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    • We had multiple complaints from players and clan members for the following: 1. Not communicating on squad chat. 2. Wasting assets on the battlefield 3. Verbally trolling other players in the server/ mic spamming
        You were warned and kicked multiple times by our admins before receiving the ban. I have reduced your current ban from 4 days to 1 day. Please review our server rules in the link below and follow them to avoid being banned in the future.   
    • When i was playing i was given squad leader by a friend who didnt want it i know how to play SL, he told me to scream over SL mic and i did ( cancer i know ) i was kicked with a fair reason, i came back with the intention of really playing seriously, and we were taking a location when i get banned for 4 days, for what to 99% of people when your kicked thats saying "dont be a dickhead again or you will get a ban" so i came back was taking a point and giving orders when im banned, this perplexes me and im the type of guy to wonder about stuff like that allot so i made this for an answer 
    • So guys I have been playing this game a bit more so I thought I Update ya on my thoughts since the new update.    Squads in this game do what ya tell them to do. And even though they are AI they’ll still communicate to ya through the radio and if ya are a good field Kommandant you’ll be able to tell when to pull them out just before they get overrun and take casualties.    Gun sounds are amazing unless you are lazy and tired of strategy and decide the cluster fuck method is your perfered battle tactic. In which case good luck trying to hear yourself think.    I really would recommend grabbing this game while it’s only $15.  The devs are frequently releasing updates! Unlike OWI.
    • Glad you enjoy our servers. Cya on the battlfield.
    • Hey guys, As you may have noticed, 2 servers running same rotation was not sustainable.  We will try a throwback to a few versions ago when we had 24/7 Al Basrah running. I'm not sure it will be popular enough to run right now, but I'd like to try it before shutting down to just a single NA server. We are doing very well in terms of popularity, activity, and server rank. There is just simply not enough individuals to support two regular NA servers at this time. As the game evolves, we will hopefully have the opportunity to continue opening a second regular server. -Squad Command
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