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  2. Hello everyone. I jumped onto this forum to see if there was any interest from 2.FJg to participate in a weekly clan combat event with some other clans like STG, =7th Cav=, and perhaps some others. Once the event starts we are looking to do it Mondays at 8:30 EST. You would be working with other clans so you would not have to field a full team. If this is something the clan is interested in we can get together and hash out the details. Please let me know! -Leo
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  4. Full call to gather a 30 player team for Squad competition play. This is being held by Squad North American Championship. The event will be a 30v30 vanilla squad NA only Tournament held on July 5th. Teams will be placed in one of 2 round robin style groups and compete every weekend. After group phase, the top seeds(number of teams advancing depends on the number of teams that play in event) will advance to a playoff single elimination bracket to play for the championship. Please Respond on here and/or direct message me on Discord or here (though Discord I'll see first) to express your intent to join up.
  5. Dietl

    Hello amigos

    Hey bud, welcome to the community. One of our HR guys should be in contact soon. In the meantime if you're not on our Discord yet join up here: discordapp.com/invite/64m3JnE . That's where we hang out and now.
  6. Hey all, I have been playing on your Squad server for quite some time. You have one of the most fun servers in the game. I have applied for the clan. See you in the squad! Cheers
  7. Good to hear! I sent you a friend request on Steam!
  8. Hey all, I have enjoyed playing frequently on your Squad server. You guys certainly have the hybrid of seriousness/fun that I have been looking for! See you in the squad!
  9. Dietl

    Hi everybody!

    Hey bud, great to see an old RO2 player find us again :). Hit the apply button at the top of the forums and fill in the app. Then one of our HR guys will contact you and sort you out with some lovely new tags :D.
  10. I'm not on forum boards much anymore, but I just wanted to say hi! The 2 FJg RO2 server was pretty much the only server I would play on, and after playing on the 2 FJg Squad server as a Stryker driver I was told to apply. The days that I'm on are spotty due to work and whatnot, but when I'm on I'm attentive, communicative, and not stupid, I would appreciate it if you would consider making me a member of your clan! Thanks! JJB52
  11. i'd be down for some and is the extra slot for a cas pilot, i'll talk to some more ppl as well that i know play it in the clan
  12. k-razy

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    id like to play, but am only available mon, tues, thurs after 6pm pst, otherwise i can ask for a day off work but need at least x2 weeks in advance notice (i.e. for big events)
  13. K-Hut

    Arma 3 MILSIM?

    Gents, I have a small 10 person Arma 3 server setup and ready to go. This would allow for some small SF missions, two squads of 4 and a zeus. Who all is in? Let's get this going!
  14. The current rules for our Post Scriptum servers are as follows: No Racism, Homophobia, Antisemitism No Recruiting or Advertising (including discord invites and twitch links of streamers not supported by 2FJg) No Hacking, Glitching, or Exploiting broken game mechanics No Trolling, Political Discussions, or Harassment of other players No Intentional team killing No Ghosting No Misusing the Mobile Spawn Points (MSPs) No Hogging armor assets No Mic spamming Section Leaders and Commanders must have mics and speak English No impersonating [2.FJg] clan members We reserve the right to remove a player who is harming our servers in ways not listed above. If you have been banned from our servers you can appeal by going to: https://www.2fjgclan.com/forum/forum/38-ban-appeals/
  15. Mike Lit


    i Dont know how to delete this post and it is now irrelevant
  16. I have a ton of hours in the game as well. Feel free to add me and I will play with. Im on all day
  17. Absolutely do, have over 150 hours in game. Still one of my favorite RTS games. Add me on steam, I'd be happy to play. I'm usually late night EST - I normally get on at 11pm if your around.
  18. Any of you guys play this? I got into it recently and its a great RTS game thought you guys would be interested in something like this. Let me know.
  19. Dietl

    Hi all

    Hey bud, welcome to our little community.
  20. Ouija

    Hi all

    Hi everyone. Finally joined. You'll see me in the Squad server, on the chance you haven't before. I'm 33, American, etc etc. Been gaming since well, my mother would vouch for me saying the late 80's lol. This will be the 2nd Euro/NA clan I've been involved with. Looking forward to more gg's. Cheers
  21. Here because Alex was talking about how hot you were. Disappointed you are average.

  22. Pretty neat idea. I got the lifetime lite sub. If it takes off, then you only have a one time fee (which they won't sell again).. if it doesn't.. well that's up to you to decide if you want to take that risk. But I like the idea quite a bit, check it out! https://gameglass.gg/
  23. Going for some of the heavy stuff there
  24. Here is mine so far in progress also using 2 joysticks loving it !
  25. Sabotage

    Reserved Slots

    There's also the Volksstrumm program. It's $10 a month for whitelist, placing you at the front of the queue. Feel free to message me if you're interested.
  26. PlaceboJeffect

    Reserved Slots

    Howdy, To get a reserved slot, you have to apply to 2.FJg and then you will get said slot. The first X months (forget how long) are free so you can try us out, but after that there is a small 5 dollars? I don't remember anymore, a month. Get with an HR representative in Teamspeak Jeff
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