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  4. i want to know the reason i was banned

    We had multiple complaints from players and clan members for the following: 1. Not communicating on squad chat. 2. Wasting assets on the battlefield 3. Verbally trolling other players in the server/ mic spamming You were warned and kicked multiple times by our admins before receiving the ban. I have reduced your current ban from 4 days to 1 day. Please review our server rules in the link below and follow them to avoid being banned in the future.
  5. When i was playing i was given squad leader by a friend who didnt want it i know how to play SL, he told me to scream over SL mic and i did ( cancer i know ) i was kicked with a fair reason, i came back with the intention of really playing seriously, and we were taking a location when i get banned for 4 days, for what to 99% of people when your kicked thats saying "dont be a dickhead again or you will get a ban" so i came back was taking a point and giving orders when im banned, this perplexes me and im the type of guy to wonder about stuff like that allot so i made this for an answer
  6. Freeman

    So guys I have been playing this game a bit more so I thought I Update ya on my thoughts since the new update. Squads in this game do what ya tell them to do. And even though they are AI they’ll still communicate to ya through the radio and if ya are a good field Kommandant you’ll be able to tell when to pull them out just before they get overrun and take casualties. Gun sounds are amazing unless you are lazy and tired of strategy and decide the cluster fuck method is your perfered battle tactic. In which case good luck trying to hear yourself think. I really would recommend grabbing this game while it’s only $15. The devs are frequently releasing updates! Unlike OWI.
  7. New Applicant Rasputyn Reporting xD

    Glad you enjoy our servers. Cya on the battlfield.
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  9. NA #2 transitioned to Basrah

    Hey guys, As you may have noticed, 2 servers running same rotation was not sustainable. We will try a throwback to a few versions ago when we had 24/7 Al Basrah running. I'm not sure it will be popular enough to run right now, but I'd like to try it before shutting down to just a single NA server. We are doing very well in terms of popularity, activity, and server rank. There is just simply not enough individuals to support two regular NA servers at this time. As the game evolves, we will hopefully have the opportunity to continue opening a second regular server. -Squad Command
  10. Hi all, been playing the server for a week or so, maybe some of you know me already. Im at your disposals, bomb or not! Cheers for being SL's that i can play with and a non moody noob hating server! Hope to see yall out there.
  11. "Worth a Buy" Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    SO far I've had no problems with it. Pretty decent game. I'd recommend it to anyone who likes these types of games.
  12. "Worth a Buy" Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    Buyer beware. The game has quite a few bugs. I haven't played it, but I have a friend who said it has some real potential but for now has uninstalled it until the devs fix some game-breakers. A different review: Good, but wait for sale.
  13. Freeman

    @PlaceboJeffect “What’s worth a buy” is the Alpha of Freeman Guerilla warfare! Mount & Blade had a baby with realistic FPS and created a beautiful game where you build and command your own Army *evil laughter* Leveling up your men through battle to become elite troopers. I find that the faction in the game are reminiscent of real life militaries. Looking for close quarters combat then look no further than the Free Cossack Army Faction. Leveling up the troops you get from them will leave ya with some Greenberet lookin bad asses. Troops from the Poznan Battalion tend to resemble some Russian looking Special forces. With the option for the top tier of their troops being either Commando with RPKs or Snipers you can start the battle take cover behind a rock and wank off in confidence, knowing that the enemy will die before they get anywhere near you. Reminescent of US troops and want to feel like you’re leading US Special Forces on the battlefield then look no further than recruiting from the Atov Revolution Forces. Even the recruits you can buy from them look like true veteran soldiers and not some “militia” squad. Nice thing about them is that they can take a punch and then return the favor. Couldn’t be bothered with taking time to buy the recruits from the different factions then the mercs might be your thing. Leveled up all the way you can choose to level them into MG, Sniper or Elite Infantrymen. https://youtu.be/h4ZQrpKt_oQ
  14. "Worth a Buy" Kingdom Come: Deliverance

    This is the only youtube reviewer I watch and his thoughts are pretty spot on with my thoughts on this game. Definitely "Worth a Buy". If you're curious on how the game is, watch this. It's as buggy as an old, day one oblivion/skyrim/Bethesda game, hilariously buggy. But it's so fun that it doesn't matter! Not well optimized, however, it is a very taxing game regardless. Very High is like the new Crysis benchmark in my eyes. It's made with crytek as well. It's frustrating at times, but that's because you need to practice literally everything you want to do.
  15. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    http://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2017/06/chris-heuss/gsg-mp40-gun-review/ was my source who dissed it. If it's actually a fantastic gun, that's great, as I've seen a few around my area and would like to get one. Totally fine by me, as a real mp-40 is out of my price range. But the 4-600 for the GSG version is much more affordable.
  16. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    open bolt guns love to shoot fast. Id like to acquire a ppsh someday Id also like to get a .30 carbine, i know they aren't terribly expensive but going to school full time and working around it makes finances hard lol
  17. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    It is literally the highest quality repro in the game for any gun out of WWII in terms of reliability. Not sure where you heard else wise, but I wouldn't trust them to talk from a position of knowledge with guns anymore lmao. Also, I've shot many a gun in my life. It strangely wants to fire faster than you can pull the trigger. I don't know how to explain it, but everyone who has shot it has said the same thing. It wants to shoot fast. It begs you to shoot it fast. That said, I am planning on buying a real one eventually. I'm spending my next bonus on a G41 I've had my eye on for two years, those bitches are going for about $6-8k these days in good condition. But that's 4 months down the line for my next quarterly bonus to come in.
  18. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    The GSG MP40 is a 'modern replica'. They fire, but not full auto i think. I hear the GSG sometimes have feed problems. :/
  19. join the clan

    okay i will
  20. join the clan

    Good to hear, Just hit the apply button and it will get you set up.
  21. join the clan

    i would like to join u guys
  22. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    legit mp40? not replica?
  23. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    Bahahaha Those happen to be my fish tank supplies. Those beans are 10lbs pound bags of gravel substrate. Also, anything that eats meat. I cannot tolerate vegans.
  24. Are those beans in your shelf at the lower mid left of your picture? If so, what kind of beans? Also, what is your favorite dinosaur? That's a cool dinosaur plant thing you've got there.
  25. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    I've never posted my gun collection. I have... a few. From top left to bottom right (roughly) Mosin Nagant, MN 91/30 (1942) Mk. 2 Lee Enfield Glock 19 Ruger SP 101, .357 Magnum Ruger 10/22 Take-Down with a 2-7x Scope Heritage Rough Rider, .22lr FN M4 Collectors w/ Vert. Foregrip, Flashilight, Trijicon ACOG 4x32 / RMR Combo GSG MP40, 9mm P08 Luger (1918, double stamped after Allied capture, 1920) Saiga (Kalashnikov Concern) AK47 w/ foregrip, magpul furniture, Romeo 4 Red Dot, 75rnd Drum mag not pictured Mosberg 590a1 with ghost ring sights and angled foregrip Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, 9mm Springfield 1911 Ruger LCPII Inland M1 Carbine (1943), 30rnd Mag not pictured Some shitty shoes EDIT: That's 15. I read somewhere that at 17 you become a "super gun owner". I'm pretty sure my 16th will be a CZ Scorpion EVO Carbine, but the 17th has to be something special. Either a German K98k or a M1 Garand, I'm having troulbe deciding exactly what will be #17.
  26. No Firearm Appreciation Thread? Firearm Appreciation Thread!

    not the best backgrounds except maybe the first, but these are some of my friends.
  27. Meine Kameraden

    nice! so I'm not crazy! Only slightly.. lol
  28. Meine Kameraden

    yeah i frequented the squad servers due to stability/ping/quality of matches/teams, and was in squad with FOEHAMMER once and they tried recruiting me then.
  29. Meine Kameraden

    Welcome! Saw you on TS the other night, thought you were already in the clan.. just goes to show it's the right fit! "Barony's A team" Channel is where you will find folks playing HOI IV and EU IV. Jeff
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