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    • Hey bud, glad you found our servers. If you have any questions or need some help, contact our HR guys on our discord.
    • Been playing Hell let loose on your server. EOD Lieutenant and Counter IED instructor in real life (40yrs. old) Have been leading platoons since 18yrs.  Roster in games:  EVE-Online Fleetcommander in 2012-2015 Band of brothers (FinFleet) leading 200+ plus battlegroups pvp in space "simulation" also was head of recruit academy for a year WWIIol -about 2 years in finnish group LAGUS some leadership roles WOT - Finnish semipro clan Marski ½year Play on GMT+2 timezone usually from 20pm - 01am allmost daily..   Can take harsh humour also. As an leader i tend to be kinda strict with leadership communication and will say if leadership channel is missused.  -I dont have lust for power but can take some if needed. Just want a fun games and to win. -L-Thorne  
    • also to add they damage the tanks and then leave it with my buddy in and try to reverse the claim saying why is he 1 manning xd, they jumped out to do that 
    • So me and my buddy arc Hurts joined an armor and made our little squad, however some UBA guys already were 1 manning the scout car and other vehicles. we waited for the panzer 3 i think and one of them must have forced re-spawned and hid to wait for the tank. they took the driver slot and my buddy had the turret. they were saying stuff in different languages and threatening to call an admin, even though we waited for the tank and were to take it. they took the scout car out again 1 manning it and lost it or abandoned it just to get the tank and then began to cuss my mate in the tank and ruining the game. People also stated that the clan are salty and dont work with the team and communicate in English. Just A heads up to you boys they are some really salty boys. https://gyazo.com/ecaa8390fcb62d25c482e02b6486d5e7 here they are and hope u have a great day love the server <3
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