serval, head over to the Squad Mod Francais site, complete with development blogs. Bon travail! And that brings us to the end of another Wrench. There's no shortage of amazing projects happening right now, and no shortage of modders to help out. If you would like to be featured in The Wrench, don't forget to drop by Discord! Squad Modding Hub Management Team Out.
  9. Yea, however it's a shame that Medal of Honor (2010) and Medal of Honor: Warfighter (2012) was straight trash.
  10. Spent ALOT of time in MOHAA and Spearhead
  11. I mean I think we can all agree the Medal of Honor series was much much better.
  12. Thank you Sir, for the insightful comment. I will definitely keep this in mind, and will also check the link that you have provided. May you have a good day.
  13. Where is the original COD + United offensive ? THIS LIST IS RIGGED
  14. WaW for me. Only reason is I played an awesome mod called Band Of Brothers.
  15. I like to live life on the EDGE.
  16. Why the fuck is advanced & infinite warfare on the list? Playing those games is like purposely getting cancer and slowly having it kill you.
  17. Your post is wrong. Just plain wrong. All of you are wrong. Call of Duty was not included on that list. By default that makes you wrong because it was the best Call of Duty. It's a fact that cannot be debated.
  18. COD2: The Big Red One, COD2, Modern warfare, modern warfare 2. <--In that order for me
  19. Boom! Was going to say the same thing. Loved the campaign as well, especially the tank campaign. Super realistic for the time (what, 2004?).
  20. Here is the same model that isn't the "Pro". Only difference is the pro has a ramp mode that you can set up on your computer then hold and it will slowly go through the settings you set up. I have it set up like I mentioned above with the tones, then vibration, then slowly ramps up the "shock". You can do that on your own without the ramp button and save 50 bucks. They also have slightly cheaper ones that pretty much do the same thing but have shorter range like 1/8 mile and quarter mile range. I think they were called the 400 series. But you don't want to cheap out and get a knock off product. Educator e-collars are made in America too so you pay for quality and the fact that labor is more expensive.. But I liked that fact. There are other products made in Europe just as good for a bit cheaper. Do not cheap out for Taiwanese and Chinese knock offs though as they can be sporadic and burn your dog. Hope this helps!
  21. Shock collar sounds so barbaric. I like the term E-collar. I have a Pro Educator, all their models are good but this is the one I got because it has multiple tones and vibration settings before you even have to get to the shock part (other models have these as well within their line up, so just do some research on which is for you.) High quality, water proof, long range, reliable. I have a border collie and he is VERY well behaved.. however, when something distracts him and he's off leash it's impossible to get his attention and will chase an animal. I use this as a tool to get his attention, more so than a training tool. This one makes different tones so I can ramp up the volume until I have his attention. If I don't get his attention from that, I can vibrate the collar like your phone on vibrate. Still nothing? It has 100 different shock levels. So I can slowly ramp up the shock until he stops. I have never used the shock part other than training him. The second tone is the furthest I've had to go! I will say this though, you MUST get a professional to help train YOU how to use the collar then help train the dog about what it is and show the dog that it isn't harmful but an annoyance (I'm talking suuuuuuuuuuuper low shock setting. You never want to ramp up to the highest setting on your dog. EVER). So many people use shock collars wrong and abuse them (even if it isn't their intent) that it definitely isn't for everyone. It can really negatively impact your dogs health by raising his/her stress levels.. even if the collar isn't on. So get a trainer who knows this method is the last resort and treats it as such to reduce any stress for the dog. That being said, see what the dog trainer and you can do before you even need to buy one. Studies have shown that it really does impact a dogs stress levels if not done right, and even done right it can potentially increase the stress anyway (this can have negative impact on the health and you training him, I must reiterate that.) One method, if you catch him/her in the act, is to walk away and go into another room. Then call him/her into that room excitedly and give em a treat. Labs are super excitable, as you're aware lol, so that could work. Not sure about your dog, but border collies are super smart and easily trainable ONLY with positive reinforcement. When he was younger and did something wrong, I would punish him for it; however, punishing him ended up making him do what ever it was even more. So I had to draw his attention away from it entirely then give him a treat. Takes a while though, but time and effort is worth it for you and the pup. Here's my goober, 2 years old.
  22. CoD 2 for me. One of the best WW2 shooters of its time. That and agubally the gane that really let Activision set the framework for a long lasting shooter franchise. Straight up infantary gane play. No UAV, Airstrikes or Viechals. Hardcore Search and Distroy for hours and hours. I probablly put in 2000+ hours into this game. Lots of nostalgia here for me. Plus a very entertaining
  23. Which gaming series of COD do you consider as the best? Mine is Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare (Remastered) That alluring mix of compulsive unlocks, brilliant map design and powerful feedback is still hooking players to this day. Then there’s the peerless campaign. Bursting with unforgettable missions - Death From Above, All Ghillied Up, Charlie Don’t Surf to name a few - and a slither of surprising nuance, it’s the best war story the series has ever told. 2016 remaster only improves on it, getting a timely visual update that makes it just as crisp as its bundle brother, Infinite Warfare.
  24. I'm having a tough time correcting the barking and chewing behaviour of my dog. My Labrador is now 5-years old and I must admit that such attitude is hard to correct. I am planning to use a shock collar which I found online but I am afraid that it might create a negative impact on my dog. I want to know your opinion about this type of product, and if there’s any other way to solve my dilemma.
  25. Thanks Krunch. Didnt work by its self. Was trying to avoid that but that did work.
  26. I am back again. With more Scandinavian weirdness...from Norway @Bøtte
  27. Try deleting the RS2 folder under: Documents\My Games\Rising Storm 2 (Make a copy before)
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