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  3. CCCP Situation

    Your kick was accidental, and I do want to apologize about that. We were aiming to kick someone trolling you and there was an issue with our admin tool. The offender was kicked too, but we were unable to let you know yours was a mistake. If you have any complaints about specific admins or players, please feel free to message me directly, I am our head admin. I am available here, our discord, or on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/sjoyce). I do hope you reach out to me directly.
  4. CCCP Situation

    Hello Everyone, I have enjoyed 2Fg server/community since RO mod times. Mature and honest servers with admin support like no other. Until recently, I'm afraid. Admins and some regular clan members are unwilling or unable to stop the harassment against me that was organized by a player with nick Roomypants . I don't mind frank talks between SL even though sometimes diametrically opposite ideas are suggested. But what I don't appreciate when admins loose impartiality and do nothing to stop the breaking of the server rules. On numerous, occasions clan members were unable to stop verbal abuse and trolling from this player and some of his friends. In some cases, they would openly join the trolling. Stealing my squad vehicles, destroying FOBs, Opening Fire on my squad vehicles just enough to damage it without destroying it, generally distracting the gameplay. Couple days ago on the map Chora Roomypants and his friends organized 5 different squads all with the same name as mine. And that was fun, I get it but then I got kicked by the Admin for "Trolling" There were no warnings, admin didn't even try to figure out what happened. On another map Fools road my FOB was destroyed by Roomy's squad and admin didn't even warn this player. FOB was in use and in Play with build tickets, it was a team asset that was destroyed and not even a warning was issued. Never knew that this server uses "quod licet iovi non licet bovi" principle. If CCCP or any other players are unwelcomed on this server please let me know so I would stop wasting yours and my time but until then let's keep a fair play with 2Fg members leading by example. Have a good day, Hopefully, see you all on the battlefield soon. CCCP
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  6. ArmA 3: Overthrow

    @StoneColdPineappleso is your mom but I conquered my fear
  7. Squad EU Server

    I live in Montreal, Canada and I get ~95ms ping which is really not that bad.
  8. Squad EU Server

    Sweet! Hopefully I will have a good connection there. 24/7 FJg!
  9. ArmA 3: Overthrow

    I have ARMA 3, but I'm super fresh to it. I love the concept, but it is intimidating.
  10. 2FJg EU Server is *LIVE*

    Thank you engineering for your hard work. @SnazzyDucklingyou are still a scrub doe.
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  12. 2.FJg Server Rules

    The Second Falschirmjaeger has always prided itself in running mature servers where the focus is always on the game. As such we actively moderate our servers and have a few rules in order to keep the focus off of anything but the game at hand. It's a game, you're here to play, and we want to keep it as awesome an experience as we can possibly provide. To that end, we ask that you follow the following rules on our Squad server: 1. Do not intentionally TK anyone, ever. Try to avoid friendly fire as much as possible, check your map. 2. Avoid offensive language. It's a war game, we get it, but don't swear at people, insult people, or troll people. 3. Racism will earn you an instant and permanent ban. 4. Don't exploit glitches, don't cheat, and don't hack. Play the game the way it was meant to be played: fairly. This includes ghosting. 5. Listen to all instructions from [2.FJg] members at all times. Do not argue with them, do not disrespect them. 6. Squad leaders must have and use microphones. 7. Microphones are important, do not abuse them. Do not abuse text chat either, it is there to aid in tactical game play. 8. We have a zero tolerance policy for recruiting or soliciting recruitment for any group other than [2.FJg]. Absolutely no advertising for any organization, website, business, activity, or event that is not endorsed by [2.FJg]. 9. Posing as a [2.FJg] member will lead to a permanent ban. If you are not a member or a recruit please do not wear our tags. 10. Our servers are English only. Specific language squads (i.e. "French") are allowed, however the SL must still have a mic and be able to communicate in English. All text chat outside of the Squad must also be in English. 11. Admins may need to take special action against actions not listed, they will give you instructions if possible before any action is taken. Listen to all member instructions.
  13. Squad EU Server

    Yes. North Coast of France in Gravelines.
  14. 2FJg EU Server is *LIVE*

    Hey troops, It is with great excitement I announce the start of our Squad Euro server. Thanks to SnazzyDuck, it is up and live today! It will be exciting to see our clan grow and adopt our friends overseas! This opens our opportunities to new countries, and nationalities. Please thank Engineering and their hard work. -Boston
  15. Squad EU Server

    Will the physical server be in the EU?
  16. Squad EU Server

    It's finally time for the clan to be introduced into the world of the European Union. As most members know, we have been voting and discussing the idea of getting an EU server, we can please everyone by confirming that we are indeed getting an EU server up and running. We will be shutting down the Al Basrah 24/7 server in favor of the EU Server, we expect the EU server to have an official launch within 48 hours of this message being posted, we hope to see a positive increase in European players and members to the community. There will be an official News announcement once the server is live. Additionally, we will be shutting down the second server that runs our Rising Storm servers, we currently only have one Rising Storm server running.
  17. ArmA 3: Overthrow

    Just did a quick read on it, looks fun im down to join once in a while.
  18. ArmA 3: Overthrow

    I only have vanilla.. every time I get on ArmA 3 I can't find a server as everyone has mods or DLC. Maybe during the Autumn sale I will pick up the Season pass or dlc bundle or something.
  19. ArmA 3: Overthrow

    Friend and myself run a small ArmA 3 server we play on. Max is 12 slots, use it for coop stuff. For now, we are playing Overthrow on Stratis which is a large scale war trying to overthrow occupying forces. Let me know if interested.
  20. COD:WWII

    I love COD. Making 12 year olds cry one game at a time.
  21. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    @BaroneyWe belong to multiple discords specifically for event organizing that you can use to drum up support in other communities once you have a date set. Just let me know if you want the invites.
  22. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    A good way to test that out is Superfob on the next match and see how the server handles that. Placing depolyables is what messes with the server health.
  23. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    I like the idea, but I think it is gonna depend on quite a few things, like Insurgency mode not being bugged out anymore. Which I do not know if it is.
  24. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    In my mind, this would be a public event, curated by myself and a member on engineering on server 1. I'm thinking a specific weeknight once a month. Try to push clan participation but, try to bump up public participation. Think of this as a median between the competitive team and normal log on and play. The event will just be a set time for smaller game modes, unusual maps, and hopefully mod content. It also may expand our base by having a fixed monthly event on the public server.
  25. CO Roundtable - Sept

    Hello fellas, I'd like to create a round of discourse throughout the clan with any issues, considerations, questions, or suggestions you may have for the server. Would like to have sessions like this every month or so as things continue to evolve within Squad. So... Fire away. I will be adding to this thread with some of my own thoughts as we continue. Thanks guys, Boston
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  27. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    Insurgency mode is quite broken as far as the reasoning behind it. I do not think it's been fixed yet. I completely agree, we need some clarification, is it clan exclusive events? Will it be conducted on a certain server?
  28. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    Has the fixed the issues with Insurgency yet? Also how would you be running the events? Are they going to be on Server 2 or the Training Server? I honestly think you'll have the interest of the majority of the clan. Its just some of the details need to be laid out before more people vote yes.
  29. Monthly Invasion/Insurgency Night

    Insurgency is the one with the weapon's cache, correct? If so, I miss that game mode a lot.. nobody plays it anymore for some raisons. It's why I started loving squad.
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