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    • Your kick was accidental, and I do want to apologize about that. We were aiming to kick someone trolling you and there was an issue with our admin tool. The offender was kicked too, but we were unable to let you know yours was a mistake.

      If you have any complaints about specific admins or players, please feel free to message me directly, I am our head admin. I am available here, our discord, or on Steam (http://steamcommunity.com/id/sjoyce). I do hope you reach out to me directly.
    • Hello Everyone, I have enjoyed 2Fg server/community since RO mod times. Mature and honest servers with admin support like no other. Until recently, I'm afraid. Admins and some regular clan members are unwilling or unable to stop the harassment against me that was organized by a player with nick Roomypants . I don't mind frank talks between SL even though sometimes diametrically opposite ideas are suggested.   But what I don't appreciate when admins loose impartiality and do nothing to stop the breaking of the server rules. On numerous, occasions clan members were unable to stop verbal abuse and trolling from this player and some of his friends. In some cases, they would openly join the trolling. Stealing my squad vehicles, destroying FOBs, Opening Fire on my squad vehicles just enough to damage it without destroying it, generally distracting the gameplay. Couple days ago on the map Chora Roomypants and his friends  organized 5 different squads all with the same name as mine. And that was fun, I get it but then I got kicked by the Admin for "Trolling" There were no warnings, admin didn't even try to figure out what happened.  On another map Fools road my FOB was destroyed by Roomy's squad and admin didn't even warn this player. FOB was in use and in Play with build tickets, it was a team asset that was destroyed and not even a warning was issued.  Never knew that this server uses "quod licet iovi non licet bovi" principle.  If CCCP or any other players are unwelcomed on this server please let me know so I would stop wasting yours and my time but until then let's keep a fair play with 2Fg members leading by example. Have a good day, Hopefully, see you all on the battlefield soon.    CCCP      
    • @StoneColdPineappleso is your mom but I conquered my fear
    • I live in Montreal, Canada and I get ~95ms ping which is really not that bad.
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